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Hippi - Other White Drug

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Collect the joints on the levels and return them to the van for cash. Once you have reached the target amount of cash. ( Normaly will take all of the joints and peace coins. You can leave the level via the exit sign.

Variation of Bandit Brothers with original characters.

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Nice theme, pot head myself but...

easy and on the second level it ran slow, my only other complaint is that it gets old going back to the van for every last joint, come on man please tell me in the sequel you have a better system.

I Really Like It...

I Like The Theme Of It, My Only Beef With It Is That It Was A Tad Easy, And The Bus Did'nt Look Authentic!!! Gr! I Did'nt Care For Bringing Every Single Joint Back To The Bus, But Meh.

Well I Really Liked It, Looked Forward To A Sequel :)

Krahs responds:

Hippi: The Other White Drug 2: Revenge of the Dopemonster is comming out July 8th 2011.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Quite an interesting platform game you have here. The graphics are definitely themed well. Definitely got a groovy feeling from playing this game. I liked the giant ganja trees and the VW van. Great job.

^^Needs Improving^^
The game was really easy in my opinion. Hitting enemies was incredibly easy...you could pretty much run into them while in a jump and still smash them. Game definitely needs a bit more challenge to it.

Krahs responds:

For the most part the game is easy, I know this. I wish I could have done alot more but we had a time restriction to complete this game. ( 1 week )

Not too bad

Graphics/Animation: 7
The problem with the graphics and animation was that I had it on the highest setting and I still was having a few problems with the choppiness of the drawings. It ran pretty smooth on most of the levels but i ran into a major problem on the first one. I got to the end and it told me I didn't have the money to proceed, and when I turned around my character involuntarily ran and fell down the cliff. I know this is a bug because I tried it more than once, so it didn't just happen on the one occasion. It wasn't bad though, maybe if the screen moved a little faster according to the character movements it could have been better also.

Audio: 5
The problem here was you had all the great makings for a side scroller, but no sound! You had the music, which was catchy and perfect for the game, but nothing, no sounds for any actions other than squashing the other hippies. When you collect the joints and peace signs there could have been some kind of jingling noise or something. The little sounds count the most when it comes to games, I understand they may be a little off, but it's better than nothing.

Originality: 8
I've seen side scrollers before, we all have, but this was very original in the "story" because it was a hippy type of side scroller. Drugs aren't anything new in games, but a hippy going after them is, and thats what I thought was funny and original about this game, nice job.

Gameplay: 6
I'm not such a fan of side scrollers, but the game didn't seem exciting, in fact it just got a little frustrating after a while. The way he jumped wasn't entirely on top of the enemies, so it was hard to control killing them because if you didn't jump high enough, you would easily lose life. Also, it was fairly repetitive and there were definitely more things you could add to make it a lot more interesting, but overall it wasn't bad. It had the humor it needed to make it a good game.

Overall: 6/10
The game wasn't bad, a 6/10 isn't terrible, it just means that the game needs work to improve on to make it more appealing. The sounds are one thing that could have made this a lot better, even if the file size has to be a little bigger thats fine, 1.3 megs for a game is nothing compared to the 9 and 10 meg games out there now. Make the gameplay and character control a little easier to deal with and fix the bug at the end of level 1 and you'll have an awesome game. Nice job though!

Good game

Looks a lot like your other game, and it has pretty much the same good and bad parts. I see that you again added the idea of having to pick up items and having to bring to back to a sort of van/hut to gain cash. That was okay, but I was hoping that you had added at least 2 places to deliver those items this time. Again you did not and again I thought it was annoying that you had to go back and forth trough the entire level several times. You couldĀ“ve also made us able to carry more than one joint.

I also saw that we needed maximum cash again to advance to the next level. I still think you should make it a little less, especially for the first level on easy mode. Would be okay if you always needed max cash on hard mode, but not on easy mode.

Now as for the bugs, there seemed to be a lot less in this one which was nice. None of them were really big deal. I only found one big problem though. At level 2 the game automaticly started to load armorbot.com or something (but the site did not appear). This made the game run very slowly. Could you try to prevent this in some way?

Of course there were also many positif things to say about this. First off, I see that you can draw quite well. Everything looked nice and smooth. I liked the music and I loved the splatting sound when you stepped on an enemy :p I also liked the theme of this game.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. Still needs some work, but it was a good game. Keep up the good work.

~Auz, Review Request Club

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2007
6:28 PM EST