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Suteki Da Ne

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This is my first anime-style movie using the song 'Suteki da ne' (from Final Fantasy X) by Rikki. I've been wanting to make this for a few months and I finally finished it yesterday. Any constructive criticism from those who have done movies like this will be greatly appreciated!

The characters in the movie are actually based on anime-ish sketches I made of the main characters of a book I'm writing. The large star that you see in the sky during one part of the movie is actually a part of the story itself, and is only visible in the realm of the Earth where these two people live.

Watch, vote, review, enjoy!

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I love this song and I love your vid!

I like your take on the lake scene! That's my favorite bit, the second being where they are walking together. Are they dreaming this, or is it from an actual scene?

How is that book coming along? Please don't tell me you've abandoned it!

Love the song!

I love Rikki! This is one of my favorite songs so good job there! The animation is pretty good, not really amazing or anything, but pretty good. I love how you had the lyrics at the bottom!

But yeah! Pretty good! I thought it was cute! :D Yay!! :P


Not really..

But I don't have a Ps2 anymore.. and I can't play my favourite game.. >.>
Wanna guess what that one was?

Anyways, bloody amazing. Brought a tear to my eye. Literally.
Gotta find this on somewhere I can download it.

Love it!

Very Cools!

I Loved The Animation, And The Story That Goes With The Characters Would Be Great To Know Too.

BTW: Kanji's Hard, Yo!


EternalRabbit responds:

yes, kanji's VERY hard lol!


This flash has a good mensage and i liked that. You just have to go on and do more flashs to train.

Advices: Do more interactive stuf and more frame-by-frame scenes, things like that will only enrich your movie.

Cya and keep it up.

EternalRabbit responds:

the frame-by-frame bit had me intimitaded, as this is my first animation where i`m drawing entirely on flash...