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Capture The Flag: Ep 2

rated 4.15 / 5 stars
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Jan 1, 2008 | 4:13 PM EST

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Author Comments

Update: Front page! Thank you so much to Tom and the Newgrounds crew!! And Thank you to the voters for giving me my first Daily Feature!!

*Note* Be sure to watch Episode 1 First! See it here: /portal/view/396360

File size is over 8 MB (Sorry!) And Length is 9 Minutes so make sure you have the time to commit! :)

The Talented Voice Cast includes: MysticShinHanku, Kagome, Edwyn, Kain-Ceverus, P3RFECT, and Sqwuib.

Listen to the Capture The Flag Theme song: /audio/listen/114524
It was composed by Kiwifish. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit it in! It will be in the next episode.

As always, everything is drawn in flash and made with the trusty paint tool.

I'm looking for a collaborator! I need help with the Capture The Flag Series!! I cannot produce episodes at a normal interval. This one alone took 4 months and that's because I had to juggle school.
I'm calling out for anyone who thinks they can help me with the series. If you think you can help me draw backgrounds, characters, animate, or help me set up a website, do not hesitate to send me a PM here on Newgrounds or email me at I have no doubt that given a chance, this series can blossom into a Newgrounds masterpiece.

I don't want this author's comment to be too long so for commentary on the flash itself, visit my user page:


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

i like this heaps

because its comical and has a plotline

(ten star)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

OMG!! This is so cool!

Cant wait for next part!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

Great style. Love the sketchy look. Did not like the voice acting or the flow. But It was great in length and i could not stop watching. Keep it up!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


can't wait till episode three.

still a amazing blooming new grounds series yet achieving ten.
love the theme song you made.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

A beautifully told tale

*review will contain spoilers*

This movie is truly beautiful. You've taken the classic tale of a boy going to camp and added so much depth and detail to it, and created an amazing world for the story to take place in. A lot of the things in it some people might not get so I'm going to add hints to help people realize the story

- Notice the picture hanging behind Evan in the manor and the only other place you can see on the map behind the couch. Aeonstars is putting emphasis on that place for a reason, probably going to be important in later episodes

-Look at the title of the book Simon is reading

-The number on the clock is a reference to someone in NG.

-Listen for the footsteps of the person in front of evan's door later on to find out who it is.

-Look at the memo in the right hand corner of the observatory, try to realize how it's warning will come into play later on

-Look at the camp map in the observatory and get acquainted with it. After that look at what's written under the path to the bonfire and think about how this fits with Simon's book.

-In the scene with troy, you can see a place in the distance. Think about it's positioning on the camp map

-Think about where Nigel and Troy emerge in Sidney's body and why

-The 3 birds in the story relate to how Evan is feeling at the moment or his current situation.

-Amy seems bad about not helping Evan, maybe the 3 were forcing her to lure him in, but then again Amy talked to Evan before the 3 guys were even aware he was there. Keep this in mind for the next episode

Hope that helps anyone confused by the story or who wanted to find more. That being said, this movie is really fantastic. The animation is fluid, the character design and backgrounds are beautifully drawn and detailed, the story is full of suspense and really draws the viewer in, and the characters are all interesting.
The sound is really appropriate and is expertly timed in the movie. All in all this is a great movie, and I'm looking forward to more in the CTF series.


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Aeonstars responds:

Jaggged, you have done an amazing job analyzing and deciphering every little hint and clue I've included in CTF2. Thank you so much for posting this review as it works as a great guide to people seeking a deeper look into the story. You're on the money for every single point you just made. I honestly didn't expect anyone to catch everything you did. I'm very glad you're enjoying the series thus far and I can't wait to see your reaction to number 3. I really appreciate your kind words and I'll be linking this review to anyone who asks me for any hints :).