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Death Squad

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A short, pointless game i made in two hours. A bit of stress relief. Also i dont really want to recieve a heap of emails about this being racist or anything like that. It is just a muck around game. I am infact friends with many muslim people.
This game contains gore and violence that may offend some viewers. Additionaly this game is fictional and does not reflect my personal views on any paticular race or religion. It is made merely for entertainment.

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Really nice

So this was something nice first off i would like to say that the controls come off nice and respond to the actions requested easily the style of game is fun some nice graphics you have added and made it run smooth so i had fun reviewing this game and had fun playing your creation so please do make more like this as it was pretty fun all the way around


It could use work

If your making another one put sound and let us click to shoot.Besides that its fine

I agree

Galak-Fyarr is right. Having a statement saying "I am not racist...have fun killing this clearly Middle Eastern person" doesn't make sense.

Give us some options. Maybe what kind of weapon/target we have and let us click to fire instead of dragging mayhem around the screen.


strange all the reviews telling it was "racist" or anything tending to that were deleted (including mine...)
Since I'll have to post something "constructive" then :
- This game is "dangerous". if this game was fictional, why putting a target that is clearly from middle-east? if it's fictional, put an alien or any average guy without any "hints" where he comes from...
- This games shouldn't be here because :
1. you can't call this a game, we just merely move the mouse around...
2. I don't care about the blood and gore (I've seen worse on newgrounds), but this is just completely useless AND pointless, a game should have a goal, this one is just "move-around-your-mouse"

if you ever plan on making an updated version :
- add weapon choice
- let us click to shoot
- make a purpose in the game
- maybe make a background story
- make target choice

pretty awesome

good graphics, smooth gampelay

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2008
5:09 AM EST