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Capture The Flag: Ep 2

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Update: Front page! Thank you so much to Tom and the Newgrounds crew!! And Thank you to the voters for giving me my first Daily Feature!!

*Note* Be sure to watch Episode 1 First! See it here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/396360

File size is over 8 MB (Sorry!) And Length is 9 Minutes so make sure you have the time to commit! :)

The Talented Voice Cast includes: MysticShinHanku, Kagome, Edwyn, Kain-Ceverus, P3RFECT, and Sqwuib.

Listen to the Capture The Flag Theme song:
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/114524
It was composed by Kiwifish. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit it in! It will be in the next episode.

As always, everything is drawn in flash and made with the trusty paint tool.

I'm looking for a collaborator! I need help with the Capture The Flag Series!! I cannot produce episodes at a normal interval. This one alone took 4 months and that's because I had to juggle school.
I'm calling out for anyone who thinks they can help me with the series. If you think you can help me draw backgrounds, characters, animate, or help me set up a website, do not hesitate to send me a PM here on Newgrounds or email me at aeonstars@hotmail.com. I have no doubt that given a chance, this series can blossom into a Newgrounds masterpiece.

I don't want this author's comment to be too long so for commentary on the flash itself, visit my user page:

http://aeonstars.newgroun ds.com/news/post/64305

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Overall, its AWESOME!

This was great! Everything is good except you need to make your animation more fluid and include more movement in the hands and knees. Looking forward to the next one

One time, at summer camp....

Two words describe this flash: A-MAZING! What started out as a pure act of compulsive fandom for me ended up being a fasination with a new flash series!Capture The Flag episode 2 brings a whole new meaning to the saying "What happens in summer camp stays in summer camp". Even though this is only the second in, what one can assume is to be, a great line of flash movies, the story has already had a jaw-dropping plot twist! Kevin, the main characterof the story, being too intoverted for his camp councilors' liking, has been shipped off to a tree-house in a remote part of the nearby woods. Once inside, he meets many new faces and one particularly familiar one and stumples upon a secret which changes his life for ever. With unique artwork and tone-setting musical selections, Capture The Flag episode 2 also includes some awe-inspiring vocal acting, with some huge names from the Voice Acting Guild! This is one flash you just CAN'T pass up! CTF episode 2 gets 10 talking totem poles out of 10!

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my oppinion

I belive that you are correct in your asumption of the fact that if given the chance this game could very well become a very popular newgrounds film. However it does need a ta bit more work on the overall animation to be considerd a "master peice," keep up the good work and I will put my reconmindation for you to be turned into a series. However I think your chances will be betetr if you get a few more episodes made first before getting your hopes up. Good luck on realizing your overall goal.


Was great, really. It's an interesting story and has some funny little comedy in there. Hard find in flashes. Alot of movement is done, too, which is impressive since I know what a pain in the ass animation is, but the visial aspect isn't the best. A few little things like the hands changeing colors and the sketchy looking body movement, but, seriously, it isn't to the point for the imperfections to be conidered 'bad' at all, it's only what came to mind when I watched. I like it though, definitly keep watching, bound to only be better as you make em.

VERY well done

Really engaging, entertaining, just overall fun to watch. I can't wait to see the third, and I hope you can find a partner/partners so that you'll be able to lose a bit of the workload. No kidding, excellent work. Keep it up. Haha, "Flyflyfly!"

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4.15 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2008
4:13 PM EST