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Just a short animation I did in my spare time over the Christmas holidays. Special thanks to Atticus Reiper for help coding the replay button! What? I suck at ActionScript.

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Glandrid responds:

I do what I can.

Did not understand

I did not understand the whole story and what was going on and did not here what the guy said. I like the sound and the graphics.

Glandrid responds:

There isn't much to the story besides what you see. The guy says, "Hey Greg, get a load of this!" then, instead of Greg, it's Wilson. Just after it says 'fin' you can hear the guy scream "Wilson!?" thus the name.

the note says

this animation which is based on a true story took place at a craptacular call center. as u can see it was so boring i had to make stuff like this.

i can read small things

Glandrid responds:

That's why I put it there!

made me laugh

hahaha is that the volleyball from castaway!?!

Glandrid responds:

Sorta. It was a blow up beach ball with the Have a Nice Day smiley guy on it. It was our team mascot at work and presumably was named after the aforementioned Wilson from Castaway.

Animation wasn't bad

It was just too short for my tastes. But overall, you did a good job animating it.

Though I have a question. What did that paper say? The one that was taped up in the beginning?

Glandrid responds:

The note reads: "Notice: This animation, which is based on a true story, took place at a craptacular call centre. As you can see it was so boring I had to make stuff like this."

It was meant to be an easter egg, but I guess it's out of season :P

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2007
10:31 PM EST