Super Saimon Deluxe

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--edit-- What an awesome thing to wake up to this morning. Thanks for the front page Tom!

Just like the classic game but with some cool new features! You can track your mental response-time as you play, and if you're a savant, perhaps even get to 50!

Most people have trouble remembering more than 7 items at a time, but after playing Super Saimon you will notice an increase in memory span, and possibly awaken the dormant parts of your brain!

You can use the mouse or the arrow keys to play. (Arrow keys are best if you want a good response time)


PS... A cool challenge is to try to get to 10 with a response time under 200ms. Also try playing without looking ... I call it "Blind Samurai Saimon Style"

Have a wonderful 2008!

--edit-- fixed a bug if you happen to get to 50 where the score wasn't saving!
--edit-- fixed it proper this time!

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I love it! Only one thing: The rhythm thing is a problem for me when the notes are hit. When I hear that rhythm it makes me keep in it when I'm pressing the buttons. Which slows my response time by a great amount. Maybe don't have the decay thing going on after the notes since it doesn't really add anything but confusion. It does sound pretty nonetheless.

I do like Simon Says as much as the next guy. I managed to last up to 8. I really should try playing this game in real life. I'm glad I got that far. It was easy to tell when I lost. The title looks more like Salmon.

That would probably be a more interesting game. The misspelling must be intentional. It never once got to purple. Well, it had a lot of orange, which is my favorite color. I certainly didn't think I would lose at that point.

Today (02/20/2012):

Personal record: 27 (fifth try).
Personal record with eyes closed: 12 (didn't try too much this way though).
Personal record of response time at 10 hits: 102.

One of the sequences I had to follow was Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow.

I play remembering the notes as groups of 4, and after hearing the whole sequence, I replay it following a fast but consistent rhythm for each group of notes. If I need to think the next pattern, I stop some milliseconds and continue.
It's not very good to try to do it very fast, after some time you may be not sure of the keys you have to press, or you can mess up yourself and end up mashing the arrow keys.

It would be nice if you added alternative controls (WASD keys), because the "up" arrow from my keyboard is broken, so I have to click the green button if I ever have to use it.
Also, I don't know whether the problem is my computer, my Internet connection or whatever, but I can't upload my highscores. I can't even see the scoreboard, and I want to know if I'm good at this or not! :(
Another flaw I found is that, if you lose, and press the "Play" button too early (when it's still "invisible"), that button (and the "Play more games" one too) will freeze, forcing you to refresh the page.

Despite those little points, the game is flawless as far as I could see. It's simple but cleverly designed, the graphics are excellent, and the atmosphere you created is perfect for this kind of games. The background sound also helps very much to focus on the game.

Thanks for filling a new space in my Favorite Games' list.
And kudos to MrRubix. o_O

Not Bad

Very kewl game, just like Simon I get annoyed with it but good flash!


i know your memory's supposed to get better, but after playing it 17 times over, mines fried. good game though.

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Jan 1, 2008
7:55 PM EST
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