Hippi - Other White Drug

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Collect the joints on the levels and return them to the van for cash. Once you have reached the target amount of cash. ( Normaly will take all of the joints and peace coins. You can leave the level via the exit sign.

Variation of Bandit Brothers with original characters.


Sweet Game

Nicely solid game, with a funky groove running through it.

The graphics were quite simple, character's & worlds, very simply drawn, but all with the hippie vibe, which was good. A little bit more effort into them would've been nice. Like the spliff when it was dropped was very hard to see. And confused me enitially.

The sounds were quite good, nice selection on funky 60's esque music, really added to the overall retro feel.

The controls were very easy, and nicely done, couldn't find any fault with it anyway, nice job.

Overall a very well made game, and a very idea too.

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A funky game, haha. I love the idea, looks very marioinspired, with twisted graphics and plot. Great concept, great movement, easy controls and good splattering sounds when the characters are trampled as well. It's long too, lots of points to collect, lots of stuff to do. Keep it up!


Nice idea

It is nice idea for a platformer, but there has many flaws, examples are... That sometimes i can beat some enemies by just kicking them despite the fact the i still not over their head (usually I'm the one that has to be hurt), It gets boring after a while that you have to go back and forth, You character doesn't really advances in a noticeable way...

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4/5 and 9/10

- Good stuff -
The music was very cool and suited the flash well due the high and low notes.
I liked the idea of canabis leaves for the trees, nice effect to the drugs.

- Bad stuff -
The charcaters looked very rough round the edges, maybe you could go over them with the brush and smooth up the corners. The game was harder than it should be to start with. Also a interactive tutorial would be nice and make it so much easier to understand.

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I'd say you've got the beginnings of a good game in the making there. What I'd urge you to really convcentrate on is your drawing - the graphics looked as if you had drawn it all out and then converted it to a 32-bit pixel image, which looks rough around the edges to say the least.

Second, and everybody does this - don't put exactly the right amount of tokens in for people to complete the level - throw in a few extras, so that they can either be kept guessing or come back for a higher score later.

On the first level, you've put one of the Hippi signs over a pit. I've not found a way to collect that so far. Is there a way, or did you put that in there to get on my nerves?

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3.49 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2007
6:28 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop