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Dave Meets Jesus

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Author Comments

This is a random cartoon I made in about two nights of insomnia and laziness, the ideas are totally random, the drawings are loose and the voices absolutely insane. This won't be a series or anything, this is just for fun and practice (especially the voices and the audio).
Featuring Dave, his hot girlfriend, Jesus and his almighty daddy (and boobies).

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Oh shit !!

Thats was so totaly random but yet so fucking great !!!
I must watch that shit again when I'm drunk !!!

pretty fukin good!

graphix wise not much to look at, but it had great entertainment value and thats what i look for. short movie telling the story of how the world will end all thnx to dave and porn... ahhhhh.... porn (best invention ever). good job and keep it up. animation was decent for the style. i at least liked it not like some otha fools that look for fukin picasso or stamper type of quality shit.( not really shit but the good kind, the one that tastes like chicken with corn). maybe u could touch up ur graphics but thats all. fresh my ass this was original. God killing jesus?! wtf, never seen it. untill now.

Animarious responds:

Thanks a lot buddy, I´m glad you had a good time watching this.

Lacking in originality

Your flash was rather good, and I must say made me laugh. I thought, firstly, that the graphics had a bit of an incomplete feel, but the lines compensated, possibly a few more gags could have been there. I just didn't feel it was fresh though, try to have a brand new concept for your next flash, over rather good.

just aping egoraptor's style...

not that bad... but not really good or original. it was a bit funny sometimes, but it was pretty shoddy. develop your own style with your next animation, just imitating others won't get you far.
keep working.

that was funny

good thing I don't believe in the christian god or I may blam this for blasphomy, anyways onto the review, the animation was lacking and the voice acting wasn't the greatest, and the humor of it, no everyone could understand I'm sure, but I found it funny anyways so here you go with a 4/5 and 7/10