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I finally managed to finish this. I had a great time while making this so I hope you'll have great time playing it.

I was going to make more challenges, but I got really bored and I couldn't finish any.

If you find bugs, please let me know about them.

Edit: Looks like my name in the credits is missing one '0'.
Edit2: Wow Green score! Thanks everyone for voting.



Well I can't say that I personally enjoyed this game. It was made well, but it left something to be disired, to be honest with you. The graphics in the game were top notch, I was actually impressed at the smooth movements of the sticks and the player itself. The instructions I thought were a bit vague, I had to die two times before figuring out I could move. And it would have been so much easier to just use the arrow keys instead of the current ones, that or use both. This game was fun, but the story was lackluster and it really didin't provide that scary feeling. Overall, well what can I say this really wasn't all that great, it was made well, but it just didin't provide that much fun. Meh.


The story mode was good. But what's with the drug pill thing? I got it, and I died instantly after a zombie touched me. And I had full health... Also, apparently pistol bullets go through five or six zombies at a time. Once you get a flashlight, an area in front of you lights up, but the rest of the world is even darker than before. Quiet Streets is WAAAAAY too hard after you get a flashlight. And you can't click the x in the top right corner if you give up.

One more thing, sometimes bullets go through zombies and don't kill them. This makes Out Of Ammo impossible unless you're extremely lucky.

Norton3000 responds:

The flashlight thing is supposed to be like that and I couldn't fix the bullets. 'Out Of Ammo' is supposed to be almost impossible, that's why it says 'You actually did it o.O' if you happen to complete it. Thanks for the review!

Great game!

Good game!One of the levels is unbeatable though.Seems a little like anothe game called Zombies!. Overall great game.

Norton3000 responds:



its a good game but the player dies a little too quick


the idea o the top-down angle was great, pretty much like a game i played once...
well at least you got the green score...

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3.34 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2007
10:27 AM EST
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