Blood Car 2000!

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The year is the future. You have a car and run people over but it's OK because they're like zombies or something. Evil zombies. Evil zombies created in a government-run conspiracy. And only one person can stop them. That person is you... and your car. In the end there's a plot twist like where you were the zombie all along and stuff but you don't know that yet. Oh yeah your car is called the BLOOD CAR! 2000!


Arrow keys:
up = gass
down = break/reverse
left/right = turm
space= hand break

esc= pause


=D fun fun fun =D

why is everyone bitchin? it's a really fun game with nice bloody effects and is rather addictive. PLAY IT!!!

Slowly, over, the...cube-like-thingies?

I didn't really get the sense of speed in this game, which is pretty much essential in a driving game. It also felt like I was constantly driving on ice rather than a regular road. I did get the handbreak to do its job a couple of times, but it felt way too powerful when compared to real-life handbreaks. It just doesn't stop a car in its tracks in about a second! The general feel was one of frustration, since I wanted to have fun with it, but the clunky execution prevented me from doing so. Needs upgrading!

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i dnt know wat every1 else is bitchin about.. that was awesome!


The concept is great, the blood looked good but that's about all that looked good...the people are just little squares and the whole view is bad.

As well as the car spinning out way too easy and the handbrake wasn't making it any easier to take corners which is something it does in real life.


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overall a good game

this game needs a few things
-give the car more grip
-make more maps
-make 1 or 2 more game modes

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3.22 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2008
6:41 PM EST
Sports - Racing