BRAD IS MAD 2!!!!!

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hey please give me a good rating on this one, i worked hard on it, atleast dont be brutill


Man, animator12's movies are so random and boring

Hey, you said it.

animator12 responds:

gotta be a dickhead dont you


You don't have to be a great artist to make great animation. Some things work just as good looking stick figured, and this I do believe is better than I can at least. You probably heard this millions of times, so I shall annoy ya anyways. :P Animation flow is smooth, and the randomness is funny. What you can do is use that same random stuff and maybe add a plot behind it, however works for you would be super. Oh, and have it a bit longer, it didn't feel finished at all. I really like this one, and with some more work and time put into it, you'll be well satisfied with the results.

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Priceless! So random hahaha I love random stuff but It was pretty short though. Well you should make a story about Brad in different parts and a lot better backgrounds!!

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First of all you spelled brutal wrong!!!!! Nah I'm not gonna be mean I was just kidding! The animation in this flows smoothly, why would people think this is bad? (There are worse animations dude!) ANyways, I DO agree with you, this was kind of random but you show EXTREME potential. Keep up the good work! (But please, add a plot if you don't mind!). - 7/10 & 3/5 - KamiCosmic

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I think you can make the quality in this a little better by adding some tress, sky, busshes, and just some landscaping. Also add some other sound effects comming from the liitle character. Overral this was really good, and I loved the way the character looked like. Anyways keep it up! :]

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animator12 responds:

yah i know what you mran, i just am putting these animations up so people can correct me on what to do, but hey we cant all be winners

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2.62 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2007
6:07 PM EST