Super smash bros ST 4

January 6, 2008 –
March 13, 2019
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Author Comments

Master hand punches Samus in the face


Watching this still gives me chills. I hope he can recreate the feeling of this.

This video is very familer and I do hope you know that the Ice Climbers are named Popo (blue) and Nana (pink).

in this SONIC is my hero!!! (real one is Naryto uzumaki)

I want to see the 5 episode with lucario ;), great animation :D, you choosen the perfect sprites and a very smoth animation i like it :S

yeah sonic appeaared ! finally after 3 episodes with no sega lets change the rules!

ehm.... kirby is a baby star warrior, just like meta knight, so they are not actual foe's.. still aweseom

Epic video
sonic the hedgehog finaly appears!!!!!!!!!!!! the one to beat master hand and crazy hand
sonic or mario maybe super sonic and hiper mario (golden cloths overalls white and white cape)
that would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kick ass

Looks like sonic is about to kick some ass.

fox finally showed up!!!

even if it was only for a few seconds


Cheap newcomer which is dramaticly awesome: SONIC THE EHDGEHOG!

It's getting better

Link's sprite is finally the way it should be.
You shuld put in punctuations in your sentences.
"Don't worry about him he doesn't have any feelings!!!"
It could be,
"Don't worry about him, he doesn't have feelings what so ever."

Finally, the show's getting better...

Finally, the show has improved to 5/5 and 10/10. The sprites are better(Sonic's, Mario's and Yoshi's sprites are sprites Alvin-Earthworm uses in his SMBZ episodes), the scene selection has an Exit button now, and the menu has some personality to it. Like, you copied the SSBM menu, and you have a "trophy section" that shows the information of the people that helped you create this video. I like your work.


elfin have grammer

This is getting good!

Sonic and now Snake!!!
It's too much to take in!(no homo)

snake is rite

srry to tell this xxnitramxx mario's first apperance was in donkey kong which was made in 1981 or do u not think that was mario... mayb u should do some research on mario so u hav ur facts straight b4 saying somting.


super mario bross wasnt the first game about mario, the first was "mario bross" and it was for the atari 2600, it sucks, but in nes on 1989 wasnt the first time of mario

omg! aweasome

snake with you granade launcher yoshi super kameramera link crazy arrows AWEASOME!

hey sora lol

shut up i wanna see you do better henry has a life he probably has a girlfriend or he goes to collage he's out enjoying his life unlike you if he don't want to finish it back off cause what i know of you don't do anything either so back the F@#k off and look for another series.

What Happens Next? But Perfect Anyway

My Main Guest Is That The characters from Super Smash Flash series are going to be in the next episode and luigi returns

to long

when is part 5 coming out it bene five years

XD where dod the scene select go?

good movie but... the scene select alowed me to insta-load.



Great job

Great job on this. But why is Mewtwo missing his arms?

oh my god this stuff is GREAT

i enjoyed watching these series, they are just awesome.


it's veryveryvery good!


finnaly sonic comes nice flash


That was amazing fight animation. Most exciting one yet. The next one will probably be even better from where you left off. Hopefully Star Fox appears within the next couple of episodes....Great storyline planning though. Can't wait to see the next one.

its awsome

super smash bros+dragon ball Z=AWSOME

o and for sonicsyytheworld, its called live and learn from sonic adventure 2 battle


I don't really get what the series is about... but its good.

Can anyone help me?

What's the song's name when Sonic became a newcomer?

best episode yet

totally excellent a must see


best one so far and nice sprite changes
but1 thing you took the snake part from the newcomer Snake preview video but with better pictures

Very good!

it is really cool, i think you have potential XD, man hurry and release the number 5!!!


this story went from exciting to real exciting! keep up the good work!


samus yoyo..lol. I cant wait to see the final battle.


marios face when he heard samus in teh forest was funny, he looked high!.marios pictures on the codex were funny ,and soemhow sonic is just standin there and doesant notice the 8 ppl fighting behind him?. for worlds fastest runner. hes slow in the head =_=


master hand is gonig to be killed by every body also this is awsome.

i was wrong

i thoght the soldier was going to be master chief and how can tell the diffrerence between master and crazy hand


awesom jo keep up

ok cool...

but when r u going to finish the fight?

great series

snake is awesome!!


NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT!! the sprite prob is fixed too. 20/10!!! this is a good one i like one alot!!


One of the best videos I ever seen!
Aand Have like what, 5 videos on my good list!


Lol IF There where 20 star u would get all 20


same ol same ol. over used slow motion effects and that loud hig speed hard hit noise


YEAH SONICS COMING IN luigi didnt get no airtime though and samus should have used her zero beam and went zero suit lol but you tried

This is probobly my favorite sprite ssb flash here

I like your style keep up the good work.


This is awesome! BTW, the sound at the very begining where mario is waking up is from halo.




This flash cartoon is cool dude. The best thing I ever Saw


wheres the sequel???? 2/24/09

100 out 10

greatest series ever man



if only...

i wish fighting master hand in the smash bros series was actually this epic... it reminds me so much of dbz like the fact that none of them are strong enough in the begining and in the end it a massive epic fight where all f them are strong. loved it



that was awesome and is lucario gonna be in there?


wtf ego raptor is gone?


For some people, they are usually a little off. But you... YOU have perfected it!


that 666-part was a good idea, and the hole thing was good.


best one
that was amazing
especially when it showed samus fighting
by the way were did you get those solid snake sprites


I think Nintendo deffinitly nabbed this from you somehow for the Braw game. lol but your story is better. hope to see the next episode soon

this is the best sprite vid on newgrounds will not

be topped for a long time loved the range of sprites snakes here!!!
loved the use of ths com link my faviroute combo of the whole thing would have to be snakes rocket luancher firing into yoshis mouth and him swallowing it to make a death ray i love these vids keep em comin oh where did you get snake sprites?

to Miguel-slvn

what about sonic the worlds fastest hedgehog?(next to shadow.)
and will iron man and mega man be in the next game?

Snake pwns

snake is now realy a total Badass

anyways i REALLY liked it totaly perfect even with the codec truly amazing

pure awesomes

nothing to say......

BAH the guy under me:

Punctuation is overrated. Get off his ass people. This isn't school...

Animation was good, but...

The animation, I'm sure, was difficult and took a long time to do. However, the lack of grammar and punctuation, as well as the number of run-on sentences made it feel a bit overlooked. I'm saying, things like "MARIO:WHY DID YOU DO THAT?? - MASTER HAND:HE DID A GOOD JOB BRINGING YOU HERE I DON'T NEED HIM ANYMORE!!" There should be a space after the colon, and all your run-on sentences really need to be separated. "He did a good job bringing you here. I don't need him anymore." Or something of a similar fashion. A comma, or even a semi-colon could work in place of the period. Etc.
Otherwise you did well animating the video, so seven out of ten for you. ;)

I liked this

I like this eps because I saw sonic in the last part!

Oh by the way, I like the sprite of Giga Bowser


very good cant wait to see more


this guy was really cool video is very good recommend you see anyone


you did a good job on this

very very nice

You are getting better in these kind of movies.
Keep up the good work!!!

snake is awesome!!!

loved that flash!


This series has not disappointed me yet, and I cant wait for the next episode.


it is ite i guess

Oh Noez!

Poor Shadow Mario!

So much action

Amazing dude. Most of the people coming to beat the shit out of crazy and master hand. I can't w8 for sonic to come out in the next ep!!!!!!!


This was really exciting to watch. I had a lot of fun. I hope to to more episodes from you. I liked the appearance of Sonic in the end.

Very good

You've improved alot im looking forward to seeing the series finished

congradulations!! yoshi learned hyper beam !!!!

still great, but short

Freakin Awesome

Dude how can you do this seriously?

holy shit just so fucking

i would rate 2 freaking billion if i could


so when is the next 1 comming out its been like 5 months since this 1 im not rushing u but i just wanna know when

loved the ending GO SONIC!

alright! keep it up man i loved that ending perfect!

Solo puedo agregar...

Colocaste la cancion de Shaman King en el momento preciso, asi como hiciste las escenas de peleas más dinamicas. Espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo.

Whoa, codec conversation??

Wow, good work on this video, dude. I was just wondering, how did you create that whole (custom) codec conversation? It was pretty sweet and seemed like it almost could have been in MGS.
Nice work!

Looks awesome but...

whered u get the voice effects?

this episode was awesome

awesome series dude


its good but that song when samus and masterhand was fight is from KOSF on youtube when Kyo Kasungi fights Raguls team.

the song

what's the song when Samus and Master hand are fighting?

Awesome dude!

It is awesome but I have one question. Where did you find the sprites for snake?


that was wicked awesome but tell me theres a part5 please tell me





It was cool

i hope you put Lucario in this


that was fucking awesome

really good!

awesome, dude! I can't wait to see what happens next!


you used a anime Opening song in spanish lol XD


make more bro


dude this is the mother fucking bomb i would like to help you with your problem with your town.


this movies are awsome

rofl spellings.

Egoraptor's Awesome "contamplation"? That's not even a word. Also in your author comments where you mention the spelling and grammar is hilarious, due to such awful spelling and grammar. I know you're likely not from an English speaking country, but there really are some horrendous mistakes in this. Luckily most were not in the actual movie and that's the most important thing. The actual movie was pretty awesome and looks heavily inspired by Alvin, even though you claim it's not at all. And now I shall watch the next one.


i cant wait for the 5 one. by the way Coliso, no one should involve Naruto in anything even half decent, let alone something amazing like this.

a few things

how can pokemon talk?two,the master hand was suppost to die than inthe next part the crazy hand dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY ****

oh shit u got all the swet people in this bit hurry and get sonic in dis ho


what is the song you used when snake joined the battle. y'know, as soon as he came out of the box


you should put even more charecters like naruto



A few things

1.OMG! Pikachu TALKS!!!!!
2.When Snake came outta the box,he shouldve said"Kept ya waiting huh?"
3.OMFG OMFG OM3xG!!!!!!! SONIC!!!!!!


*bows down* make more!!1


my next favorite flash after the smbz series!!!!!
but yours might be better!!!!
great job i luv your series :D

OMG....make another one or ill kill you

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee


great job i love this series!! 5/5 and 10/10


make another one!!! seriously if this wasnt at least a runner up for the tank awards (to me they are clled the tankies) then I dont know what would be.

is there a 5th

u realy need to finish this series lol. im so into it


shitm samus is a beast cant wait for the next one whenis it coming out


I love love Samus in this part. ^_^
She freaking owns.

better and better

i cantwait to see what happens next!


This is great! Definitely you should make a pt 5!!!

i give it a 10/10

it was awsome cant wait for pt5


is better than the previous one. still, using fighting styles from other things (like u said Shaman King, Bleach, DBZ etc) only lowers it in my opinion. u should stick 2 1 fighting style, in order 2 maintain continuity. anyway, a half decent series so far, i look 4ward 2 the nxt installment

Awesomeness reached

It reched awesomeness eventually. This was... well awesome
I loved it and it was well made and all, and the introductions of newcomers was cool.


awsome keep going

awsome dude this kicks ass continu your story and i have to say samus did 75% of the work on master hand but where the hell did she go once again awsome and continu

Ah hell yea!

kickin ass so far!! no doubt its gonna end Even better!!!

A message for inuyasha

check out the makers ng file for #5


i thought snake was gonna go after mario, but he attacked master hand instead lol

also, to bladesguy: its called live and learn, its directly out of a sonic game itself... not sure which one though...


yay, mt fav samus did 50% of the work on masterhand. YAAAY. lol nice vid

Master hand and crazy hand are too powerful.

Those people need everyones help. from the Smash bros. melle and from the brawl version. and also Megaman, Zero, Amy, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Ryu, and Ken need to help them out too. So can you add these characters through out the series? And great series by the way. :-)


pic 10/10
sound 10/10
so great. where can i find that song when sonic showed up? is there any where i can find it?


That was a very good video! I did see some errors, mainly in punctuation. Try reading over it once, you might see.


Despite the fact thatLuigi wasn't there and Sonic not having more time, it was pretty cool


great work. loved it. and for who anyone says bowser and morio dont work, so what, its for fun. only two problems, no luigi and need more sonic. besides that great.

Hellz yea!This is better than just a plain Descent

Very Nice Fighting scenes man. Also, great work on the change of Sprites.

Decent but

It's ok....I mean graphics are cool...The storyline is kinda...bland,but not horrible. Though your comment about not comparing you to alvin...Don't compare you to him? I'd actually take it as a compliment to even be put into the same catagory as alvin's flashes...since a lotta people like em. For me idk,it just feels like a lotta things in this was just kinda rushed

erm... defenitely prefer super mario bros z

not bad, but not excellent either. those characters don't work together and u didn't seem to make much effort to make them work.

