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Tank Wars RTS 2

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NOTE: No more bugs. Please do not vote on what ppl said about the bugs in thr reviews.
this game is outdated. For the latest version go play tank wars 2 reloaded on newgrounds!

Tank Wars RTS 2.0 is the re-release of the First Fully Fledged Real Time Strategy Game on Newgrounds. Featuring many new improvements, including a NEW story campaign, 5 new music tracks,better graphics and faster FPS.

Take on the role of Commander and control the battlefield of tanks in this fully-fledged Real Time Strategy Game. Establish a base. Gather resources. Build up your defenses. Create and upgrade your tanks. Directly command your forces to destroy the enemy. You can even launch a nuke for devastating annihilation. It's that easy. And it's all under your control!

Features: (everything a typical RTS game should have)
NEW voice lieutennant who tells you events happening on the battlefield, like "base under attack", "nuclear missile launched" and "unit lost"

NEW: troops will reply when you select them or give them orders. Voices from Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun.

NEW: seven different music tracks to play other than the original Tanks of Fueled Destruction by Xegenocide.

NEW: 10 Mission story campaign. Watch the plot unfold as Europe is split into factions over scandal to steal US top -secret state of the art battle tanks.Includes mission selection screen where you can choose which mission to play to advance the campaign.

2 part Interactive Tutorial.

18 upgrades for your units!

7 Skirmish mode maps.(NEW Arctic themed map)

5 Different Skirmish AI strategies to choose from: Offense Commander, Defense Commander, Technology Commander, Superweapon Commander and Economy Commander.

6 different types of tank including the all-powerful prototype laser tank

6 structures and 4 types of upgradeable turrets (including mines)

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You can't even open the icon bar, and its exstremly glitchly
fix it
poor rating 0/10, you know what, fuck it, i'll just give you 2/10

It's awsome man u should make like 10 of them


not so good

the game may have been based on a good game but the graphics werent good and the you couldnt finish the tutorial you didnt even put a arrow to show where the flags were.


it's pretty good, and it is hard to make an RTS for Flash, but it sucked.it's a little confusing, and i couldn't even finish tutorial! srry try better next time!


i think u need to fix the icon bar and the water when u passed them they damage your unit!