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i want to make it so you can do more stuff with the things but i don't know how. Unless somebody could help me out, that would be great! But you could enjoy it the way it is so far. PM me with ways i could make it better plz


Keep trying :D

All you need now is some easy animations, maybe a way to shoot or something, music with a mute option, maybe a story, some background detail, maybe update some of the graphics ( like that fish, i know you can do better ;D ) , not walking through walls & some way to win / loose :)
As i said in the summary.. Keep trying :D
And good luck!


This game was fun, but there should be more tracks, less walking through walls, and more running over the same guy. Good job, though


Although you might not believe this, this was actually fun. I think though that it should have a boundry so it won't go off track. Also make like a race of somesort against the other car. Make the levels too if you were going to do that like Easy, Medium, and Hard. Make some other tracks too. This would be a bad ass game, but right now you need to improve on those things and I know you can do it. ANyways keep up the awsome work, and hope you fix this game! :]

maddsc11 responds:

I'm Actually thinking of stuff like where something has the same script as the people except that it makes it go to a different frame so say i wanted to make the ant able to go inside of the colony, i make the hole part of the colony a movie clip, and i put this script in there
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (this.hitTest(_root.ant)) {
i don't know if you use flash or not but for some reason this doesn't work even though it worked for the car and the people.

Like you said...

it would be cool if you were able to actually DO stuff in this, like a pack of mini games. There were some cool tracks but i didnt like how you were able to just walk through walls. I DID like how you could run the guy over. repeatedly.

Needs work.

Although I can't specifically help you out with the problems this flash has, looking up some tutorials should help. There really wasn't much of a point in this game, if you can call it that. The graphics were lame and didin't look good, and they didin't help out the submission. The gameplay, although responded well to my movements, really didin't have a set purpose or idea for you to do, so it kinda wasted my time. Overall, well this needs work, you need to add borders for one, on your flash and you need to give us a point in playing it. Bad.

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1.73 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2007
2:10 PM EST
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