<deleted> responds:

i am not making you choose between my series and alvins


This is great! By the way, What is that music at the end?

no bad

not too bad


PLZ work on the next one!


dude. you should finish the series. this look great.

nice job

solo recuerda alo... este sitio es en inles y te van a flamear por la musica en español, se que entiendes esto jeje


i like that. not as good as smbz (i noticed a relation) i also like how you used the music from sonic adventure 2 overall, its an 8.

F*$K you

F*$K the people who didn't like this.I agree with Chdonga.And that this movie would be good even if you didn't see previous episodes.So, go F*$K yourselves

This movie makes me mad...

mad that I can't vote any higher

To all of those who voted 0: Go to hell, you lazy bums, you never watched the movie, you just read some of the bad reviews and agreed with them.

To those guys who said the story had no plot: Of course it wouldn't have a plot for those who are too lazy to watch the first other episodes.

To the people who called e104joker illiterate: You're not that literate either, in fact you're downright ineligible. The man can write the (scripts?) however he wants. If you want to be a nerd and spend hours at a time using spell check on whil working on your flash go ahead, just don't tell other people how to make a quote on quote "remotely decent" flash.

reminds me of vegeta

heh meta knight and that other guy are like vegeta no one will defeat their rival exept for them selfes anyways good vid


loved the hellsing music, too...


There is really nothing bad I can say about this one. You even got better with your grammar XD The battles were awesome. The codec part was pretty funny xD I noticed a lot of the background was ripped from chrono trigger :D


Oh man this one KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!! I loved the battles in this one! That part with Snake in the box was funny too! Damn that cheating Master Hand getting help from Crazy Hand GRRRRRR!!!!! If hes so " Powerful" then why can't he fight the Smash Bros. gang by himself huh? I mean he said that they didn't stand a chance against him in eps1 I think so what gives Master Hand? Or should I call you " Pussy Hand " instead? Anyway I LOVED this movie can't wait for the next one! P.S. ALRIGHT!! Sonic's here!!!!!!!!!!!

//i think samus is going to lose her suit..

samus ganna lose her suit :)


Loved the Metal Slug explosions.

Best yet!

I liked the Samus battles the best!

ole henry te quedo padre

este flash esta chingonsisimo wei ademas que el segundo opening de shaman king en español quedo de lo mejor,pero bueno viva mexico cabrones ( si no eres de mexico como yo cambia mexico por el lugar de donde seas)


this was good. in-freakin-credible!
four is my favorite so far! the saga continues and we meet one of the best soldiers around and one of the fastest creatures around.

Much better than you first three.

I like this one much more than your first installments because I think it shows how much talent you've accumulated. The story I believe could have been better, but the action and animation have been greatly improved, and I think time will make you better.

This video is the biggest piece of...

BEUTY!!! i've seen all 5, and 4 is the best! you, of all sprite animators, are the best with special effect sprites, fight scenes, and blur effects, although it should have speech, doesn't matter how crappy the voices are. more criticism? well... alright, I got nuttin.


you got my boy...snake

who does not love snake?


At least this is better than the first 3...sprites are more consistent as well as sounds. Dialogue is still pretty bad tho as well as the grammer, but I guess you can't really help it...


your a good flash artist and your work and ideas show.


make sonic go super and be the only 1 stronger than master hand


this flash is fricken sweet


I think you should let samus and snake fight together, because they are like the only nintendo characters that are like secret agents. Snake isn't nintendo, but since the SSBB creator let snake in, USE HE. They could like kill a master hand clone like crazy hand. Snake could throw a missle and call air focre while Samus uses he big blast that makes her suit fall of. If you can't Zero Suit Samus Sprites then just have Samus do some crazy moves and attacks. You are one of the greatest flash creators. Can you tell me what program you used for your flash. Keep on being great.

nice sprite flash

best sprite flash i've seen up to now keep up the work and let part 5 be even better!

Freakin' Sweet

Despite the Grammar problems, these flashes are the tops yo! Nice animation coupled with a interesting story = extremely awsome. Dont Listen to your haters. Just keep doin what your doin. Just one thing. I dissapointed by the severe lack of Ike in this flash. The fact that he's not in there dosent make it bad, it just would be cool to see it. Other than that 2 thumbs waaaaaaaay up. Uh-oh long post. Is someone gonna yell at me now or something?

more kirby


i like it where's the rest

there's alot of hating .dnt pay no mind and bring your self to there lvl sure everyone can use improvement. i know i do keep ya head and entertain us. I think your pretty good for what it's worth :)

My honest opinion: Warning! This is LONG.

I read your response to GlassBomb.
He raises some great points...And you respond with:
"dude can i tell you something?
no ofence but do you have a life?
cause yo wright a SO long review well thats a signal that you have nothing to do ,
got any friends?
a girl or somebody to hang out?
hehe it seems that you dont and you spend all day on newgrounds waiting to get loved x)
hehe sory newgrounds is the wrong place
P.S. it was spanish music you retard hahaha idiot"

My thoughts:
Dude! Work on your motherfucking grammar and spelling, and stop with the annoying "Teehees" , "Hehehs" and "Hahas"!
You sound like an illiterate- Correction: You ARE an illiterate moron.


The movie was bland and uninteresting.
It COULD have been so much better...
If it hadn't been done at least 50 times before.
Stop getting your ideas off of other flashes, make a decent preloader, and voice acting would be nice too, and if can't get anyone to voice act, you should try your friends.
Don't have any friends?
Glassbomb probably does.
I know I do.
Eh, I don't know.

:O omg

sweet!!!!!!!! cool awsome


Awesome man! This is probably one of my favorite series so far. You sir, are a genius. Except for grammar. lol




Mr. Sanchez, you are a genius!! I MUST see more of this story!!!

very nice

it was a super awwsome video but wat i thought was weird is they never mention peach again or is she coming out in anther one???? u have to make more they kick ass man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


words can't descride how awsome it is.



Btw, 10/10 and 5/5, nice work. =P

Snake and Sonic he;p them kill crazy and msterhand

GO help them now!!


this is the best one in my opinion, poor samus getting beat down like that, she put up a good fight though

come on

come on when are u goin to make a nother one

kickass but...

dont you think shaman king intro was kinda outta place? even more being in spanish


That was very good but I'm pretty sure that Meta Knight isn't one of Kirby's enemies.

4/4 out of all so far

best of them all


Great!! MAKE MORE!!!


#5 plz??????


kinda taking it a little seriousely, but still good none the less
keep up the good work with the next one


i was amazed during the whole fight amazing!!!!!!


i cant wait for episode five!

I laugh at unit 51 but its cool none the less

I don't see why he put mewtwo in the vid he's not even in brawl(they put lucario in his place) and why the main focus isn't really on tabuu(i think thats how they spelled it). Either way i thought it was a fun vid but im a BIG Smash Bros. fan so don't take my criticism to serious.

P.S. Marth is in brawl but they replaced Roy with Ike. And the movement is all different in the characters but marth's attacks stayed preatty much the same which was a big relief to me. But of all the newcomers i like Snake the best O.o he kicks ass but his attacks are weird even still its a fun game. ^.^


when like shot the hand with yoshi bad 10

dont listin to superskater9-hes a bitch

fuck the newb below me he obviously hasnt played any ssb melee or ssb brawl

p.s(to the auther): u gotta finish these series! its awesome! ignore the STFU newb superskater9!

That was awesome

Thats was the collest video ever, great animation and the storyline is getting better, I watched all parts,great work man, Where did you learn how to do such great animation?

Great Job so far!

It is a great series, kind of short but very good, much better than I can do...well that's because I've only just gotten into spriting.

I like the effect and everything, bravo! I think you've beaten Sonic's Quest for Power nearly =] keep the series going, you're a great spriter haha.

You're not as good as Alvinworm, in my opinion, but you're pretty darn close =P good luck on the rest of the series!


The end fight was the best i want to see moree.... Go snake!!!!

can't wait

I can't wait for two things: to see the next part of ST, and to finnaly play SSBB!!!


sonic is here finally


I loved all the episodes and i'll be waiting on the 5th

good vid

nice vid man when is the new one coming out?


WHYYYYY Did you stop there?!?!?! Damnit dude that was Sonic!! Come on! Anyway, great job, like the others, can't wait to see your next.

Best one yet

uh you probably shouldn't just change Mario's Bowser's and DK's sprites in the middle of the series =s

when is 5 comin out



OMFG I love this movie, any chance that you could put it up as a download? Cause I want to show it someone, but they don't have internet


It's awsome!


They should have more episodes of this .and if they do then it is gonna rock:)

new 1

make a new 1 its so awesome just do it

it was cool!

wares luigi? make a new 1!

the best part for now

wow yo take new and better sprite and there more action .


wen will Zelda make a big appearance? it was sheik, and then that was it.


Very good!
keep up the good work!
Please continue this series!

Nice job!

This is an excellent flash animation, and I can't wait for the next one to come out. Can you give me a rough estimate as to when you are going to submit the next one in the series?

Good one.

yeah this flash is really good but i got one question. so far its like 5-6 on 2 and it looks like they are owning master and crazy hand. why are you going to add more people to the fight when master and crazy hand are already going to lose?


It's real nice. Hurry up and make the next one. I alo know how long it takes to make a flash and can't forget about school. It is doing well. Good job adding characters from brawl. Its been bout a month. can u tell us how long would it take to make the next one?

Definitely "NOT the worst"!!!!

Despite a lot of cheap graphics and misspellings from previous eps, you made up with graphical improvements and animations and whatnot. The story just keeps getting better and i believe thats what matters most in this series. Keep it up!

Now were getting somewhere

The best one out of the series by far.

Awesome sprites!

Those are the coolest looking sprites i've seen in a LONG time!

por favor/plz

plz make number 5 i cant wait to see what sonic does so plz make more ive seen all of them so plz make another


Another one! :D

in the best part you put the credits

i like very much sonic when you gonna make the 5?
your movie is great congratulations


Brilliant i luv smash bros nd i luv this too!


Great job i loved this it was really good i hope you continue the fight i cant wait to see sonic in battle.


I think I liked your old one's better. Some of the new sprites were cool. There's some bugs in the menu. One of the songs was pretty meh. But other than that, your animation skills are 10x better and the grammar is improving as well. Keep it up.


10/10, 5/5. I'm surprised. I thought for sure that some of your stuff was based on Alvin Earthworm. God knows it's based on DBZ. Everything is based on DBZ, Naruto and Bleach when it comes to Anime basing. And that's good. Let's see some more!

Re: GAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yeah! MysticPrower is right! make more or DIE!!!(Just Kidding) But i like it.

Pretty bloody interesting.

This is pretty good, but... are you allergic to commas? I mean, they're there for a reason, use them.

Other than that, this is pretty sweet, keep it up.




you r f*cking awesome with sprites, keep making stories like these, Bleach, Samurai X, DB, and Smash Bros rulz (sorry if i missed something)




the best ive seen here on newgrounds so far

ilove it

i love this one i cant wait for the next installment of this bit

Not feeling it....

Its too dramatic. Thats the problem. You have all this pointless and overdramatic dialogue and its just not doing it for me. I would suggest making it the same format that the first 2 were (ep 2 was partly): Pure ass kicking. Notcie that your score has gone down significantly with episode 4 than it was with episodes 1&2. I give you credit for attempting to finish the series unlike other series that were good but never got finished but you really need to make a change otherwise it will be a conpleted series that is terrible.

Omg no!

Bad time to leave off! Now I'm depressed! I want 5!!!




i ahve to give 10/10 for this abosolutley perfect!itwas brillaint!And now we all know when mario first appeared lol

I can't wait

i cannot wait for sonic kicking master hands butt this will be so cool

nice work

LOL samus gt pwned

if you could do this for everyone and me :D!

if you can do this for everyones and I, i would like you to include these characters!

characters i would like you to include are-
Lucario-oh also these are all annouced so they are ALL true-
pokemon trainer -he includes squirtle,ivysaur,charizard and they all share hit percantage-
PLEASE INCLUDE CAPTAIN OLIMAR!-he holds in order(red,yellow,blue,white,purple) pikmin!
oh by the way there is your real link and toon link from windwaker etc.

please try to at least include captain olimar and his pikmin and if not try to include R.O.B

make more o.O

come on u have2 make more o.O just dotn give it like a crappy ending like in the real brawl game feing sonic is onyl in the real game's story for 5 secs wtf <<..


