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Squares and Blades

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*** Jan 13 update ***
The retreat bug has been fixed! If you had found a bug corrupting the previous game version, please try it again now and PM me whether it's OK now or no.

Please read the help to enjoy the game in its full depth. Comments are welcome all the time!

About the game:

There is an ancient evil sleeping in the Dark Mountains. The time has come to put an end to its sleep. Dark Lady has sent many packs of Orcs to seize the Mountains Heart, which is the key object to the awakening. Only you and your brave companions could yet stand against her devilish plan. But time is against you.

You will face hosts of enemies, and your combat tactics is the most important aspect to determine whether you destroy them, or die. The battles are fought on the chess-like strategic board. Only effective coordination between the battle units with respect to the changing state of their fencing guards gives you a chance to defeat continually stronger enemies - and, finally, the Dark Lady herself.

CHECK OUT THE SEQUEL: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/466254

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The rules are fun to play by... mostly? I'm not sure I understood all of them.

The controls become quite frustrating once you have several units, though - apparently you can lose your turn by clicking on a space that you can't legally move to. Also, a turn-based game really shouldn't have quick-reaction mechanics like "click within 1 second to run away after the enemy attacks".

I am sorry, but I could not understand this game. The "help" section didn't seem to tell me how to attack. It was all too vague. I guess it's kind of an interesting setup. I always like challenges. It's just that this challenge didn't do much for me. The best part is probably the music.

The enemy didn't seem to attack me either. I guess it wasn't too complicated. It doesn't seem like the kind of game I can get into. It is fairly popular, though. It's just not for me.

Annoying bug

Great game excepf for a bug i found where i went to attack a white wolf and I ended up moving onto its tile instead.

good game

it started good but as soon you got more men, it's no fun anymore

not bad

it could use some way to defend but otherwise... pretty good