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Dear Human,

Zombies. You've shot them, stabbed them, sliced and diced them. Today I put you in the shoes of a Zombie. Fight for your life in this crazy and twisted world.

After two solid months of production, we present to you this epic interactive tale of Sonny. I hope you like it!

- Krin

PS: I encourage everyone who has something to say to leave a review. I read everything, though I might not reply to all. If you have suggestions, ideas, go ahead! These games are made for YOU, people!


One last note: If you really like the game, or you need help or get stuck, I encourage you strongly to sign up to our forum:


You can discuss builds and tactics, or make suggestions (that actually get listened to!), and stay informed about the progress on our future projects! See you there!

USEFUL LINKS! Have a look at these if you need some help:

Ability Guide (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=658)
Team Mate Guide (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=662)
Game Walkthrough (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=703)
Zone 4 (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=723)
Guide 'n Build for Guardian (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=732)

Note: Remove the space between "foru m" so it says "forum" instead.

Also you can check my Profile blog for tactics for Zone 4 bosses.


UDPATE (NOW LIVE!) Game has been patched according to user suggestions:

- Battles now run significantly faster.
- Block can only be used twice on your bar, but the cool down has been decreased.
- Paladin's Shield now has a much longer cool down.
- Rock Golems can no longer use Suppression. Health decreased, damage increased.
- Blade Shaman's heals now have a larger cool down, and he can no longer regen focus.
- All the audio is now in sync with the subtitles.
- You can now Re-Spec 5 times a day instead of once.
- Veradux's "Re-Energize" ability now only applies a buff that restores 10 focus per turn, so when he casts it on a target with full focus, you still get 90% of the benefit.

Noted Criticism (But will not be updated for Sonny):

- More sound controls
- Manual control over AI
- Item bug in inventory
- Smarter AI
- More animation variety
- Better storyline
- Non linear gameplay
- Better Cutscenes
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI

If you guys see any more bugs or have things to criticize do tell me!



Sry caps... You were saying? :D


Super Final Thought: So many reviews are coming in now! I can't get around to answering everything like I used to be able to... I still read and note ALL reviews and criticism though, but if you want to hear answers from me directly best ask me in the forum where I can answer to batches of people at once, and other people can answer your questions too.

That's it! Just have fun and take it easy :D
- Krin

PS Webmasters: Whoever wants to host this game on their website can download it here:
http://armorgames.com/fre e-website-games/code/505/



Normally I like RPGs, but I guess I don't exactly get how to do it. Maybe I'm thinking too hard about how it works. Everybody seems to like it, and its certainly well animated, and it seems like you put some heart and soul in it, but I can't really say I like it. Its my opinion, I differ from everyone else, but I just noticed that the way it works with the one button isn't really clear at first, and I never got into it because its a little repedetive near the beginning, That is the one thing I'd change the most. I obviously don't see what others do, but I still think if people like it, it deserves its place on the top 50.

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The hype over this game is unjustified

To be honest, the reason I'm giving such a bad review is because it's about time someone pointed out the flaws.

As someone who plays WoW I can say at very least a large majority of these spells were ripped off from it, sure they have different names but nearly the same effects!

Also, did anyone notice that the only difference in the battle style of this game and Sinjid: SotW was that you get team mates and different abilities?

The graphics are alright, flashwise, yeah, I've seen way better. This game is getting undeserved hype, it's high vote amazed me, I mean, come on, not many of these ideas are his alone.

Zombies, WoW and Sinjid: SotW, anything very Unique there? NO, why is this game so high rated?

Well, I have to point out it is fun for a while until you get to those monsters that can tear you apart even if you're doing everything right, the music is alright, the animation...too slow, speed it up, it gets boring quickly and again it reminds me too much of WoW and Sinjid: SotW.

I mean, I know one of the authors is the creator of Sinjid, but next time don't leave so much of your creator stank on the game that the only difference is the story line, skills, and graphics.

I liked playing this game, but it's not unique, it's not special, it's a rip off of another game except with better graphics and animations.

Thumbs down on unique, thumbs up on being able to reproduce another game which is basically an upgrade to another that rips off stuff from a major corporation.

Grats, really grats.