Yes you updated the sprites!!!

that was crazy

wow im glad to see snake on action but poor samus she doesnt deserved it. im pretty sad about her.. btw the second song(i think) isnt it from hellsing ? im searching this so everywhere but i dont even know its name i'll be glad if u tell me with pm or somehow ^^ and congratulations again u did great


exactly what i wanted

fav so far

i likes this but it could do with some better fighting scenes
And perhaps a change of music some more orcestra like LOTR
for one of the fights with master hand can't wait to see how your Going to get
all the charecters fighting at once.
oh and could you let luigi do something useful (he's the best)

Purely Awesome by far

I think the series on number one started out amazing...and it just keeps gettting better and better. I bought brawl ahead of time, and i'm way excited, and in the meantime i was checking out ur ssb series. Now I'm eagerly awaiting number 5. I'm gonna follow this until the end. you've made a spectacular story with all the characters..and it has an amazing ssb feel to the movies. =)

Hell Ya

Thats Awsome Sonics In this now Can't wait for #5


It was good, the fighting wasn't as good as some clips I've seen, but still good. You should have thrown in Lucario, the best pokemon ever!

keep going great work XD

so sonic's a nintendo guy now? wow whats nexts crash bandicoot? lol

so obvious

u used soo many sonic refrencences in the last 4 movies that its blatently obvious that he is going to be th most powerful


man awesome when is part 5 i can't wait?!!!


dude that was the best one yet, i love every bit of it. Keep up the good work man :D


I loved it! It is the best right now,and i can't wait for the number five! I REALLY want to see sonic fighting ^^




This is your best yet! The fighting's really getting better, and the newcomers are looking good!

During the intro, I like the way you shadowed Sonic... very good stuff there. Man, I'm looking forward to number five!


Man this is sweet but you,ll need to make the next one better this is so cool but I would get better models of the pepol

Perfecto. but....

it's Great! i love it. but there are issues that are going to hinder the next one. Yoshi, snake and dk haven't taken any damage and master hand has like 16hp left and crazy hand has lost half his health already. add sonic and they're both screwed. only way the two hands can survive is if some other character comes in and fucks it all up for mario and them.

.........sin palabras...........

No he visto los 3 capitulos anteriores, (los cuales vere en un futuro), pero como sea... esto esta genial! esto debio merecer por lo menos un 2do lugar o el 1ero... pero dicelo a los programadores... porque casi diario es un jego el ke tiene ke ganar el 1er lugar... como sea, la calidad fue buenisima! ojala que hagas una 5ta parte!

OMG I want that song!

what is that song when Samus fought master hand?! I really want it. It was used in power star 3 and mk vs sf 2.


Best storyline evr...


i give this a perfect 10 because it creates a great storyline for a game that had none.

nice i love it

it was great and funny it made me wet my self.lol but seriously it was fantastic


This is the best action sprite movie I've ever seen from Super Smash Bros.
And finally Sonic and Snake showed up, with all my nerves I hope you finish up that movie cuz it owns all the other ones.

Siguele asi, y manda por un tubo a todos l;os que digan que tu video apesta, por eso es lo que son ellos, solo buscan a kien hacerle pasar rato.

Con el video mas chilo, ke de seguro va a ser el 5 XD les cayaras bien bonito la boca, y si siguen es ke los pobres no tienen remedio >=]

the best

i lovethis series and when is part 5 coming out


ditto,im with sonicdx about the song
spanish form of Shaman King theme song

Wow. Spanish version of Shaman King theme song...

Awesome battles. Its pretty well set out story-line for a game that has none at all.
I enjoyed it.

(I know spanish,lol, I saw the whole Shaman King series in spanish)

mega cool!

best one yet


Let's cut to the crap

1. The Script was terrible

2. There was no plot

3. The story didn't even go anywhere it was just: introduce some characters> Fight Scene>introduce another Character> End

4. Technically you didn't even do any work you just grabbed some sprites, grabbed some music & sfx and crammed em together to make one more retarded, over rated sprite movie

Now for some constructive critisism (just cause i have to)

- You could have at least put some voices instead of just subtitles
- Work on your story telling
- Don't animate sprites


its a coll movie te quedo chingon morro jejeje la primera concion q esta en espanol d q anime es xD


the animation is fluid, the story line is good, the music is just neat, but i gotta ask, where did you get the dialogue of snake and colonel cambell, it`s so cool the dialogue, the voices if im not wrong are the same from mgs for PSX

Haha, great thing to watch while waiting for it

Its been moved back to March 9th or 10th, u guys make it worth all the while for the game can only get better and u guys making these collabs makes the wait that much more easier, thank u and very nice touch on the story line (even if there isnt one to super smash bros)


when's the next one come out?


love it this is one of the best smash bros. things iv seen in a long time, needs a bit more work but still very good.

*fanboy squeel*

! ^_^

great new addition to the series

im a big fan of ssbst, keep up the good work


You finally used better sprites, now the movies are even cooler. And for all idiots out there. Sonic IS in SSBB, so don't put anything like "sonic's not in SSBB you liar."

Show Me Your Moves!

A truly awesome series.
your use of material from multiple animes games and the effort you put in to this flash series is outstanding.
I believe this to be the best SSB submission yet and I cant wait for the next one.

Keep Up The Good Work!


WOW!!!C'est le meilleur dessin animé que j'ai vu sur newground!Je vote 6
et je suis impatient de voir la suite :)!


aww man there goes samus..... WHERES THE 5TH ONE! >:o


plz make a 5th one! 5/5 10/10 fav

i love this stuff

lke the guys said below hurry with the 5th one plz but u know what i mean haha :) well keep it up

doin great hurry with part 5

almost there your making a name for yourself kid keep up the great work who knows one day you might be as good as alvin earthworm if you dont kno who he is i suggest you watch super mario bros z since your a dragon ball z fan youll like this

love it make more plz

this is the best thing in my life the best part is sonic out of nowhere make moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee


really good dude. just one thing...... hurry with the next episode this was absolutly amazing. you are almost up to par with alvin earthworm, and that is saying something. keep up the good work.




This is some good stuff! Keep it comin' The battle scenes are really good! Nice job!

This is the best one so far!!

Great opening, just like the game!!!! Link's looks like he's dead at the beginning when he's sleeping. Since when can Pikachu and Jigglypuff speak english? I also forgot to note in the last one, but since when does Yoshi talk?
I like how the fight scene between Samus and MH is like playing the game.
LMAO you introduced Snake just like in the trailer. Awesome!! Then everybody comes in and starts kicking ass!!
Then out of fucking nowhere, it's Sonic!!
This is a pretty good series. This is totally freakin' AWESOME!!!!!

2 things

1:this fucking rocked helll!!!!!!!!!

2: i lkied all abuot it this time you really rocked a 100 out of 10

3:oh shit only two thing jeje



Pure awesomeness

I love this series and can't wait for you to make the next episode!

What's the name

What's the name of the song in the beginning?


Make part 4 faaast dude u rock!

i love it

its fighting scenes has caught my attention and the background music is pretty much fit in the situation and i also love the menu screen..9*

Pretty Good!

Not bad, but i didn't like the music at the beginning. Love the 8-bit style tho. Voicework could be better too.

Not Bad

It was quite interesting, good use of blurring the background, and all the other little things that makes animation what it is.


I agree with p0lar-bear but using far less technical and intelligent language. Although i think this deserves abit higher as it really was quite good. Looking forward to the next one

Not bad, but needs improvement.

Your sprite edits and animation aren't bad at all. However, dialogue, cinematics, and transitioning needs a ton of work. The things the characters are saying make it feel more and more like just another one of those horrible fanfictions or cheesy B-movies. Your cinematics, meaning character placement, "camera" movement, and representation of some things are sloppily done. Mixed with the transitioning from one scene or point of view to another, it feels like the story is being told by a kid with ADHD while on a sugar high (no offense meant if you actually have Attention Deficit [and Hyperactivity] Disorder), and half the time I don't know what's going on until a character actually explains what just happened, or when something actually does happen.

I won't nag at you about your grammar; you realize and acknowledge that your English grammar isn't that great, and you did go the extra mile to have someone proofread it. Good job there.

The ending fight scene was very good. Though, it feels like you put too much effort into getting the fight scene done right and didn't pay enough attention to the story part of it. Keep plugging away at it, you've gotten better compared to your first and second episodes. Hopefully the next episode will be better.


Must. See. Sonic. Fight.

Anyways, wow! This is a really good series, and I really hope you're able to get the fifth one out soon, but quality first, no?

Best of luck!

If I'm not mistaken isn't, that Northern Lights?

Northern Lights the song from Shaman King the anime that is. Although it was in a different language.


Haha, I was about to tear you a new one for not mentioning the Spriters Resource for all those sprites, but no worries there. You've got it covered.
As for the story and animation, fucking brilliant. I don't know that the fight scene could've been any better if there were topless cheerleaders hopping around.
Keep up the good work man.


You got a damn good series going here. But you could do a little bit more for like just to say a voice over and shit like that. But any who DAMN good series

that was

really great.that was really entertaining, cant wait for the next episode.kinda sucks dat this is getting delayed but oh well at least the game isnt.....oh wait !!!!it is,i hate sakurai but anyways da flash was great


i cant wait for the next one please hurry =D :P great work

awsome work

dude i cant wait for the next one.



so awesome...

I can't wait for the next movie!!! all my favorite characters. I still have "super smash bros. 64", and always thought they SSB's needed stories. this is my first view of your movies, but be sure I will Keep watching!


It'd be great without the anime music.

Next time you make one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put Shockwave by Black Tide in a fight scene. It's perfect.

uuuh...1 mistake tho

The fat penguin w/ the hammer's name isn't Both, its Dedede


I have to say it was alil iffy in the beginning like it was slow starting up which was a big problem it just was more of less filler for the action just boring filler BUT after it started going I love it like the fighting and mainly the codec with Snake was my favorite. I liked what you did with this sir. Good work.

It was okay..

Well, you could've done better with the choosing/drawing of custom sprites, and I've seen better work done with pixel blending. (Mario looks like he's badly photo shopped in, for example, because his edge pixels don't match.) Furthermore, your writing and storyline pacing could use work. (FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, USE PUNCTUATION! E.g. I could never see Fox saying 'Ithinkfalcomaybeintroubleimgonnahelp him', all one word.)

On the other hand, your technical work in terms of scripting and animating were more than satisfactory, and overall it's better than I could do, so I try to rate fairly.


it was a little boring in the beginning but became very exciting by the end.


a real great spin on the ssb series. Cool animation and sprites, great use of the menu screen. turely something to be proud of

Great improvement from the pervious episodes

I've just watched the four episodes. Previous three sucked but this one was awesome.


That was awesome to the max!! When's 5 coming?

Nice, not bad at all

not bad, gotta give credit to anyone that can write a story with these characters without throwing in a bunch of stupid slang and swear words (dont get me wrong, i like saying cunt licking ass fucker as much as the next guy, but it doesnt belong here.)
Fight cinematics were good too, I'll have to go back and watch the other ones.


omg nooooooo masterhand had 18 hp left ................ i wanted him to die

sweet video lol

all my 5 r to this video

Real nice!

I like it, though I have see better of it's kind. Good luck with your next one though.


theres a spelling mistake i saw you put on instead of in when meta knight says
we'll deafeat anyone on our way :l but it was a kik ass video

Very Good !

Wow !!! Solid Snake !!! I love this guy !!

gotta give it to ya

you entertained me for 10 minutes
but i will have to add that your scrip is way too cheesy

Great Job

Good to see someone else getting into this whole Mario action craze. It was pretty good. You do a good job of keep so many characters involved. I can't wait to see Sonic in action, he's my fav character!!!

Don't beat a dead horse

I really do like this series and I think you can still squeeze 2-3 more episodes out of it, but I wouldn't keep on this TO much longer.

Good luck with it, can't wait for the next one.

Loved how you pulled the video from smashbros btw...


but i did see a speeling mistake. very early on mario says the word weird and you spelt it wierd

<deleted> responds:

tnx a ton man

Very well done.

This one fixes up several of the flaws of the previous entries in this series, including the text. However, my primary problem was the icons during the battle scene, which I thought were a bit... confusing. I understand the reference, but I'm not a big fan of the gradient. They can be different colors, and it was hard to tell which of the Smash Bros icons was Master Hand or Crazy Hand. There's a similar concern with a few of the other characters, such as Mario and Bowser, who both have the mushroom icon (or at least should, I wasn't paying attention at that respect). I suggest using a solid fill on those icons in the next installment of this series or using stock icons like in the games to help tell them apart should you continue to use this same battle display in later episodes.


episode 4 is much better than the first 3. not only is the animation better, but I can pick up on the plot better than in the first 3 for some reason. I hope you keep it up with episode 5.

sweet but 1 flaw

it was a realy really good series the only thing i dont like is the sound distortion when there was a ever a hit a boom or somethin make the audio beter and its a hallmark moment man

very nice

hopefully you wont end at five. keep up the good work. its videos like these that make me want to play with flash and see what i could do :D

I love SSB so who the fuck keeps delaying it?

is everyone expecting it to end with sonic? wtf? so he is blue and he can run. big deal, the still have to introduce Wario, Olmar & Pikmen, Ike, Diddy Kong, That other kid that is just like Ness, and a hole shit load of other characters so I know number 5 will not be the end


How are u gonna end it with my all time favorite character is gonna fight...Sonic. Really good


this series is really great can't wait for the next episode!


