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U.F.O.! Unidentified Falling Object, the game were you are crash-landing spaceship, and your perilous journey down to earth has all sorts of surprise's in it!, dodge all the flying objects you see and collect the coins to purchases upgrades, when you approach earth beware of the humans air defenses!!!


It's ok

It isn't bad but it certainly isn't great. There wasn't a lot going on and I got bored of it very quickly. It could be a good game if you dressed it up a little though. Like music and a changing background.


It was fun at the begining but, after awhile it got really repetative so...it got boring. Maybe add a gun mechanism so that we get to shoot them also. Also to stop the redundancy of just falling maybe add like an alien pop up or health. There may have been some but I got bored by the time I reached level 2


it wasnt bad but it wasnt good... rather illogical if i do says o myself - astroids and air baloons dont shimmy, random scores of rockets dont start shooting from the ground, planes dont fly in space, and i doubt ailiens would want to upgrade their ship as theyre falling to their deaths... you recieve a 5 for effort

Just OK

It could be alright, but the hit detection is all messed up.

Thing only need to be close to you to "hit" you. It's actually a pretty big gap for the hit. That should get fixed.

Nice job making the big things move you and little things disappear, though. THat's a good idea.

Graphics are decent as well, but it's a game and the playability is pretty low due to that hit detection.


There needs to be an Altitude bar so you now how far it is till you reach Earth thet could aslo help with the points system.

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3.06 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2008
7:56 PM EST
Skill - Avoid