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choose your fate

rated 2.05 / 5 stars
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Aug 1, 2000 | 2:51 PM EDT

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Author Comments

you decide the outcome. Will you survive? This was made by Nick Lohr and Jeff Eagle. nick lohr will also submit this so vote equally



Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game wasn't that bad for it's time. I found that entertained me throughout it's playtime and it was a pretty fun game. I also like how for every thing you say there's a different outcome. Some problems though, when you say "I have tons of cash man" the robber responds then the game stops. Another thing I didn't really like was the instead of submitting the game on one profile you guys decided to put it on both, obviously 15 years later that wouldn't really matter, so that's more of a nitpick. All in all this is a good game for it's time, but some bugs and the fact that the games dated is gonna have to lower my rating to a 3/5


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

needs work

Hmmm well its OK but needs work the animation play seems abit on the slow side. Art wise could be better aswell. So better luck next time.

Needs some fine detailing



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was funny but ...

I liked it but it got boring really fast, and it was to easy to beat and once you have beat it geats really stupid.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

ok, ur trying, i'll give you that

1. get better drawings, or use a better program (i love aftereffects)
2. better plot, i like the style, but the ending blows.
3. get better voices, im srry. but thats not the voice i expect out of a robber

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not too bad a game, but it had stupid outcomes.

The idea to the game was a good one, okay it had already been done, but that was alright, anyway while the idea was good and the actual game wasn't too bad, the outcomes were just really stupid and they didn't make sense at all, in order to win you had to insult the robber, then he asked you to join his gang then you beat him up and mugged him, wtf? That just didn't make sense at all and it was just really stupid, it would have been much better if you'd done this more seriosuly instead of trying to make it violent. The beat him up game was very poorly done as it was impossible to lose and instead of just being able to click on him repeatedly you had to click once, wait for ages, then click again and then just leave him, it took me a while to work it out that you had to just do nothing in order to complete it, so you should have just had so that you have to click on the guy a certain amount of times in order to beat him instead. One of the options didn't work properly, if you said that you had loads of money, the robber said that you were lying and the game just stopped, you didn't get shot and you weren't given another option, you should have made sure that this worked properly before you submitted it. The sound quality of the voices were very poor and you also had your mouth too close to the microphone.

Peace Out, Afro Stud