This was the best vid of ssbb it was awsome




omg you put SNAKE in their you are one of the best animators ever dude!!!!! it was unbelieable put in more people plz plz!!!!!!!! SNAKE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!! 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Vid Ever

It has a mario, link and yoshi. What else does a great video have?


it was good, and had a nice story, i liked that flash.


Very sweet a little short though

i lov it me gusto

hey me encanto i really like it can u said me como se llama la song that pusiste in the middle part grax sige haciendolo haci cause i rally like it

nice ^^

i loved that you took with a lot of guys from super smash brothers,
but i vant to see a little better animation, or else a great winner, i still give u a 5 ^^

Good Movie



Cant wait for the next one to come out

Great work mate and congrats on front page :)



it is getting there. awsome fight



I Just Can't Understand..

Why this series has made it as far as it has. I've watched a few of your previous entries; and though I respect the ability you have to create such animations, something I cannot do myself; I feel it is my duty to inform you, that your 'script' (using that term lightly) is probably the worst bit of 'writing' I've ever read. In one episode, a quote bordering on illiteracy, disgusted me to the point that I found myself compelled to sign up to this site. I believe said quote was, "I will kill them, with their own selves!".

You've got to be kidding me, right?


Wow, dude, that was great! Hope you finish it soon ; ]
Also, you made one of my favorite character, Samus, badass. It was really cool to see her fighting all by herself, and actually managing to damage Master Hand.
Mind if I suggest you to use her Zero Suit form in the next one? you can find sprites of it in the game... Metroid: Zero Mission, I think. Not sure.

Also, the song from Shaman King was great. I recognized it because I'm brazilian, and I see the portuguese version, so I noticed lots of similarities.
Anyway, 10/10, 5/5.


i am a fan of super smash bros the first series was ion the N64 to gamecube to the wii now

@other guy's geez if u aint know what ur watching u aint gonna like it!

sprite animation was nice but you did mess up with the music and fx
i turned the music louder to hear some but the fx blew up my boxes... lol

ok the battles r cool but a bit on the short side... we wanna see some special moves! lol
nice teamwork of the "sprites" though in such a small window such a big battle animation? that's not right..
(*however i cannot make something myself so i shouldn't complain...*)

WHY leave sonic out of the movie? that makes us want part 5!!! im soo gonna shoot you for that!

*cough* we also hope to see more snake in the next film ^^

laughed at snake's idol part rofl!

enough jibba jabba!(<-what the?)
keep up the good work xP

yeah I agree with the last guy

That was terrible...


Umm im not so much of a fan. The animation was pretty crappy.


I haven't seen the other parts yet, but this is awesome! Although, the japanese music in the begining was kinda odd... Other then that, everything else was fantastic!


that was awesome...i wish they would let u have that many ppl(or bots)playing....crazy have was a nice touch that is what made me give u a 10 XP


Can't wait till part 5!!!


the best one yet.


Completly freakin awesome!


Another awesome movie! Yay.

this wasnt as bad as people made it seem

This is actually the best you ever did. I kinda got where you were going at at the beginning. When Master hand stopped using the purple copys, thats why that dream came up. But never gave a reason as to why he suddenly decided to stop using them and just came right out trying to kill everyone. Also The fights were pretty alright, but it was kinda too much happening at once, And where the blazing hell did crazy hand come from? no explaination or anything, you could had said that was Master hands brother or something.
What you could had did was split up the battles one group fights master hand and the other crazy hand, otherwise, the screen will be too crowded and there will be too many people on screen at one time. And every flash doesnt always have to have DBZ elements in it, but I dont mind seeing a mix of it in the fighting though. And thats my review. Take it to heart to help try to improve this even more. This flash series does have high potential if you do it right and follow through. Oh and one more thing, run a spell check every now and then.

make a longer one plz

needs to be longer

Pretty decent...

... Just make sure to make it more Alvin-Earthwormy (More smooth, quicker fighting and more use of the DragonBall Z.) Oh well, you tried, but passed!

Pretty cool but could be better

This was a pretty cool movie and probably the best in your little series, but I think that it should include Ganondorf. He was one of the coolest SSB Melee characters and would be cool in this.


well in my honest opinion...that was pretty much Super Mario Bros. Z except with more characters. some of the battle scenes didnt line up w/ where they were...or what they were even doing....also, most of the music didnt line up with what was happening in the story line. you introduced Solid Snake, and Sonic as new comers, but not Meta Knight and King Dedede? its an ok flash...a lot of good sprite work, and some good action, so i give u a 6.


that long ass review is to long for me to even bother reading....

anyway great job this is the best so far but still kinda crap...i loved the fighting parts but i hate the music it needs to be catchy and it wasnt :(. for that i give you a nine

Not that great.

As far as i see it, this isn't as good as it should be. Pretty much every 5 comes from brawl-obsessed fanboys. There are a ton of spelling mistakes that most good sprite flashes wouldn't have. The punctuation is even worse, because it isn't there. There are no periods, no commas, nothing. You can't tell when one sentence ends and another begins. PLEASE take the time to fix these before you submit again. The story only makes this worse. The other flashes don't fit with this at all. First master hand is sending out shadow puppets or something so he doesn't have to battle the team of nintendo characters, and then he faces them head on. Where are the shadow puppets? Shouldn't they be helping master hand? It's also too short. Right after a good deal of people just standing and talking (which surprisingly adds nothing to the story), some people fight master hand, crazy hand appears, snake appears, they all fight crazy hand, sonic stands on a mountain (gasp) and it ends. Sonic should do SOMETHING, not just stand there. It's obvious that he's going to just randomly appear from some point in the next flash anyway, but he's the reason most people give this a five.
There's also the animation and sprites. First of all, the animation isn't too good, with a lot of overused things (like master hand's constant "blur rush", he never moves that fast except when he attacks) and a lot of things that have already been done. The sprites have already been used by quite a lot of people, and you don't keep the same sprites throughout the series. For example, mario. For some reason you just decided to use a new sprite. If anyone had followed the series, they would've been confused. Overall this is one of your best pieces of work, but then again, most of your work is crap. I'd have to say the worst part is that you respond to every bad review by saying that they don't even know what brawl is or "kirby" isn't spelled "kerby". It's called a spelling mistake, you should know what it is. Either way, every response just shows that you are mad at people for expressing their opinions and you think your flash is just the best.
It isn't the best flash on newgrounds, kid. It's just the best of what you've made.

oh man chrone trigger

oh man chrono trigger just for that i give you a 9!


fights and animation were very good. I loved the part with OMFG MARIO!! it was great.

things to improve would be to have someone check your grammar and punctuation. A lot of your sentences were just run ons. Also at the intro a lot of the people you introduced didn't need to be introduced yet... for example what was the point of introducing kerby's villains? they had no point in the flash than to state they were going to "kill" anyone that got in their way of getting kerby... that doesnt even make sense...

i agree with what was stated before, if your going to make a fight movie make one, hehe. Otherwise get a 5th grade teacher to spell check your basic grammar and punctuation errors o.O.


You sir, are a genius. I love the fights, and I love the way you remade the Snake/Mario thing xD

Perfection, keep the story true to the SSB ways, and keep up the good work! (The third one was a bit too DBZ-ish)


<deleted> responds:

i know x_X

Animation is good

The animation is good. Nothing else. I can't stand crap stories like these, hell it was even full of grammatical errors. If you're aiming for a fight flash, just do it. Don't make me embarrassed for you when I watch these things. It's friggin painful.

Really Awesone

I love the ideas and the animation is great :D


awsome vid good job ,keep it up


This was a freaking awesome video man! The only time I was disappointed in it, was when the thing ended. Hope the next one comes out soon!


It's a really good flash, I loved how you did the animation the sounds were perfectly synced and everything was lovely. The only problem I found, was you zoom in on pixels. XD It's not always good to Zoom in on ones you haven't fixed, you can still see the grey outline on Mario :\. Other than that, Great flash ^O^.


this shit is pretty badass, its cool snake is in there


Hey I don't care what others think about your creations but TIS is a sweet line up that your creating. Keep up the great work!!!


This is really good but is Sonic in the next Smash game?


AZZ,You Guyz Are Really Talented I Could Seriously See Thiz Making It Big Somehow The Only Time I Waz Dissipointed With The Flash Waz When It Ended But Fo Real Im Showing Thiz Fresh Azz Video To All My Juggalo Homiez Out There And Thiz Bitch Going Up Into My Favz,So Keep Up The Good Work And Get The Next Part Made Homiez Well MMFWCL.


that was better than the other ones with more action in it. If the next one is just as good, it should end on a good note.



Really Superb!

This was on of the nicest flash i've ever seen. Really nicely done, the sprites were good, the flash was good. Everything was good. I'll give you a 10. Good Job Keep it coming.


There is like so much stuff going on at one time lol.

i hate u jiambrawlord

i love jigglypuff

Great Stuff!

Awsome Brawls and Sprites, but please for the love of god! TAKE OUT JIGGLYPUFF!!!! 1. Jigglypuff is crap at fighting and 2. Nobody like it!!! If you don't i will shoot myself in the skull!!!

It's ok but...

It's OK, but you copied snake part and sonic from trailers of Brawl! xD


OMFG THIS IS AWESOME!! you made the fighting really good and yoshi can shoot fire balls cuz of u awesome!

-anyways his name isnt crazy hand, i think its crazy glove idk.


Just when it was starting to get good it ended!

Also those bits and start were they were like "WE MUST DEFEND OUR PLANET" or whatever they said, were pretty gay.


best episode yet i cant w8 4 ike 2 come he is the coolest of the newcomers in smash bros


That really was really good man. Keep it up


I loved watching it but you should of extended it allittle.


i loved watching the damage going down or up. And it was way cool to see bowser Samus and link really blowing those 2 down.

That was awesome

Also the damage % or the hp icons and stuff at the bottom of the screen, i liked it ^^. You picked the good music and the fights were awesome, specially when everyone joined in, and crazy hand joined too. just awesome!!

Not how I'd tell a Smash Bros. story

Your work is good in some areas and really bad in others. Your story in the series is actually quite terrible. Sure, I'm a Nintendo fan too, but honestly, the story doesn't have much to watch on for.
I don't like the idea of the characters just knowing each other and act like they've been good mates for years. As you very well know that some of them have barely had any contact with each other. I think it should stay that way. However, it's far too late in the series to do anything about it.
Graphic effect wise, you're doing alright. Some of the effects are really good but not enough to bring your Flash up to scratch. Some of the sprite use is rather terrible, Master Hand's constant movement for one. Those who have played the game know that he slowly moves with the exception of attacking. The constant changing of sprites for characters isn't great either. Pick a sprite set and stick with it, only upgrading where applicable.
The sound is unbalanced, and I don't like having to have my hand near the volume control of my speaker. Some sounds are used too frequently and some don't fit in very well. Some of the music you include is perfect, others are far from perfect. There should be no breaks in the audio, unless they are scipted.
The damage meters you show when the characters battle the hands are stupid. If used correctly, maybe they'd be acceptable, but otherwise, they're distracting and inaccurate.
The dialogue is annoying because the story isn't made very well. On usual cercustances, I'd ask for voice acting, but I think it'd be of low quality and make the file size way too big.
Overall, I didn't enjoy it because of it's substancially low quality. If you fix all the things above in a seperate Smash Bros. series, I might watch it, but that was really bad and unexciting.


i loved it.
i Wanna see the next :D

Just to let ya know...

Hey I thought it was cool! I didn't see in the credits Chrono Trigger for the background. Just an FYI. Definitely going to go see the other parts though. ^^

MK vs. SF?

Your fight scenes use the same effects as MK vs SF.....and the same music.....don't know if you thanked the author or not in the credits. Don't really care.

It's decient

the graphics were way oldschool but that made it kinda cool to watch... the storyline sucked though

ey man

whats the name of the song
when samus is fightin da masta hand
badass movie D:
cant wait for next part


I second what Bloodhound said.

kick ass good

good job when is 5 comeing


kinda lame....needs more "zazz"...the storyline is what killed it for me...everything else however...i aplaud you on

Can't wait.......

ya, and any chance we will see chrono and the rest of the team from chrono trigger in the future episodes? Btw, whats that jap song called anyway?

I'm sorry but content wise, it hasn't changed.

You really need some improvement on this series. It's basically the same thing on evry part except for the new characters.


this series is awsome. its just been getting better and better. come out with a new one soon!!!

Snake pwnz

That was just fantastic. Great job, I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the other newcomers.


very good! hope to see olimar and pikimin, zero suit samus and ganondorf at some point. well done!


i loved this and i cant wait till 5 comes out


Any chance we'll see ganondorf in this?




That was f**kin sweet, can't wait till the fifth one comes out!

whoa!! ^_^

awesomeeeee!! hehe, I loved the mgs part, their voices were perfect... I don't know if it they were prerecorded or really great voice talents ^_~ and the fight scene was unbelievable!!


