Eat. [fixed, lol]

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Hey, guys!! Come see the latest epic from I, MURDEROUS TURTLES MAN (i forgot my password but not my caps lock), and mr. benno, who worked on the arty side of things.

Oh, guys. Make sure to watch the ending carefully, its -real- good.


THIS SURE IS NOT A LOOP FLASH OR ANYTHING. It can't be! The recipes, ingredients, and the lcd screen thing at the start keep changing - AND the number counts up!!

How could they possibly make it change each time? :s Can't be a loop.


omigosh are u crazy?

mant this is so funny and boring but still like the other guy i literally FELT IWAS GOING TO KILL MYSELF still good anyways


/wrists I cant believe I sat that long watching this. Funny though. 10/10


This was... really random and repetitive, but the first one or two were funny.

murderousturtlesibap responds:

At one point I must admit that I was given the honour of being told how to make 'HERMITS', (large picture of cave above it). And that wasn't even something I snuck in the data sets!!

I could've died happy that very moment. ~~ And then the pictures stopped loading, my free web hosting went down and five minutes later I uploaded the wrong swf to the ng entry.

...Thanks for commenting. ^^

it is funny

a 10 from me, and a vote 5, an epic win this is, go on topic of this the art is great, the random generator makes it interesting I got up to episode #110 lmao, yeah it was sad but still worth it

murderousturtlesibap responds:

um, wow. i don't think we actually got that far when we were testing it, either of us

hugs and kisses,

<3 <3 <3


It starts of pretty funny but then becomes boring since they keep saying the same thing. It would be a lot better if it wasn't so repetitive

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murderousturtlesibap responds:

I agree. It is sometimes great when random number generators control your cooking, and sometimes it isn't.

It's...random. :s


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Jan 5, 2008
2:48 PM EST
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