Madness Neurosis Collab 3

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Thanks to all the supporters!

I am glad that It is out and I thank and apoligize to some of the members of the collab.
Thanks to Pezzo, for the preloader.
Thanks to Diseased for the "extras" guy and a few other arts.
And thanks to MadCow for the invisible man sprites.




I might be the only one but i feel like the madness is getting old...

its not entertaining anymore.

Littleluckylink responds:

Oh lawdy lawd

That was freaking awesome!

Omg that rocked! freaking sweet, i wish i was one of the people who made something for that..


Wow! That was COOL some were funny and some were just plain cool, which is cool! ^^, i loved and i hope others do too.

Theres not enough words to say how epic this...

collab tribute 2 1 of da best cartoons thr is online:)

i am a long time watcher of this neurosis seris and 1st time reviewer.

Little Lucky Link: Awsome begaining scene, with da suspence when Diago comes in and da vodka explosion. ur jus improvin all da time i see a new animation made by u.

Alpha Nuva: I loved ur scene, man. dat guy with da red sunglasses looks alot like dat shadowed figure at da end of MC7 lol. it made me crap myself when he took his sunglasses off LMAO. 1ce again, Great Scene lots of jam packed action.

Doodfays: ur scene is jus evidence 2 show how improved ur gettin animatin madness collab. i am jus wonderin if ur own madness flash thts indepentlly not in any collab. its jus i think ur talented in madness flashes.

DaveBot : i think its real cool how u sequaled ur scene from da 1st Madness Collab with tht protagenist killin those crossfaces lol. ur sure origanal in make tributes 2 madness:)

And 2 every other artist Ur jus gettin better and better in this collab every scene.
Sorry i ain't got time to write abou every other artist, lol. but one thing 2 say b4 i go...

igronre those who r rantin abou this flash. they r jus jealous because thrs not alot of artists out thr tht have got talent like u guys do, in makin kick ass madness tribute films:D.

Peace out


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Littleluckylink responds:

Oh thanks!


i thought they were all gonna fight each other at the end o.0
i guess i was wrong

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Jan 6, 2008
5:33 PM EST