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This is an improvement on my previous attempt on Sudoku.
Hope, this time, it gets better reviews :)


Yeah, I have played Sudoku as well. A pity I'm pretty terrible at it. Even the easiest one took like an hour for me to beat and I still got some stuff wrong! I wished there was sound or music. There didn't seem to be anything that different about it. I guess it does make it easier for the game.

I'm just better off playing the real thing. I think it's still a pretty original concept for this website. I usually find Mahjong games more. The colors were nice at least. I can see why this didn't really catch on.


this is a pretty good attempt, so i wont rate you too harshly, but it was actually quite crappy, although better than your last one. my problem was mainly the colours and how they made it really hard to see, but it did generate solvable puzzles, and it wasnt too bad, so you get a 7.


this is a sudoku.....lol....

good try

i dont like puzzles very much but that was quite fun i can only giva you average really cos i dont lke puzzles i would of given you more isf it was something different wih the same skill if you get what i mean lol


A lot better than the last version. Much better graphics, entertaining gameplay. Addicting and challening. Perfect in every aspect. Keep up the great work!


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2.52 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2008
2:30 PM EST
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