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hope you enjoy it.

it is my tribute to the awesome MY NEWGROUNDS SERIES

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE rate and review even if you aren't in the mood.

I will respond to each and every review I PROMISE!

God Bless

-Onaz (aka. "ddd164")

I'm Onaz and i'm a Lazy Animator.


I don't do reviews

...but yours deserved it, very nicely done, congrats!

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Onaz responds:

thanks krackfishy3, ur awesome.


Only because you asked so nicely. :)

To tell you the truth, I'm kind of getting sick of "My Newgrounds" spoofs and tributes because it seems like everyone is doing them now, but yours is well-done, so I'm sure it will survive the portal and fetch a good score. I gave it 5/5 on the Pico scale. I liked how smooth your animations were and how you interacted with them. For example, I really liked Mario walking across the screen and squishing Foamy with your hand. Missing him the first time was funny.

Some suggestions for improvement:
#1. The picture quality could be better. It's rather grainy. Is there anything you can do about this?
#2. If you remove the dot from that walking sprite at the end, the loop will be less obvious and the animation will be smoother.
#3. I think you should show your face! Let's see who's talking to us. :)

I think I'll go look at some of your original works. :) God bless.

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Onaz responds:

yea. i have a terrible webcam and a terrible mic. thanks for reminding me.



Like you say, it looks a little lazy. Like when you crush all the animations, they could bleed or at least make some sort of sound effect. I do think it's funny when you hold up the wrong icon though.

Onaz responds:

yeah man. i know. lol. the wrong icon thing. ahahah. that really happened to me dude!




this idea can be further executed... but just seems to be repeated. the idea of doing something like this in mass amounts is to provide mass amounts of orginality, not the same thing over and over again, such as the talking hands.. the last few of these that have made it have had these.. they are not a requirment.. maybe you should make like a talking animation.. this is just an attempt of a rerun.. these are getting worn out.. so maybe people should stop doing them unless they have an orginal POV for the project, not the same 3 act comercial setup, even the HP comericals have many different set ups.

Onaz responds:

i didn't really bother reading this one...due to the fact that it has a 3/10 rating and the topic says "old".

so im just gunna say,


-onaz XD XD XD

Good try

It's not as smooth as the other my newgrounds, and although your trying to put the new twist of putting what you don't like on newgrounds, it just seems to decrease the value of the flash overall.

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Onaz responds:

yea. well you know man. thanks anyways for reviewing and giving me constructive critisizm.


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1.49 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2007
12:07 AM EST
Comedy - Parody