777 - Part 7

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Part 7 - "Rebirth"

Welcome to the next instalment of 777! In this episode, she decides to have a break. A visit from a distant friend takes her mind off the situation - but duty calls once again...

Note: when the movie 'ends', try waiting for a while - you might be surprised...

EDIT: There's actually a fake end screen, for those of you who didn't notice (and promptly closed the movie! Hmph!). Just after 777 leaves HQ, the 'end' screen and a spinning symbol appears. Wait for eight seconds - then something will happen... For added effect, the buttons on that screen bring up 'errors' (Ha!)

I simultaneously express my apologies and frustration for those impatient viewers...


2016 and im still hoping for a part 8

Nice retake on the NG preloader, it looks futuristic, as does the rest of the interface. The cutscenes work well, easy to click past, and the speech moves at a good pace, just the right pace to read. Graphics are smooth and anime-ish, which is a bit of a twist to the regular Mario world. The plot builds up well as well, seems like a series worth following. Love the transition from the regular SMW to an underground an d a transformation to a completely different heroine. Nintendo, you watching this? :P

One thing that would improve this a lot is adding voices. Some good voice actors would make it ten times as good as it already is. Keep it going!


Definately recommend this whole series for the Mario collection.

Guys, he's remaking the series!

I am a good friend of MeltingFishStudios, and he told me he is remaking the 777 series. He will then make a part 8. Just be patient.

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Why is this not in a series/collection?

This is really good, a nice concept and all, very nice animation and story-line and a very cool take on "marioworld".

P.S When is episode 8 coming out? Too much rewatching the series and waiting...

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4.25 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2008
9:35 PM EST