Dude that was awsome I cant wait till you make the new one and when does Ike come in he's my favorit character still i likedhow snake came in you rock man!!!!!


that was awesome dude!when ya gonna get another one?



Cool ^^

Not Bad Kinda Liked it :D

Serious spries: schweet!!!

They didn't fly (in terms of plot) perfectly, but I enjoyed how you can use sprites to make a serious plot. I would REALLY love to make my own flash like this!


PLZ make more now

Too short

It was pretty cool but way too short...if it was longer and included a bit more fighting it would be gold


That was indeed a really amazing Sprite movie, and I ask you where did u get the Shinkuu Hadouken sprites, you know the big beam that Samus used plz reply (I need them)

Good JOB!



Fox better not die or else ima rate 0 On all your submissions XD LINK, SONIC, Samus alll the best ones but Fox kicks the most ass XD


You put sonic in at the end, I must see sonic fight. Good job on this one. It was great. Make more. Make more now!!

This is great!

I'm looking forward to number 5. I'm also looking forward to seeing the other characters in this series, also please make the next ones a little longer.


i caouldnt stopwatching it hurry and amke 5 D:

my god


sweet man

but if u need ideas message me i got lots

F***ing Epic

Awesome, Can't wait for the Next one....

Cool movie. Exactly like that game.

Awesome movie! It was like that game.


That animation was fairly amazing. The only drawbacks, however, were all the grammar and lack of punctuation mistakes. *shrug*

Again, though, that rocked!

Preaty awsome

No the best but it fosholy took skills to make better then i ever did. Great job im giving u a 10 for ur hard work.

Thank you.

Thank you for showing me that I will watch the next one when it comes out. No wonder it was only showing Sonic's silhouette in the beginning.

Well lets see...

I havent seen the previous parts, but by watching this movie I think I already understand what this is about..

Now, one thing I have to comment on first is the use of your dialog, You hardly used any dots or commas at all, which made it hard to know exactly where the break in the texts, where as you used a whole shitload of exclamation marks, it could have been enough with one, even though they are acting serious.

The story? Its a bit meh, I guess it could work but the lines you used were some of the most overused and cheesy ones I have ever seen, like Mario saying how he always keep having bad dreams. Also, I would understand Mewtwo talking cause he talks, but Pikachu and Jigglypuff? And to top it off Pikachu had to act all badass sounding as he is some god of lightning or something.

One thing I did like about this alot was the fights. They were quite top notch. I somewhat expected that Crazy Hand would get into the fight aswell. The scene with Snake appearing was a bit... well... I dunno. I guess it was just to simple.

Overall you did quite a good job on this, but the ending went rather weird, as you just showed Sonic being the next newcomer, and it then faded out into the credits. You could have made this into something much better, like having him appear into the fight out of nothing.

But the flash was quite good actually. Wasnt the best, but still, not bad at all.

<deleted> responds:

o you are the autor of Brain hanging upside down? wow good i got your critism here,
well about mario having dreams i have never seen another mario movie about mario having bad dreams, i wanted my characters to use another style of speech and thats why picachu and jigglypuff talk that way (sorry if you didnt like it but the where exited understand me U.U
hehe and about the scene where snake apeared
well i was matching it to the BG music until he starts to fight.
i understand you didnt like most of these stuff but thats the way i wanted things to go but well its good having you opision here makes me happy
c ya man tnx for stoping here

truely awesoem

nice job and everything. i really liked the snake conversation with colonel and the whole mario world domination thing. that was really funny. nintendo should have done it your way instead of what they did on the smashbros website. great job....i'm still waiting to see ike though


coolest thing i have ever seen

that was sweet!

wow, you have got to have the best team for this kind of thing, it looked good, it moved fast even when anti-virus stuff poped up on the side, great sound, and you had great voice clips. please make another.


it's really nice and keep up with the good work! i like the samus fight,awesome effects and a nice fitting song...

but what the fuck glassbomb how cliché doesn't "Every single night! These awful nightmares haunt my mind!" sound?

when mario said "It's been two weeks since master hand was hunting us" i suppose he did want to be with himself, otherwise, he would probably wake the others up.

''Did.... Did Ness just get raped with an electro-bolt??!?!'' were probably the most stupid comment of them all, if you had some knowledge..that's a good way to bring Ness back into the fight in SSBM for an example.

"We're the only ones who will defeat kirby"
I'm sorry, I've just heard that way too fucking many times, and it's not even that, it's just like, it was never good to begin with''

that's just how it is. Dedede and Meta knight is kirbys rivals,nothing wrong with that.

i may not be able to explain why Bowser called samus ''sweetie'',may be because he's been trying to capture peach in like 20 years and samus and peach are pretty similar.

this is a good movie, the author have catched the many elements from games,characters, story. Thanks for a good movie c u.


pretty sweet

ive liked all these except theyre kinda short and dont have much of a story, but the fighting is amazing


You're quite good at the battle scenes but the story downright sucked. Put some effort in the conversations and let them make some sense.

This is qutie intersting!

I like how you put it in to a story, but kept the super smash bros. style of battling!!!

Good stuff

Fairly epic for sprites. I love that you used snake. I'd like to see some mk characters in there later that would be spiffy.


GAH!!! NO PIT!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!


brawl gonna come out of feb.10


Nice! The Sprite was well made! I really can't wait 'till SSBB COMES OUT!


i agree with him,Snake kiks ass there are some other characters i like,sonic,mario,samus,link some more as well hope u make the 5th one before braw.(Super Smash Bros.Brawl)l comes out....PLEASE MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL this kicked ass!!!

Newcomer: Solid Snake!

great animation. Wish it was longer :( btw, Snake kicks ass!

Nice flash

Nice sprite usage and stuff btu some of the sounds just don't seem to fit and take away from the flash. I dunno, maybe its' because everything here sounds like they ripped the effects off DBZ during a fightscene, save for the madness movies.


duuuuude yes finaly my favorite video game character joins the brawl


I like it alot, as well as the other ones, although, I hate how short it is, but I can deal with it for now, I suggest when your done, you should put all of them together as one movie.

Twist and Plot thickening.

Very well done. First Snake now, Sonic? Whos next MetaKnight? Wow, the action alone has me on the edge of my seat. Can Not wait for the others.


THIS WAS OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a huge improvement ova the otha ones


arrgghhhh i cant wait for the game to come out!
good video though...


Metaknight! Yay!

So far so good.

I really like where this story is going with the whole smash bros brawl coming out next month. 1 and 2 were pretty good and 3 was okay and 4 is nice too. I have high expectations on 5.


This is incredible! I can't wait for the next one! You are awesome at this keep it up!


master hand and crazy hand nice
(insert most fav Video Game Charater here ohter than Mario and Sonic)

love them all

I have to say i love them all, period. You are doing a great job. Keep it up.


the writer was crap,i really laughed my ass off at this.
The animation was nice though.


crazy hand crazy hand xD

muy bueno

Casi no me gustan las animaciones de sprites, pero la tuya si, primero que nada por que salió samus... y samus es genial, y en segundo lugar, por que las batallas fueron muy buenas y estuvieron muy bien hechas, me alegra que hayas llegado al front page.
y cuál era la cancion en español?


Please Master hand win!!!
Master Hand Master Hand

the best pixel animation from the starting year

wow i finihs of see all the movies of smash and i cant belive it i think that mario brother z was the best but i was wrong men u ROCK keep doing this series and anther things first im almost sure that u are mexican cuz u use the song from shaman king and u are a really fan of mangas and THT IS FOCKING AWESOMONGUS cuz thers few mexican programers soo viva mexico anyway greetings from all your work and another thing its just me or u get the sprite from grwon up link from megaman zero or mybe i am wrong?? anyway great work keep going

like it

like i pretty good

Cool, BUT!!!!

Good job, cuz' of that flash, i cheked all of the others in the serie!And they're all good! Can't wait to see sonic in the fray! BUT! My eyes catched something that I'd preferably did'nt want to see. U see, i'm a huge fan of egoraptor, but I saw a mistake in the popular serie's name, its not "awesome contemplation", but "awesome COMPILATION" >.> sry dude I just can't help it, lol. Otherwise, good work and keep it up, I just LOVE ur flash anim!

Sprit battles what can you say

Not saying i don't like it i think with a lil more work this could be up there with Super Mario Bros. Z. But sprit battle are starting to get more and more alike sooner or later you wont be able to tell one flash from the other. None the less i still enjoyed the flash and i like the stort even though it feels alot like the cell saga and i just can't figure out why.

A must see

Wow. Out of the 4 episodes out yet, this one is by far the best! Keep 'em going!

extremely good

grammar is better than the early ones, as is the animation, the only problem is that it runs slowly on my PC and that isn't your fault


amazing dude uve really progressed from when u started its awesome cnt wiat for next one


awesome. nothing else to say.

high potential

This could be another favorite series for me. If I like episode 5 and its better that this one, I will add you to my top favorites!!

This is sweet!

Seriously! I think you should include the other characters a little more so we get to see what they are up to. I liked how they all teamed up to take on the Master Hands. The anime like intro was also very nice. I hope episode 5 is even better and keep going, this could be as good as Super Mario Bros Z!

That's a kit better.

Really better than the 3 ones before. Keep the good work!


wen are you making number 5

That Rocks

Thats really good and a lot of effort put in it. Can't wait for the 5th one!!


You really put effeort on this huh. real nice man.


I am looking forwars to the 5th one. Good job.


Link is tight but snake is better good video I like it

Very Good Movie!

I liked it allot. Oh and SSBB does have a plot (got to the adventure section of "The smash brothers dojo" page. I hope to see more from you.

awsome to the top!!!!!

the fight's are the best!!!!! MAKE MORE!!!!!

Right on the Money, Sonny.

This movie had an interesting style of battle: enormous amount of players per battle, and how "%" reads actual damage from falls, hits, launches, etc.

I like how you used a sprite from almost every genre of video gaming, and to spice it up more, most of them fight at the same time instead of just the boring 1 on 1 battles.

One thing I would like to see improve is the transition from frame to frame, because if you can just make that extra frame count, this could become a groundbreaker! (take out actionscripting)

This my friend, IS "Right on the Money!"

:O amazing

that was incredible!
i do like your smash bros ST series so far,
and this latest installment is by far the best and most incredible

i suggest changing the yoshi sprites to the yoshi's island DS sprites

but it's your choice !

P.S what does the ST stand for?


awesome movie. I think its pretty slick how Solid just jumped in and bashed..

music was sick. i like the song you had when it was samus vs master hand.

i mean looks like she really can tackle Master hand by herself. Now you gotta get it so that Link gets his revenge for that one hit pwn in your first movie!!!!

Overall a good movie man keep rockin with vids like this.

Very interesting idea...

I can tell you have watched Earthworm's "Super Mario Bros. Z." Just be carful to leave a gap between your series and his. The fact that you even have another series called Mario Ball Z scares me a bit.

Very good animation, but don't change the series too much, I really like the original ones with not as good animation (no offence). I remember about 3 years ago when there was hundreads of sprite movies that have that originalty taste to it submitted. But I guess most people like the movies with better animation now, which is why this is the submission that got front page.

You proubably don't want to hear this again, but you can't just have a sega character that everybody loves have random entrance on a top of a mountain where there is no fighting or story related actions whatsoever, and then have him do nothing. But it's cool to know that he is going to be in the movie, and it was a somewhat cool way to end.

Wow this is a very long review. Your proubably not going to read this... nobody is. Keep them coming ok? They are great! =D


I love this series and i spell bad to well i kinda do well anyway this video is awesome 10/10 for you

Badass but...

You have some spelling and grammar errors in there, like the
"It has passed two weeks since master hand was hunting us" and
you messed up on lets and type lest when they were going to samus's aid.
Try "Two weeks have passed since master hand began hunting us."


it was really really cool but it was almost identical to the super mario bros z, the sound effects and even the hitting animations were.
nonetheless, mad! haha cant wait for the next

Come out with another

Dude Sonic didnt do any thing and trust me you might want to make him kick some serious butt to make up for lost time.

Hey, I'd agree

Ya sonic didnt do anythin, but oh well as long as its a good video i liked it! Hopefully the next one comes out soon! Ok good luck dawg!

I agree with Faylin.

It was really awesome, but I was disapointed to see Sonic not doing anything. Oh well, I hope he kicks major ass in the next one.

Nice.. but

Im disappointed cause sonic didnt do anything! and for that you get a 9 not a 10 :P
By the way, really liked snakes intro

Pretty Awesome

This reminds me of when I played, so thanks man kinda funny to see it "actually" happen. Only thing I hated was the damn Cliff Hanger lol I hate those

Very Nice!!!!

