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hurtin myself

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I was boerd today and i made this so dont expect anything spectacualr the voice and the sounds are made by me



well, the humor was kinda funny, then animation when he was falling down was pretty good too. the voice acting wasnt that good, but liek i said, it was ok. i give it 7/10...3/5

Okay I guess

Should've called it "Getting Hurt" or something like that.

Not too bad but i'm gonna give you a little advice

Try looking into anatomy a little more. not to mention physics.. your animation just would not be possible in real life, and humans have joints so his knees and arms would be bending slightly as he fell... also, unless he was running he would have been falling straight down, not moving diagonally... I also want to point out that some of the hills or cliffs or whatever you want to call them, didn't make sence on how he was falling against them and such.. if you land on the ground, you don't always stand straight, you wobble a little bit...

Hope that helped..


When I saw the title 'hurting myself' I thought it was some Emo flash film. The spelling in your description didn't help either : p

I watched it and was glad to find that it was not an Emo film (you would've recieved a 0 in that case) but it still wasn't a good movie. I can understand why you think it's funny but it just.. wasn't jiggy with it.

Anyway, you did it out of boredom so this is not really important.

Greatdictator responds:

Well you got a point i dont care that much for it i did it quickly and randomly while i was boerd and it wasnt ment too be that funny it only made me laugh a lil i was only hopein it would make someone laugh that why i posted it



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1.93 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2008
3:50 PM EST
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