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Alien Anihalators Pt1

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Author Comments

This is the first half of the gam "Alien Anihalators". To those who have played my original, this is NOT a sequel! To those who haven't played my original, or have (doesn't matter which), there are tons of things in this game that was not in the original. I have taken almost all of your (5/6) suggestions an put them in my game.


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It's alright, but you could have done more, like add powerups during gameplay and stuff.

Anyway, I just played to hear where my buddies music was. starts on lvl 4.


Good game! Good music, smooth gameplay, good graphics... Has the stuff!
Needs storyline, hi-score stuff..

Oh yea, by the way, theres a bug that you need to fix. If you stay at the bottom of the screen, the bullets hit an "invisable" wall so the bullets dissapear right infront of you therefore, you not getting hit at all. Its weird that i always find bugs/glitches in games.

XZenX responds:

I honestly forgot to fix that glitch after beta testing. XD lol. i'm glad you liked the game, and there is a storyline to it but because I suck at cinematics there isn't much to tell you there is a storyline. Sorry.

Good try

Sorry, But this game is WAY TO OLD, You need to update, Game-maker or game editor or what ever its called, Shouldnt be producing games for the masses, Bad gameplay, No score counter? Machine gun cannons? Bouncing enemys? BORING

XZenX responds:

Well then, if you don't like it, why don't you try making something like this, but better?
I'll be looking forward to your attempt.
F.y.i. I don't use game maker, I use flash. I've never even heard of game maker.


This is one of those I really wanted to like. On one level, I do, because it's obvious you put some work into this and have created a WORKING game, something a lot of people can't claim. It's responsive and it works for what it is. Great job, there. The gameplay needs more, though, to hold player attention, such as a score (typical for these types of games) or a stronger storyline/enemy formation. Also, I'd strongly suggest spelling Annihilator correctly :). Either way, it's a great start and definitely a strong base for future game development. Look forward to seeing the evolution :).

XZenX responds:

Thanks for the commentary. There is a story line to this, and it will (hopefully) be revieled in the next instalement. I'm really bad at making cinemtics and stuff, but I promise you there is a story line behind it. I have actually left a hint as to what the story is in this installement of the series. The prototype ship is in both worlds, and that should give a small hint as to what the story line is.
Again, thanks for the commentary.

I liked it.

Nothing new but nether the less a nice game.