I really like this series because I've been making my own plot with the games as well. I tend to think Master Hand is more of an entire entity that enslaves the "greatest heroes of all time" (Master Hand and Crazy Hand are only a fraction of Master's identity!) so seeing this flash makes it feel like my dreams have come true!! Thanks man, I wish you the best of luck in the series!!

ace series

where did u get the voices for snake and the cornel?


yes i liked it alot i mean i never even though of writing about smash bros but what u did is really cool but i would put them all getting seprated in the next 1 and see them use the special and bring the final 3 together and see the final battle =P but thats just a suggestion

not bad

yah the anime influence was pretty heavy in that one. but's i guess that's alright i'm an anime fan too. there were still a good few grammar/spelling errors in there, i'd look over it again. like when bowser says, lest get going hurry hurry or something like that. but the animation was good for the most part. there were a couple instances were it looked kinda cheap, like samus first arrives. but i enjoyed the battle scenes, nice work! i'm glad ur modest about ur work and not a total egomaniac, and of course, practice makes perfect, keep animating!

almost perfect!

other then the fack that pikachu anf jigglypuff talked i thought it was great solid snake scene was hilarious ! good job!

I think this is pretty good.

I think, for the most part, it was a well-made Flash. It could still use some work, of course, but it's unfortunate that a majority of the people will compare you to Alvin :(

First of all, I love the title screen.
There were quite a few good custom sprites that I noticed in there, but you should place them better, and make sure that you don't keep them in one place (like when Mario was in the air punching Master hand, or when Bowser and Mario are running after him). It'd be cooler if it was more fluid and believable.
For future animations, try going a little easier on the slow-mo with blurs (Master Hand VS Samus); that became kind of repetitive and annoying.
As for the storyline...try to make it more interesting, because I was a bored during some parts ._.

Super smash bros ftw

This was freaking sweet flash. I can not wait wait for the next SSB game and this made me even more excited. Some of the sceens were alittle slow but besided that good work

My Ratings

Storyline 10/10
Fighting 10/10
Characters 10/10
Being jealous that you can create such a great flash & I can't 11/10

What can I say? I think that this is brillant! Keep up the good work!

Ok i guess

Some of the scenes were kind of gay =P but the rest was Ok...

very good

that was very good cant wait for the next 1


Good film, music was good, I love the Shaman King opening XD What language was it in? (certainly didn't sound same as the normal japnese one xD)


dude that movie fucking rocks ass!!



You definitly should make more of this serie!
This is the best of yur wurk ;p
Oh its not wierd its weird... ;D


friggin awsom man 10/10

IT was awesome

keep making them there pretty tight

Loved it

i loved the series and how many parts are there going to be? Hope they assemble the Characters for the finale!!


I saw the rest of this series and i like it. It's really entertaining and this was the best by far. Superjocke, you do realize that there are three other episodes to this that were made long before brawl released any info? Brawl is the only one with a story to it so since this started in ones without, it's fine that the latter gace is incorporated. So shove it. This was already being made beforehand so there's no reason you should be getting pissy because there's brawl people in this.

Captin Olimar and his Pikmin

Make sure to put him in the next episode he was just announced. Great job with the series though. Keep it up.


This wasn't that great. It was a dumb dbz like story based on SSB. Dumb. Sprite does not equal win.


it was nice cool music

but i found 1 error really wasnt lookin but

when metakirby pops up with the peguin

you have and we will kill anyone who gets on our way

shouldnt that be gets in

Loved it!

I like how the songs just flow with whatever is happening, and the whole codec scene was jokes. OMFG ITS MARIO lol


The animations are nice but every fight, and the entire intro, takes way too long. The uber-fireballs are predictable. Try to keep the fights interesting (I know that's hard to do) and the dialog shorter.

figgin awesome.

This totally rocked. The animation was good. The fights were good. Text felt a little out of place with the dramatic music. Some voice acting would make it better.

where did u get the spritez?

this wuz a gud movee read abovemessage./\ so yeah whered u get em? i need to knowe =\

sonic rules



you have some talent for sprite animation, but other than that nothing extraordinary.

and your grammar is god awful. have someone else edit your work before you consider it complete next time.


lol, went back in the series to watch em all before this, ya showed the other characters :D but wheres pichu and Mr. Game n watch D:? needs more Dr mario also >D other than that, sweet story, great camera n scene usage, keep it flowin >3. just a month away from brawl. :D! and huzzah for Captain Olimer for joinin' the fray ^^!


How did you get snakes voice to say that shit?


this was action packed and good with the length cause i dont like like 15 minute long flashs but keep up the good work this gets a 10 in my book

I remember that

I remember that background sound anywhere thats from legend of Zelda Ocarina of time FTW!! lol pretty good flash keep it up.

Pretty Good Man

Lol you seem to kill yoshi in a few of your flashes but at least he was brought back to life not saying he was killed in this one. I really enjoy the super smash bros movies people make, well the good ones anyways. I think your pretty good with your animation and over all its good. Keep it up.

nicely done

Nice flash!
Intro was a bit long, and I felt that the fighting was also seemed a bit weak in terms of effects I guess? Maybe it is just from watching loads of other fighting videos. I loved the animations otherwise very smooth. Maybe spend more time in the actual battle. GO SONIC!

one of the


Can't wait!

Man go job if you need some good sprites i can hook you up :P, i can't to get the game to omg way to long!



very well done

i hope you get many more front page places well done. improve with voices and you will be golden/

oh sh---

oh crap now you got me hooked! are you happy now?


It was really good, onlly you should have sound, instead of text. it was awesome other than that tho

Pretty good.

I liked it alot except for one small part. While everyone attacks Crazy Hand he does not do anything. He just floats there.

Good stuff

I would prefer if you could advance the text by pressing spacebar or somethin. I liked the zelda night music, chrono trigger background (we all love that game :D) and I think I heard some random Naruto in the fights. Add more fights btw, 'nd gl with the rest of the series.


king ddd helps kirby sometimes.For example...damnit i forgot the name of the game...kirbies freinds all go all waddledoo-ish and ddd is one of them.

very enjoyable

that wuz fast and fun to watch! keep up tha good work! also operation johnny can fuck himself! that wiz very kool!

A normal sprite flash

Not that good, but by newground's current standards, good enough to get on the front page. As many people have said before, watch your ego. As for constructive criticism, try to be more original. I've seen half the sprites already, and i'm fairly sure the other half weren't made by you. Also, work on your grammer and story. The story is easy to follow, but the dialouge doesn't really add anything to it, and the mass amount of spelling mistakes only take away from it (seriously, add a skip button or something). The animation isn't too good either. Right when crazy hand appears, 5 characters gang up on him and take turns beating the crap out of him while he just floats there. He does nothing, no defense, he doesn't even move. The background is just scrolling the whole time too. Lastly, make the flash longer, or organize it a little better. Right after tons of grammer i get one fight scene, then two newcomers appear and it's over. The middle of a fight scene isn't a good way to end a flash. Give one side some kind of edge, or at least finish it with sonic running towards the battle. Him smiling and then a blank screen just leaves me thinking "wtf." Overall it was a generally good flash, but it needs serious work if it's going to match alvin-earthworm or other better flash artists. Someday, with a lot more effort and a lot more thought, you could be a truly recognizable flash artist. But not anytime soon.


fact of the day : General tao fought in the great chicken wars of 1213

Noe Shut Up


Didn't really care for this. I got bored after about five seconds. As for constructive criticism, make this less boring and the wait between dialogue shorter. That, and work on your spelling. The sprite work looks... like every other sprite animation I've ever seen. Oh well. Maybe the next animation I look at will be more entertaining.

oh wow

i think that was suprisingly good, by far the best of your series. when samus jumped away from the master hand and dropped the little circle bomb thing it made me chuckle lol

Absolutely PATHETIC.

Watching this movie would be comparable to sitting in a dark room whilst being graced with the horror of Satan's ass grinding against you in the most pathetic of attempts at a lap dance. The lack of voice acting, grammar, or ENGROSSING PLOT are merely sub-par to your response to criticism and your over enthusiasm about your skills at flash. Unfortunately, you wouldn't take any constructive criticism with a grain of salt, considering your unbelievably large ego. You believe you are the EPITOME of skilled flash artists, when this would barely get a 2.0 even in the Newgrounds of old. It's a shame I don't know you or any of your (possibly nonexistant) friends in real life, for if I did, I would deliver the heaviest of groin kicks to your person and spend time in jail for assaulting an 11 year old brat with a smile on my face. Please, episode 4 is four too many. Just stop. For the sake of anyone who wishes to see QUALITY flash movies on the front page, just stop. I look forward to you telling me I have no social life and my "dik" is up my "ashoel"


I see your a little "touchy" when someone gives you bad critism so ill try to keep this as constructive as possible. Overall it was a decent sprite movie which i would say just above the average ones. Things you need to work on. For god sakes check your grammar and spelling before you send in a flash. It really dumbs down the overall presentation so id say either get a proof reader or get someone to write the script for you. As originality goes there wasn't much of it but that doesn't bother me at all i still liked it. However themes like this you got to choose your own style of music and dont use the same ones that have been in every other flash. For example the samus fight, the song used there i have heard too many times in either power star 3 or Mk vs SF2. Its not a bad song i actually like it but i think you will be more successful if you choose your own original selection. The animation was very well done, now its just the little things you need to work on. For movies like this you need more interaction in it like in the crazy masterhand fight. saw 3 characters chasing the hand and they all attacked it while the hand just sat there and took it, also the backround wasn't moving at all while they were running on the endless loop off pilars. I know that seems really picky but its just an example of a time you could have done more interaction thats all im saying. as for sound fx id say it was very good. Thats something that can be used over and over again in any flash and still keep its originality. One last thing, it was a little slower paced but not too bad. If you had everything move a bit quicker im sure this series will turn into a great hit. thats all for now looking forward to episdoe 5 keep up the good work



To e104joker's last comment: It was just a person's opinion. No need to overreact since someone did not like it. Calm down.

Overall, the movie was okay.


the ending was awesome cant wait episode 5 :)


Lookalike of SMBZ, Better make different movies, ps: the combat was way to slow and to many of the same.( didnt even watched the whole video) =)


awsome sprite video and sharpshots only one hand took major damage the other still has more than half of it's life left and besides it was a team effort of link and yoshi.






I'm waiting for the next one!


Absolutely fantastic... I love the inclusion of Solid Snake!


Iwanna see more sequels are need-NO DEMANDED abrupt yet awesome ending i don t noe how long u worked on this b ut m ake a sequel and HURYYYY


say man hurry make a pat 5 please it was just getting good

nice job

awesome stuff, can't wait for your next one =D

ausome job

this is so freaking ausome i luv it


I luv it

Funny, good action, makes sense

I'm not usually into sprite flashes but this one was really good! The humor was good, the action was great and I like the story.


I just found these clips. These shorts are a pretty cool idea. The storyline is good this is a pretty good idea for an actual game. If you choose you could pass your idea onto Nintendo. Keep up the good work.

Good series

I'm starting to really like this series, but a few things I wanted to know, how did you get the Colonels and Snakes voices down on the codec like that, it sounds exactly like MGS 1 (not to mention same pics) Oh yeah, Whatever happened to samus after that beating?

nice anim

one thing you for got to write in the credits the
Shaman king intro song. spanish version haah pretty nice anim over all i am not taht much of a fan of sprite just some hhaha

nice spelling

we wil get any one on our path! xD

You sir, are a douchebag

But not in the sense of a bad movie, I loved the movie but you cut it out at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT for me as sonic is my favorite video game character ever of my life.

Great movie, please make the 5th soon so I can see Sonic fight


Awesome. I can't wait to see Sonic fight the master hands.


yeah great flash but please next time put english music of anime not spasnish ^_^ b


Beautiful. You are a master of the arts of flash. I am a huge MGS fan and when i saw snake's sprite as the default pic, i freaked. This was brilliant. 10/10. Rock on, and keep on animating.


if i didnt see snake it woulda been a 0. snake is my homie :)
make more im suggjestin a collection ~ the first time.




I agree with HandsOnFire1 on this one. It resembles SMBZ, but it has it's own unique style, which I like. The action packed fighting and plot is awesome. Also, the Snake part was sweet. Really reminded me of the game itself. Great job and I hope this is added to the Mario Collection. Keep it up.

Nothing new

It was just like Super Mario Brothers Z to me. Not Epic.


Lol dude u should fit the prince of persia in one of the other ones he could be that king he was talking about before :P

It's very good, but,

You have to make Link a bigger character man.


That was pretty slick. Look forward to more.

And Coconuthazer, that wasn't an impersenation. That was an official clip from the Brawl.

Bowser actually does something!!

Thats pretty cool, what you did there... and bowser actually didn't suck this time! this flash reminded me of that other Flash movie super Mario bros Z. Hey i am not saying you copied, just that the berserk tag team action at the end was resemblant to that. Oh yeah, the brawl game is going to be freaking sweet!

glad it wasnt gay ass Raiden

holy crap ive never heard a better impression of Campbell or Snake.

