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The animated series part for the Kollaps von der Roboter project (Collapsing Robots).
When working on your computer, hold on to your scalp!
The animated series part for the Kollaps von der Roboter project.
"The Worms Hazard" and "FINDING..." (as well as a few upcoming animations) are part of the project Kollaps von der Roboter...
The cartoon part tells the story of the Earth population being exterminated by various technological means...
The characters have been inspired by DEFA studio's movies starring Gojko Mitic =)
P.S. In fact, the predictions are supposed to be incoherent, mua-ha-ha-ha!
You can find the rest at kollapsvonrerroboter | dot | ru.



It cool and 3d-ish though wats up with that guys voice,I loved it!

I Love you...

Been following your work since square one...and as for the little nerd below, stop over analyzing shit, and let it be what it is...do you really think that Kollaps von der Roboter has a lot of meaning behind the whole collaberation... Or maybe it is a name....Maybe you should take the work as what it is...Extremely beautiful and super powerful, if your insight isn't, "skewed," from geeking over a little thing such as Kollaps von der Roboter....The best thing to do with such art is sit back grab a bag of popcorn and for ones like you....Keep your mouth shut.

Overall bro another amazing piece.

Good animation

... but "Kollaps von der Roboter" is so... wrong... Though know it's probably not you having invented that, dunno.

"Kollaps von der Roboter" would mean something like "Collapse by the robot", not Collapsing robots. Collapsing Robots would be "Kollabierende Roboter".

Dunno, maybe this helps. Or maybe you don't care ^,^


Love the Art and the animation... my sound card is screwed up so i couldnt hear anything but the rest was cool.

beautiful world

Although your work is admitedly a little too harsh for my taste; the world you have created, with its strong layers of meaning and masterful use of form, is one of those great and terrible things which one always remembers. You are amazing, huzzah to you and keep up the great work.

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Jan 2, 2008
6:57 AM EST
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