New Years Submission

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My submission for new year.
Started this yesterday, after being inspired by seeing a fireworks show, and just finished it.
It follows in the same footsteps as carp, only I put a lot more effort into this one.
Happy new year and enjoy the flash!

PS. People say that the animation is a bit after and not in sync. If you think it lags or doesn't follow the music then try lowering the quality.

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interesting idea, can't say I've seen this done before :)
oh and it reminded me of boom boom rocket (that xbox arcade game)

good stuff :D

DrSalvadork responds:

Thank you! I didn't expect another review on this old thing. :)
It has been done in sync games. Try some games by coolio-niato if you like sync games!
Thanx again.

awesome effects.

i always love the look of those burst effects when they look really bright like that, i can never get them right. if i were you id be advertisiing myself to do the effects for some animators flash. your bursts would be good for anything from sword on sword sparks to a big energy blast. you should try applying it to more liquid effects too, like water or blood. adam phillips is good at water effects and we all love him.

DrSalvadork responds:

Thanx for commenting! Anyone with Flash 8 can easily accomplish this effect. I even described how to do it in the review below your's.
The effects that Adam uses I think were done with Photoshop, and I have no idea how to use it.
The sword spark thing is a good idea but I won't start advertising myself. Also applying it to liquid effects sound intriguing but I'm not sure how. I'll probably experiment with that at some point.
Thank you for your review and for the suggestions!

Wow nice job!

The start was a bit off sync. That looked fun to make, how do you give it the shiny outline? I hope this effect can be done in flash mx, I seriously need numba 8 dammit! Well, i liked it!

DrSalvadork responds:

Wow the design of the reviews changed!
Well people say it's of sync so I'll just have to take your word for it, although I don't see it...
To get the effect I made a white mc of a firework going of. Then I added a tint of the color I wanted with 25%. Then I added a glow-filter of the same color with blur:5 and strength:190.
Dunno if it's doable in flash mx... Oh yeah, thanx for reviewing!

Im glad others enjoy musical fireworks too =)

It was a bit off sync tho, the sounds were early or the animation was late, offput the song about 10 frames forward and it'll be perfect.

DrSalvadork responds:

Wow a review by Coolio-Niato. I've enjoyed many of your games. I did place every beat in place separately though, so I guess I have crappy reflexes because to me at least most of it is in sync.
Thanx for reviewing!


That was a good way to bring in the new year. It liked that all the explosions where in line with the music and nice choice on music as well.

DrSalvadork responds:

Thanx. Very generous score!

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2008
3:04 PM EST
Music Video