Thanks for letting yoshi live



that was pretty cool. Who the fuck did snake that sounded exactly like him!!


Such an excellent movie! I can't wait until pt.5 comes out! I loved the Snake/Yoshi combo there with the rocket launcher. They all missed the CARDBOARD BOX OF AWESOMENESS!


That was really mediocre.


MAN THAT WAS SO KICK ASS. Snake looked great man where did you get the sprite man you have to tell me. And 1 more thing i got pissed when it end.

Awesome movie

I love how you added in all the sprites at the same time and had them all fighting, that was really tight. but yea, everyone just ignore that one guy like 4 or 5 reviews under me, sonic is going to be a super smash bros. character (smashbros.com) u dumbass. you are hating and stuff and u don't even have any background knowledge of what u r dissing him about?? pretty ignorant ass-holish attitude there. so yea, good movie :D.

Not perfect but still veyr nice

You use some great effects although I wouldn't fully agree with your music selection. There are a few shaky transitions and graphical holes but I love this story and the fight sequences are excellent.

And to everyone complaining about how the characters are acting or characters that should or shouldn't be in here, there is nothing wrong so much that I've noticed, and Wero is obviously working from the information released about hte game on the Super Smash Bros Brawl main site. I'm not gonna post it cuz I don't wanna get band so you can find it yourself. Sonic's in and I can't wait to see what role you let him play.

great job

great movie, deserves a spot up there with bowser's kingdom and SMBZ
btw scorcher38, whatd u expect snake to do, break master hand's finger

Pretty good

There was one thing that i didn't like tho, see Snake is a sneaker, not really a fighter. He has CQC and guns and all that, but he does sneaking missions. Maybe instead of him poping out of his box and fighting, maybe he could sneak up on the bad guy and plant some C4 or snap the person neck or something. Pretty good job!!! Congrats.


Please do yourself a favor and don't listen to Damionstjames's review. All the things he complains about are not true. Sonic IS going to be in SSBB.


sprites and fighting good


I am curious as to why Sonic would ever be included in a super smash brothers. I understand they like to throw special characters from other games into the series, but sonic? That's just crossing the line in my oppinion.

I as a flash viewer am getting Sick and tired of the "Sonic + Mario" ball sweaters that think that the idea of a team and or rivalry of said pair is the shit. At times, I feel that the pairing is almost done merely because it's become the institution that you can't have a Mario flash without including sonic in some fashion.

That being said, I had to deduct points for lack of originality, and voted low.

On the bonus side, I felt that your use of sound effects and sprites were well done, and the concept is not entirely unbelievable. Though, "Master Hand" does give me visions of a near blatant innuendo. Again for all honesty sakes, the idea of a higher power calling several champions together so it an destroy them and rule the world does remind me of several of my old D&D campaigns over the years - blissful nostalgia.

All in all, I gave it a 5.

hand of kirby

la mano sale en kirby y no salio el
pero debo admitir ke es buena animacion

Aw man

It was so awesome and ended right to the good part u deserved to be on front page


That was some badass shit, especially when the newcomers came in. Cant wait for part 5!


shit that was awesome!when is part 5 coming out?

Sorry but...

That shit was hardcore...How the newcomers came in like that and just...oooooooow I just wanta see part 5,you sir just made my day

It's nice, but...

It'd be better if you used proper grammar and punctuation, and checked your spelling.

10 hit combo in 1 sec XD

Animation is really amazing. It sometimes impresses me of the 10 hit combo in 1 sec XD But all is really nice, can't wait for the 6th part =D


i noticed you used a different sprite for mario. well, 3. including the ones in snakes hearing. Nice job too. "OMFG ITS MARIO" XD

You've improved ALOT

You've improved greatly, from the earlier SSB ST's, keep up the good work.


a lil slow in the beginning but the fight scenes were worth the wait.

Wow tbat was awesome!

Only one problem...I wish that it was longer :(

But still good nontheless

Great Flash!

I think that may have been one of the best sprite movies I've seen.


that was great, you ever see a chicken from Zelda sprite sheet, it's awesome, the chicken has a giant sword and breaths fire and crap! Great movie! You shoud use the chicken though.


That was one of the best flashes I have seen in a while! Keep up the good work!

Its Ok..

The flash was great, I think the animation was kind of rough though.

BTW: In the credits you spelled one of songs wrong, its ''Hellsing Pompeii'' NOT ''Helsing Pompeti''

Just telling you


awesome congratulations^^

One of the many many out there.

I totally agree with Willtheoct with this being another sprite kamehameha blast fast action extravaganza movie.

I'm not saying i do not appreciate sprite movies. It's just....there too many of em. There are just too many sprite movies out there. They get repetitive, they get boring, they get blammed for being unoriginal.
So that comes out on a 2/5 for the points "nothing too new or interesting".

Now into the depths of this movie series. Again the story isn't original, at any point. No major plot twists and no cliffhangers, i mean: sonic on a stone looking, turning around showing the text and thats it? No...just...no.

Make it more "punching" make it more "right in the face! you wouldnt expect that!" Make it more "I don't want this flash to end now, not now!"

Get where im going here?

Also the things in the animation, you can do now and the thing you could back at nr 1 is awesome, major improvement. Props for that.

Now what i did not like about this movie is the language, it just sucked. I'm sorry but i can be a little rude in reviews. Bowzer? It's Bowser. You really over used the ! too much. Like in the beginning: "dont worry he wont feel a anything!!!" or something like that. Now those !!! are just not neccesairy really it's not.
In the trophy section at Egoraptor's you typed paeple...im sorry? what? People? Double check it please.

I hope this helps and improves your movies in the future, really i really really hope you go further with it. Hell, maybe you even step off the sprites and use something you made yourself!

For now im giving this a 5/10

Good luck :D

PS: if you think: "pff this guy is rubbish he doesnt even have flash movies and stuff how can he judge" Well your wrong there bud, i just don't upload shit on newgrounds.

luv it, but there's one thing thats bugging me...


not great

a flash about smash brothers probably shouldnt try to make a coherent story line that explains why all of them are fighting...kinda dosnt work. plus you used backgrounds and effects from Chrono Trigger, adding to the insult that smash brothers STILL hasnt used any of those characters. FREEKIN CAPTAIN FALCON GETS TWO GAMES AND CRONO GETS NONE?! lol, anyways. oh and explosions from metal slug i think right? eh

Killer episode, but the ending!

Awwwww, why'd ya leave us hanging? Such a low-down tact to get us to watch the next one, but an effective one. So get to making that next episode, and make it the awesomest thing to the best of your abilities!

luved it

very nicely done on this fightng in the end was intense

Good, But...

Nice job for the most part. I enjoy your series although I think there are some faults. First of all, that japanese music near the beginning was awful and the samus fight scene music was just ok. But other than those 2, the rest was good. Second, the Sprites you used in this one were a big improvement, but theres still something about them that don't really mix, and I know how hard it is to find sprites that match so its not 100% your fault. Thats the bad now the good. I really like the concept and your style, you got the fighting sequences down and all that. I also give you props for making it about smash bros. No everyone can make a smash bros. flash as good as you did and not many people attempt it. Overall, decent job, I hope and see that you can improve, it just needs that extra touch and its perfect. 7/10 good job!


man, PLEASE put tails in there!
i gotta see tails in all this action...you have snake and sonic, two of my favs, lol.
now all i want to see is tails, and this series will be second to none.
keep it up, man!


wow thats really entertaining you did a great job on everthing i espically liked the soundtrack and use of charactrers keep up the good work man, Im looking foward to it

Nice Mix :D

Wo nice dude, Chrono Trigger BackGrounds (Chrono trigger FTW!!!), the SFX of Ocarina of Time, Shaman King intro in Spanish xD (I liked it in spanish english not good >.>), rolf ness getting his way by blwing his ass xD, and the unexpected scenes (Poor Samus ._.) xD, Mario sotry was cool, too, anywho, great mixing and cool story, keep up the good work :D

aw come on!

why'd you have to cut it off when my favorite brawl character shows up, the suspense is killin me. I hope the fifth one comes out soon. and when are you gonna throw in those smash tokens or whatever they're called, I wanna see some kick ass moves, especially to see what giga bowser will look like in sprite form. and word to the wise, when fighting bowser on brawl, make sure that he doesn't get that token. if he does, RUN AWAY FROM THE GIANT T-REX (he IS a T-Rex, i've watched the super mario bros. movie and he says it himself).

P.S. i think that those were the original voice actors, (I remember seeing a preview of brawl, and I'm pretty sure that they showed something on the trailer that was similar to what he has in his movie)

Wow, very impressive.

It was a nice flash, few things that can be fixed. Some movie clips/graphics weren't too smooth etc. This was a generally good flash, I liked the fight at the end but the Naruto theme didn't fit in with it.

PS - Good job to whoever voiced Snake and the other guy .

Good job

just one improvement for part 5 please-

For a fast paced flash, we don't want to see pauses after every cut.

not again.....

you know what i hate? every single time there is a sprited movie featuring a video game character that is in the style of "ZOMG FINAL SHOWDOWN BIG FIRE BLASTS AND INVINCIBLE ARROGANT BOSS AND SO MANY GIANT BALLS OF MAGIC MARIO AND SUPER MEGA HUGE FIREBALL AND SPECIAL FX AND STUPID MUSIC PLAYED AT ALL THE WRONG TIEMS JUST BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE A FINAL FIGHT LOLOLOLOL". this would be one of those. can't stand em. the music was ALWAYS playing for 2 seconds then fading out to some other track in a really stupid annoying way.

trust me, it gets really stupid after a while and only appeals to ten year-olds. when i was eleven, all my friends would gather around a computer watching Killing Spree just because it had alot of violence and showdowns. when i thought, WTF, they said it was the best movie they ever saw. little shorts about fights with Dragon-balls style blasts of blue stuff, and mario's eyes turning red as soon as Mario saw that luigi had died, followed by a giant blast, and sonic coming in and turning gold and blowing up stuff.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE, this was not as bad as the other flashes of this style. the first one was terribly too much like the others, but this one had less blue and red and green blasts coming out of people's hands.(maybe its just blood? but then why is it green, and blue, and why is there so much? and why does it go in a straight line, and why is it gushing, anyway?)

if you're a little ten year old that pees his pants from watching different styles of sprites kill each other with "kamehamehas", then this is for you.

i can't beleive it

Sonic is on his way and the others are fighting their best now that is a cool series.


u just made one well.... big mistake. The sky wasn't moving? so it just seems to me they were running on a hometrainer or something.

Loved it all

great job man, i loved the episodes before and this is the greatest yet! great job 5/5 and 10/10 you rock and i can't wait till the next one!


it was funny and the grammer problems made it funnier. i loved it when snake was introduced, that was funny. great movie. make more of this man.

Needs more focus

Excellent flash, but it was too random, really. At the start, zooming between all of the characters from different planets and such seemed really out of place and kind of annoying.

On top of that, there were numerous grammatical errors and some lines which just plain sounded weird. If English is your first language, you need to pay more attention to that.

Also, Hellsing is incredibly awesome. You should have let the song play longer.

yay :D

cool solid snake and smashbroders? sick combination


This one was the best so far, it's just amazing.
I am so looking forward to seeing Sonic kick some butt in Episode 5.
Keep up the good work!

~Da Mixup


I liked this alot. I also like that you used the chrono trigger forest :P.

Quite nice

I haven't seen the other parts yet, but this looks quite cool.
I'm gonna watch the other parts right now!


You really did a great job on this. The only grammer error I found was when it said,"Newcomer Soild Snake" but I'm still given you a 10 for the effort and entertainment. Myah! Ended it right at the Sonic introduction, it makes me so I have to watch the next one now, haha! Keep it up.


Dude that was a great flash man, it was well worth the time I spent watching it, I am sure it took a lot of effort to make that happen, so congratulations that was very nicely done, and "Live and Learn" at the end was the cherry on top of a great flash movie 10/10 Keep it up and give us some more.

Thats not true!!

There almost none spelling and gramar errors and theres alot of action on this flash you are just jealous
next time give a score that it realy deserves ok?
Jdisasoldier you are a noob!


There's no action really for a long time. Just poorly pixelated sprites standing still while text floats on-screen for WAY too long before fading out for more text. Worst of all, the script is poorly written, and the text has blatant spelling, grammatical, syntactical, and punctuation errors! This is low-grade stuff, chief.

the ending

well that one was one of best clif hangers ever. i mean EVERYTHING built upp to it then it ended. that will keep the people waiting for a long time

Que te ilumine la eterna luuuz...Shaman King!!

Que musica tan chafa XD This is a pretty nice little movie you got here. The sprites looked pretty good, though I think Samus coulda been done a bit better. And the fight between her and Master Hand was nicely done. I haven't seen the previous movies, but I think I'm gonna go see them now ^-^ Good job!

