1.7 Sextillion Pin-Ups

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CHEAT CODE - Press the DELETE key on your Keyboard.

HINT - Open as a Pop-Up if you cannot see the whole game (this is 700 pixels vertical).

I've decided that for the sake of all your sanity, and as a compliment to the NewGrounds community, I've kept my debug "cheats" in place.

So while I expect you guys to play through this, explore the outfits, try out the games, and see all the content (big exaggerated wink), just press the DELETE key on your keyboard to add a stream of "keys" to your unlock shop.

This was a three-month long project, off and on. It's the sequel to 20,109,600,000 Pin-Ups, where it doesn't follow the same layout, but definitely follows the same legacy of clean interface, no-nonsense art style, and breaks into new territory for how the Dress-Up doll is done.

This game features:

RGB and Brightness sliders for the colors of each wardrobe item.

Four mini-games that are played (among other things) to earn Keys.

An unlock system that uses Keys as currency to open up more of the wardrobe.

Little bits of animation here and there.

Boobs. You're welcome.

And of course, the same distinct orange hue carried over from its predecessor.

Comments appreciated. Criticism honored.


TBH i'm no fan of dress ups, this was worthwhile.

Insane lag on those minigames.
I finally just gave up and cheated.
Thanks for that :D

Mini Games

Would have been a lot of fun if I had not kept losing ENTIRELY because of the lag.

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vest816 responds:

Thanks for the input.

I haven't visited this game in a while, but the lag is something completely new (something I can't put my finger on at the moment).

I'd love to crack open the .FLA and attempt to fix it, buuuuuut...bad news guys. I made this on an old laptop that bit the dust a couple years back, and I don't have the latest version of this (all I have is on an old external hard drive that doesn't even have the minigames implemented into it).

Lesson learned: back up everything.

I'm checking this game out on the bevy of websites that stole this Flash without my permission (look at that, you pesky thieves are actually useful for something after all...). Seems the problem isn't specific to Newgrounds, so it may be caused by a more updated version of Flash Player causing audio 'stream' objects to hitch really badly.

Again, I really really want to fix this, even dug through my files looking for a version I can work with, but unfortunately, I just have to learn from this and keep
a mental note of it for future game projects.

I really do apologize for any inconvenience and frustration this may cause others; it's certainly frustrating to me.

Very good...

Except for one thing, the god damned mini games would lag then mess me up.

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Definately an improvement. Just I agree with JackGV8... Land Me cheats...

Just Painful.....

Its a great game ust everytime i play bounce if the ball hits my side i could have full health and lose that very second, and the land me game cheats.

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4.02 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2008
3:41 AM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up