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Why You Look So Sad?

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Four songs and animation to express emotions, i hope for your sake you never have to endure. Enjoy the animation tho =D

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I dont see anything wrong with the animation. It isnt like super powerful ultra fast and furious animating and fluidity but its pretty nice. But the general video with the audio. It rips me apart inside, it is so...unexpected. And let me tell you, this is a good thing. I love it, lol. And about the fellow below me, he has no room to speak about better english. He cant even speak or type it himself.

wynand responds:

wow thanks matey =) talk about encouragement haha, probably have a peek at some of my more recent stuff though, I haven't animated anything emotional related lately but I have gotten better lol thanks again =)


i saw the 1bird wif 100stones title and though wow what a cool concept, but thats pretty much all thats good about this, i'm sorry mate but you'r going to have to work on your animation, and ur storytelling ability. and come up wif some cool more action packed things for me 2 look at... ow and work on ur english.. so in other words.. get betR engish, by diktinary. much mor betR animaton. goodluck =) i recon re use this concept, the 1bird 100 stones and think of some better things to do wif it.... cuz if u dnt i will =) stolen hehe


It's like you had the 4 emotion idea but then the songs kinda ruined things (as well as editing.) Sorry I ain't feeling this.

:D hehe

I have this awkward feeling that the author is a fellow country man... :-D

( Holland, that is)

Anyways, nice flash.

wynand responds:

hey matey :) na i'm south afrikan...and no i'm not black if that was going to be the next question lol, i speak afrikaans which is really simular to your language.. i'm a mix of dutch n german n a bit of french or sumthing like that =) thanx glad you liked it hehe

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2.50 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2008
9:20 AM EST