PS. I know you fixed it and all but ... LMAO!! XD "Soild Snake".

that was awesome!

you better make more of these's videos!PLZ!


totally great the music was awesome the fighting was great very nice
You should kill off all the characters that aren't in brawl just so everyone can watch Marth Mewtwo Falco Jigglypuff and all the rest die


Oh come on!! You disapoint me. Honestly, cutting out when the best Character come sinto the scene. Lol. Yankin ya', it was good. You got me all excited to see Sonic then it cut out and the first words to cross my mind were 'You F***er'.

good things do come

ya see it's flashes like this that will get you popular before you know it you will get your own smash bros archive

One thing wrong

There was a typo. soild snake. it should be solid snake.


when i saw this on the front page i decided to watch the first three first. After watching this one i can see that you've improved in making the story move faster and making the battles better. try to make the next one before brawl comes out. If ur good enough you might get your own section like Super Mario Bros Z did, although alvin-earthworm hasn't made anymore since frickin Summer

Ugh.. Why do these get good scores?

There is a difference between a good sprite movie and a sprite movie with alot of cliche'd special effects, people. Guess which one of those I think this one is. I dont like these types of movies, becasue the creator NEVER looks for even the same BIT TYPE of sprites to use across the board. It looks like crap, since he plopped the first image he could find for a google image search instead of actually looking to match the styles SLIGHTLY.

Five out of ten I gave it? ...I'd say this is probably a 2 out of five instead.

I'm Surprised, It Was Surprisingly Pretty Good

Really when I learned this movie was by the same guy who made Mario Bros Z(which I don't like, sorry) I feared the worst, but this was actually pretty good. It had a decent pace to it and the fights were pretty cool, just dissappointed it ended right when it was getting good though. Good job man, keep it up.


This is the funniest @&#% I have ever seen... lmfao.. being someone that has played smash ever since the first one came out on n64, this is a real treat. Haha keep it up!

this is a stupid complaint, but...

I just noticed the little description of the movie, and you put then instead of than.
Not trying to insult you for your grammar problems, but I'm just saying.
I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it will be very good.

"We need to help Samus lest hurry hurry!!!"

Dude no offense but if you're not good with English how do you expect to pull off great dialogue? And it's especially what you needed seeing that this whole flash was fabricated around people talking to build up a storyline toward the epic fight scenes.

Speaking of the fight scenes, they were great, so perhaps instead of trying hard for storylines, experiment by making a flash solely based on action (and you'll hvae more time to polish it up)- more like xiao xiao, and see how you go from there.


You've written soild snake and not solid snake but anyway awesome flash!
Your flash make me think of Alvin earthworm's!


you really know how do a good sprite....

you got my respect

sprites, good story no gay plot twist perfect 10/10 make 5 soon k? :)


this fucking excellent!!! and dude you rly gotta work on ur grammatical skills. and WHY WOULD U STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT!!!! AAAAHAHHYUIDFBEDUOIKLEHJ:IFVUOEGV*(OW EGF)&*EWOFTG(*W&EOFVU23&^#^&%8765%^75 *&^##!@42314235

good job on the video!

Damn all cliffhangers

I guess its fitting that sonic is the cliffhanger. U better give him a hell of a run, cuz he's the best of em all.

good, but....

I really think this series has potential and a good story line. Just one thing i remember that wasnt right. Meta Knight doesnt really WANT to kill kirby, hes just loyal to king D. and does what he must.

Not bad

The neggining was a bit too long and i didnt like sitting through it... but you actualy put some effort into it... unlike most spriters

You got a few things wrong... but it was perfect

I think that the snake video(the one that had better graphics before you changed it) was really funny. lol, i knew left hand would come in... i hate it when that happens in melee. You had a few typos also. not to mention some characters moves were pretty off... but ill cut you slack from that because you are using flash.


i thought it was very good but u spelled solid wrong when snake appeared


Cant wait to see what Sonic can do in the next one. This was really good, the action was awesome. 10 & 5 and recommended for the Mario Collection ^_^


i love that game too


Sega still exist idiot, not as a console manufacturer as your dumb ass may recall, but as game producers. Secondly SOLID SNAKE IS A NINTENDO CHARACTER you fuckwit, he appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment system nearly 2 decades ago on the original Metal Gear game, so as the medium of his creation, Nintendo can credit whoever the fuck they want over him and thirdly, it may be the pot calling the kettle black, but your comment wasnt helpful to the artist in any way shape or form- asshole. Have a wonderful day. (Btw this vid rocked) =D

u used something form a game!!!!!!

u took the first part wherer marios on the cliff form mauges rpg wow thats sad

3 problems

1. J-pop blows, no matter what it blows

2. Sega had no hand WHATSOEVER in the creation of super smash bros brawl, if you are giving them credit for their character, you forgot to put konami there because they had the first revealed third party character(Solid Snake)

3. Spriters need to learn how to draw

have a wonderful day

why is that then is no...

how come than is no super smash bros collection
and can you make a collection at all


How many more are to come! Can't wait for the next installment. This is getting all my stars and 5/5. Please continue this series soon, I wanna know what happens next!!!!


That was epicly awesome.



Borrego XD

Dude you are a ten stars animation man mmmm.... y think that your videos are great your good at it but also you should tell me how to do it.......

XD X3 --------- ----------

Good Job just one thinkg I didn't like

It was the theme song you put in, it wasn't too good, I mean it didn't sound japanese more like spanish but what ever to each his own. great job other wise, the script needs a little work, not the plot but the character relationships.


This was awesome. A series that rivals Super Mario Bros. Z. I did nominate it for the Mario collection. I have to say this was completely awesome. You are really great at this.


This is the best one out of them all. Please keep it going!!

way cool

that was probably one of the coolest vids. lots of action and emotion.


You stopped at the best part! Anyway, your talent in sprite flashes seems to have improved greatly, congratulations!

good ''^-^''

I see Peach from Super princess Peach
what part she will come


dude this 4th episode is a total improvment from your last 3 i love cant wait to see what happens next =D



This was kick ass Awesome! You did a superb job with the team ups, graphics, sound efffects, animation, music, ETC!

I loved how Mario & Bowser teamed up, that was awesome!!

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next part! Good job buddy!


They're getting better and better. One thing though, somewhere in the flash Bowser's name was spelled "Bowzer", but that's the only real error I see.
Keep up the good work!

So damn good!

Dude you're a genious! That flash was FANTASTIC! =D

gotta love snake and sonic.

DUDE! How did you get the voice for roy and snake like that? That was so awesome. And the movie wasn't too bad either.


I enjoyed it. I think it belongs in the mario collection! Keep it up!

not to shabby

a pretty enjoyable flash if i do say so my self. keep up the good work. and Blacken Check out www.Smashbrosdojo.com this wedsite would answer a few of your question

Enjoyable ^^

it was a Enjoyable Super Smash Bros Cross over, and having the Master hand as a Bad guy was pretty cool =o

if he gets Defeated him, me ponders if the Space Emissionary will be the Enemy in Future Releases

the Trophys were a Nice touch ^^ Combining Smash Bros Trophy concept with Newgrounds Authors, I can't say I saw some Glitches yet, but I do I'll let you know

overall a enjoyable Flash
(Hopes Sonic Appears on the New one XD)

its good

I think its quite good and well made but there is one big problem. Which is speech. To many people who don't need to speak, speak. I mean mewtwo could of talked and got like a reaction from pikachu, like "pika!". But pikachu says "Ill show (him?) the true power of thunder!". Thats a very bad line for character that doesn't usually speak. And all so i think just diffrent sound effects as people spoke would help too. Such as on super mario bros Z you get like a Grrr from shadow or a swipe of a blade to show peoples emotions and feelings.
But thats what I think but i like the effects when they fight

greatm ovie

it wuz cool and really nice done,, but uhm i found a spelling mistake : Newcomer :: Soild Snake(((Solid SNake))).


i really like this is great, the story, the character interacting with each other and the fight scene`s are just awesome, great work =D

This deserves the Mario collection

WOW! This is just awesome. Keep it up. Can't wait for Mario Ball Z 3, too.


I gotta say it's gotten way better than the previous eps. But I'm gonna give you my true opinion, I've seen better. You did a great job improving it but it's not one of the best on Newground. Other's who reviewed say it's the best use of sprites since SMBZ and its not true. I admit its good but no the best. People forgot a lot of good seris. For example one of the best seris i think people for got was Rise of Mushroom Kingdom. It was best of all Mario flashes. Then there's Mario Reloded which was also a great hit. Now there's SMBZ which is today's big Mario hit in Newgrounds. Overall is it the best, no. But is a great flash and has a good story.


It's gotton alot better since the first one. Amazing! Keep up the good work and we might have a contender for SMBZ! Good Work! Cant wait to see the next one! 10/10 5/5

nice great

good job nice work

Not bad, not bad at all

Great movie. One of the best sprite animations I've seen besides Super Mario Z series.
The fight scenes were well animated and well done, and the sound effects matched perfectly.
Hell, you even got a good voice actor for Snake.

Really well done. Looking forward to your next submission.

Recomended for Video Game Parodies btw.

Best in Series

It's ok, nice menu, it's a great serie.

can't wait till 5

i loved everthing you did:3


Soild Snake, you bet your ass off that he'd soil himself when facing mario.

Decent sprite flash.


Definitely another alvin-earthworm type flash, nothing new, but good action nethertheless, 3.5/5


That was just...Amazing...aside from the fact you could use commas in the sentences,it's just epic..
10/10 5/5


Hey, keep this up, i mean with making smash Flash Movies, maybe they will make a Super Smash Bros. Collection, and that would be great, but still great job!

you know what....

that was amaizing, you couldnt of used the sprites any better than you did ! you've also improved alot since your first one keep up the fantastic work !!!! 5/5 10 *


Very well animated and the sounds fit perfectly. There are some minor spelling errors but they are not numerous.


i didnt get it
soild snake? it's in the credits too

BTW nice movie and just a idea for the next one:
less talk more action :D

The best sprites

Man that was just the best thing ever. One question is the other samus about to come out and get some revenge? NEED EP 5 NOW


Good movie!

but right at the start of the movie i found something.
mario says "i dont know why i'm keep having these wierd dreams.."
wierd must be weird

thats all, keep up the good work

Mario Collection it is...

You're just gonna leave me hanging like that! I like how its turning into Brawl with all of its new characters but the sounds are from the first smash

THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this one! Can't wait for the next!
PS:fix the solid snake part. You wrote Soild snake on the newcomer thing, and thats not right lol.

<deleted> responds:

its not?
then how is it correct?

Two words

Daily award: No seriousley it's that good!

Nice One!

Even I haven't seen the first three parts this really amused me.
The story was nice and the way you used the characters as well.
The music fit into the movie and I liked the menu you made for this flash.
There are some things I didn't liked that much but I think you can't change most of them...FIrst of all the characters were sprites...Of course they fit into this movie but you have to admit it's quite easy to work with them.The second thing is that the sprites looked different and not if they were of the same game or movie.Unless you are very good in drawing sprites you can't change something on this but this is just the thing that I didn't like.
The fights were,of course the best thing about this movie...Nothing to criticize for me here.
Last thing I want to say is that the story is good after all but you could also try to do something new and not just use the old ssbm/ssbb characters but also some new...It's just my point of view,even if they wouldn't fit in the title (ssb) that well.
Overall I gave you a 5/5 and a 8/10.I'm going to watch the first three parts now,hope they are as good as this.


==My Review on this==~~
I got to hand it to you. This is pretty kool. Keep up the good work. Im excited :D

~~==Any Improvements==~~
The animation was good. I would change the sprites being used for some characters.
Examples. Yoshi - (Use the sprite from Yoshi's Island DS at spriters resource that would be better for him)
Link. - (use the eidt by GoldStud at spriters resource)
Samus - (Use the ssbm version of her sprites at spriters resource)

Also one more thing. try to remove the grey spects around marios sprite. it sorta ruins the quality of it when you do close ups on him.

Good adventure series and Its coming out very nicely. :D Don't take too long with part 5! :D
= 8/10 4.00/5.00 = :D Ok i guess!
~(\Shadow Dinosaur/)~ {Cloushi}
((Ultimate Dinosaur of the Shadows)


It was avesome, great story, great animacions, great characters, well, congratulacion, it is exacly like in super smash bros but more cool.


good strong story line, nicely put together
,good job, enjoyed it and it made sence.

nice one

the story is alright and the action is good aswell. Not much to say about it that would be negative, although sometimes the text goes to slow or to fast.
Also, that hand says it is invincible, and now it's being beaten very easilly, I would change that back in your next episode as it actually is ruining the fun of it. I hope you continue your work as it really is a good flash. My congratz.
Good luck on your next episode!

Yes M8!

That was well cool! :D :D :D!!
I luv the super smash games so that was simply smashing (sry bad line :P)

Chandler-J out.


Stats, Info & More

4.55 / 5.00