Krinn responds:

Marcel Duchamp took a toilet urinal, flipped it upside down, and displayed it in a gallery. Anything new about toilets? Nope. But that piece of 'art' is now worth several millions, as well as starting a whole new revolution in the 'creative' industry.

What I'm saying is, you could take what seems like mundane 'ingredients' and mix them together in a way that it IS different.

I'm trying to look for constructive criticism in your review, but I'm finding it distasteful. You almost seem pissed at me.

It's not unique and special to YOU because you've already played WoW and Sinjid... But most people haven't.

Of course I've upgraded the game from Sinjid, the point is that people wanted more of the same, but better. What is wrong with developing from where you left off? The gameplay is Sonny is a LOT more advanced than in Sinjid, especially in the later level where you needed tactics.

And to your note about this being a 'rip off', I could also say that Blizzard ripped off Ripley Scott's 'Alien' film for thier Starcraft Zerg designs, ripped of Halo for thier Starcraft: Ghost game, and Tolkien's ideas for the fantasy settings in WoW. People get inspired by other people.

Anyways thanks for the bash. Stings like a bitch, but it is appreciated.

What the ****?

What the hell is wrong with you? What ****ing possessed you to think fighting three enemies at once, two of which can heal themselves and teammates and the other which can do 200 damage spontaneously? Its not fun, you idiot. I based my character on vitality and speed, and how often do those enemies miss? Why, they never ****ing miss. This means my character is a useless piece of trash. Did you actually think the player could fight that kind of power? Did you actually playtest that fight? Did you not think "Holy crap, its taken me ten tries to beat these guys, I should fix that"?

This game is hardly skill. It is in the beginning when the enemies are relative to your character, when you're not fighting two things at once with 1000 health that can heal itself (and others) 200 health every three turns, and to top it all off, why not make them do 100+ damage? ****. Its luck, you just have to hope that the enemy makes a stupid ass move, compliments to you (perhaps one of few things you did wrong that ended up right).

And my teammate? Yeah, he'd rather use a restore focus spell on me (when I have 93/100 focus) than finish off that enemy with 14 health, and then it restores 150 health right after because it survived.

You were going in the right direction, until after the ship segment ended. What the hell, end up on a beach with ghost samurai's, then head off to a valley with indian tribesmen. What the ****. This game aggravates me because of your retarded oversights. Its not fun fighting an enemy that is 3 times stronger than you, or three enemies that are 2 times stronger than you that can also heal eachother. Jesus, a 200 point heal takes only 5 focus out of 200, and that enemy naturally restores that much in one turn anyways!

Perhaps the only thing that can fix these problems? Make the ****ing enemies heal less often for **** sakes. It was a good game until you started throwing difficulty into the players face.

Krinn responds:

I've tested it. It is possible to beat all the levels in the game without using the training once as any class. And you're depending too much on your team mate. You are just frustrated right now because you can't win that fight, but I haven't heard one other person complain about that fight so far.`It IS skill based buddy, you're playing it wrong.

Speed also increases your Crit chance and damage, you need very high numbers to see a bigger increase in dodge chance though, because the formula is exponential.

And you're also depending too much on your team mate, you maybe forget that he's just a couple of lines of numbers and text, he doesn't actually have a 'brain.'

If you can't nuke them down fast enough and want to play a survival build, you're gonna want to use Electrobolt and Disrupt, attack thier focus and dispel thier re-energize.

Try again and good luck this time.! :)

Crashes =/

This game looked awsome, but it crashed every 3rd turn on stage six of the first area (boat). I got flash player 9 but no matter what I do, it always crashes. I'm only giving this a 5/10 cause I can't play it through. There may be sumthing wrong with the game. If there is pls fix it =/

Krinn responds:

I'm aware of this, I'm working on it. If you have screenshots, info, etc, just email them to me, everything helps!

To solve it for now, I suggest you try using moves like suppression or something on the turn which you expect it to crash. Tell me how it goes! I really wanna fix this bug, but it's the hardest fucker to track down.



like the way they talk and battle but i think you should start working more on a moving game. If the characters could walk around and then fall into fights it would be great. I might be wrong and they might already be in their but i played it for a little while and couldn't be bothered to continue.

Krinn responds:

We wanted to do something like this but we simply didn't have the time. This shall be implemented into our next project! Sit tight :D

- Krin

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Dec 28, 2007
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