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DragonScape Beta

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Author Comments

This is the DragonScape beta is here.... I don't know if ill be able to post updated if it gets pasted 10mb its alread 8.5 and already has one quest. So enjoy for now.

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A few problems

It has a few problams but it is a Beta game

Lay off the filters buddy!

Without the filters, it could have been about 2 MB, with optimised code, 1 MB.

For the Spell attack, use the Soften Fill Edges command to make your game one filter less.

And your backgrounds doesn't need filters either, and vary it, e.g. clouds moving in backgrounds, eery-looking bushes blah blah blah.

Good luck,

Good concept, needs a lot of work

You have a good concept behind the game and I'd love to see this finished, but you have a few basic flaws. First, you need some kind of defense system: armor, a dodge ability, a magic genie that stands between you and the thousands of boulders that will get throw at you over the course of the game...something.

A range of damage on physical attacks would be nice, too. Instead of doing 10 damage each attack do between 8 and 13 damage. Humans generally don't do things the same way every time. This represents hitting the enemy in different areas and/or weaker or stronger attacks. It's less important to have a range of damage on magical attacks, but more spells would be awful nice.

You definitely should add more monsters, make the game a bit longer, and add some kind of plot. If you are going to keep it short, that's fine, just throw in one or two more monsters. Also, don't have the end boss be a baby dragon...kinda anti-climatic. If you have a hero, you want him taking out a big mean nasty dragon that's killed a bunch of tiny helpless peasants.

If I have to kill one more rock golem I'm going to go insane.

It'd be handy to see how my hero guy is doing. Throw in a stat screen detailing the current attack damage, defense (if you add it), and magical damage. Random useless stats might be nice, too. If you do add a shop and other items you can buy, throw in an inventory manager, too. It'd look better than just having the hero equip the last item he bought.

Change the name. I don't care what to. It could be Prancing Unicorn Fairies Over Rainbow Ridge for all I care, but DragonScape makes it sound like you mashed two already know video games together and this is going to be a crappy ripoff. You don't want people ignoring or judging your game because they think it's some kind of poorly done amalgamation of two other games, do you?

I have no idea how hard implementing any of these things would be...or even if you can, I'm just spouting off ideas that sound neat to me.

Oh, I should throw in my biggest complaint. The game feels more like an incredibly repetitive flash animation than a game. Add attacks, things to buy, different paths, easter eggs...something to add a bit more interactivity to the game. My first two suggestions touched on this. Remember when making a game the two things you should keep in mind are: making it entertaining and making it interactive.

need a loader...

Also make it so that you can use the potions in a battle!. ^_^
And make more enemies!.

Its okay some flaws

heres the just of it i think its an okay game but theres some iffy parts
1.more stuff to train on before the dragon next time
2.possible a new name the name seems like a mix of dragonquest and runescape =\
3.change the casting position of the spell it looks like hes firing it out of his penis
4.more spells/equipment shop for swords or armor
5.the ability to walk back

ya thats about it i thought it was pretty fun im up to 217hp/mp also when its finished make multiple characters this one seems abit emo looking =\

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2007
12:08 AM EST