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Strange Morning

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***Update*** just added play button to that one line of long text
***AuDiO oPtiMaZaTiOn!
So this is the sequel to Strange Afternoon. As you guessed it stick guy and tink... lost boy, person has run into each other once more. I plan on making one more in hopes that this cross battles type animation will catch on and others will make bigger and better ones and maybe one day it will have its own collection!
*For those of you who grew up with the early 90's game shows there's a special treat for you in the end credits!
*This is my second character animation.
*This is all frame by frame (I know a lot of people lately have been saying this) and its not too short, but bigger than the last one with another background so this took a lot of work.
*The sound effects and song in the end credits are NOT my own work!

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nice bro

luv it

it was ok

this wasnt bad, i made something like this once, i mean something with simular style u know what i mean? not the idea but the animation?.... anyway this was fun to watch, keep doin what ur doin


it was ok... i really liked ur sound effects and ur sitck man movements but ur dude u know the one! it seemed pretty (jagged) as in not smooth animation! nyways it was good, i gave it a 3/5 in hopes of saving it :)


there was just too much of nothing, no real animation, no real sound, no real story, and no real action. that whole dialouge scene,... maybe you should rethink that considering you dont have voices or sound during that, the fight animation in the second part is alright, the first part, way too much bad slow motion, i jus thought it was bad animating at first. but yeah.. i dont think this one is gonna last, and if it does, you have too many friends on this site.

Pinoyguy75 responds:

Yea thanks for the support, its always nice to have fans. Thanks for the criticism though (not sarcastic), but worse stuff has made it, believe me. Yeah, so lets see what stuff you come out with.


Liked the animation in this, and the graphics were alright in here. It was pretty cool, and it could get better with a storyline. This was still good, and just keep it up! :] Hope to see some more flashs like this throughout this year! :]

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3.26 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2008
9:05 PM EST