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Author Comments

overrated garbage



I really liked it. I think it would make a good movie to let other people know what newgrounds is about. To make them feel intrested, to let them be a part of it. I also loved the style you used. Keep it up! And a Happy Newyear.

indigoApe responds:

Thank you, but the style isn't my own. Toadclock is the inspiration behind the style with his piece, "Symphony" . Go check it out. Vote 5. lol
thanks for the review


Very cool artwork (adwork? :D ) about NG - great music too. I think you only forgot to mention madness series - madness day was pretty awesome happening in 2007.

indigoApe responds:

I included madness at the end, in the part with the filmstrips. I tried hard to get it into the big part, but it seemed out of place so I put at the end with all the other great submissions. This isn't an ad for NG though, it's a "thank you" gift to NG. =]
thanks for the review.

Wonderfull summery of the best on NG!

Hy! First of all I'm must say thank you for using my music in this work. I'm not that kind of flash-reviewing guy but I think this was great. It had a feeling like the end of a great movie - every major character shows up for a final role. I had this feeling when I've watched the end credits of "Return of the King" and all characters were shown.

So overall I liked this a lot - the animations were smooth and continous and the feeling that it gave was one of an uplifting one. Great work, congratulations!

indigoApe responds:

Thanks alot for your music. This piece wouldn't be anything without it =]


it was great. i think someone needs to get mr fulp, cuz this looks like a ad for newgrounds lol. awesome man keep up the good work.

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indigoApe responds:

lol Mr. Fulp doesn't need this =P .
thanks for the review.

Nice, but somewhat unoriginal and pretty traced.

"Symphony" was a creation of mine submitted on my other account (which I don't use for reviewing).
I've been contemplating it for a while, and decided I'd leave a review with my thoughts.

As several people pointed out in their reviews, you basically just did the exact same thing as "Symphony", but with Newgrounds characters and without the meaningful message.
However, you did state in your description that you were inspired by "Symphony" and recognized that the concept was exactly the same in your responses to several reviews.
However, in the credits of the actual movie, you state that the concept is your own.

Anyway, allow me to address the content of the actual movie.

The first thing I noticed was the music. Nice selection.

The second thing I noticed was the transitioning. With pieces like this, proper transitions are vital. These seem somewhat hasty and rushed. But you tried, and you put effort into it, so points for that.

Something I then noticed that greatly disappointed me was your tracing. Ouch. Man, try to avoid tracing. Especially tracing another animator's artwork. It won't win you any points. And if people realized it, they'd tear you apart in their reviews. Save yourself the agony in the future. Avoid tracing.
Of course, at least you were man enough to admit it. There are so many animators, like James Farr for instance, who trace popular movie characters for their MAIN CHARACTERS and don't admit it until everyone drags it out of them by producing undeniable proof it was tracing.

I was also disappointed by the inclusion of some very unartistic and lousy characters infamous for destroying the great things about Newgrounds. When making an animation summing up the great parts of Newgrounds, you might want to only include the great characters of great animators.

Many of the characters seemed as if they were thrown in there simply to gain you a higher score.

It's also vastly overrated, but you acknowledge this. Not to mention, the score isn't entirely your fault. Now, if you had manipulated it by stating all these ridiculous facts to try to make people feel you had it harder than everyone else and therefore give you a higher score (Like the kid who made "Spider-Powers for Xmas"), then it would've been lousy.
But you didn't. You even admitted it was overrated and were pretty humble about it.

Also, as Luis pointed out, the text/font usage was poor.

You also didn't try enough motion with the characters. Nothing seemed to move. Most things just sat there. With "Symphony", I tried to keep everything alive and moving. The only time where it wasn't like that was with the Renegade/Rupee/Kidney Bean transition. And even then, I tried to keep globes rotating, shadows flickering, etc.
Next time you try something like this, try some more actual animation.

Now for some more positive notes.

As I said, I liked the music. Nice selection.

I also liked some of your transitions. While many were very simply (at times it just seemed like a morphing slide show), some were well executed.

I also enjoyed your effects. If you genuinely entirely made those explosion smoke effects and the sparks at the end, good job. They were quite lovely.

You did a nice job in your presentation.

It's also a nice idea to make an end of the year animation like that. Maybe other people might try some different spins on the idea with different concepts.

If you were indeed genuinely inspired by my work, that's awesome. Neat and somewhat flattering to see people enjoy something I made enough to try their own.

Anyway, keep animating. If you want to talk further just jump on over to my Clock NG page or this account's NG page.


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indigoApe responds:

Wow, I really hoped to be reviewed by ToadClock (well now, squeakytoad.) <3

In the credits, when I wrote "concept", I meant that the idea to have a presentation and compilation of all Newgrounds was my own. The presentation style, however, was completely inspired by your masterpiece.

What must be kept in mind here, is that I'm pretty much still a begginer at animation. This is my third submission and I honestly expected this to get a 2.90, no higher.

The transitions were aweful, in my view, and I just kept beating myself down for not having an epic piece like your own. Even now, I don't care what the world of Ng thinks, "Anemnesis" is still viewed as a terribly put together piece by me.

Tracing over the original animator's work was kind of a way to show different styles present on Newgrounds, from terrible drawing skills to amazing work. I guess I'll stay away from it, if ever I decide to make a 2008 version (god forbid.)

Actually, no characters were thrown in because I thought viewers would enjoy it, all the characters seen were from a list of my own favorites. The artwork on some may not be the best, but it's the good and the bad that make Newgrounds.

The fact that there's no motion or animation with the characters bothered me a lot. As a reviewer said earlier, this is an art slideshow not even animation. To have that come from someone so dryly, hurt. It was still true. I had tried to include as much animation as possible, but I quickly realised that the characters wouldn't look much like they used to after I'd mangle them during animation. It was a dissapointment.

Yes, I was completely inspired by "Symphony". Now that I've checked your other pieces, I realised you're the author of "Piratey" one of the animations that pushed me to animate and to join Newgrounds. I guess you're a huge inspiration to me, and I didn't even know it.

Thanks alot for the review, and we'll talksome more.
Have a happy new year. <3

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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2007
11:13 AM EST
  • Frontpaged January 2, 2008
  • Daily Feature January 1, 2008
  • Weekly 5th Place January 2, 2008