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Adventure - RPG

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Dec 28, 2007 | 8:55 PM EST
  • Frontpaged December 31, 2007
  • Weekly Users' Choice January 2, 2008
  • Daily Feature December 29, 2007

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Author Comments

Dear Human,

Zombies. You've shot them, stabbed them, sliced and diced them. Today I put you in the shoes of a Zombie. Fight for your life in this crazy and twisted world.

After two solid months of production, we present to you this epic interactive tale of Sonny. I hope you like it!

- Krin

PS: I encourage everyone who has something to say to leave a review. I read everything, though I might not reply to all. If you have suggestions, ideas, go ahead! These games are made for YOU, people!


One last note: If you really like the game, or you need help or get stuck, I encourage you strongly to sign up to our forum:

You can discuss builds and tactics, or make suggestions (that actually get listened to!), and stay informed about the progress on our future projects! See you there!

USEFUL LINKS! Have a look at these if you need some help:

Ability Guide ( m/viewtopic.php?t=658)
Team Mate Guide ( m/viewtopic.php?t=662)
Game Walkthrough ( m/viewtopic.php?t=703)
Zone 4 ( m/viewtopic.php?t=723)
Guide 'n Build for Guardian ( m/viewtopic.php?t=732)

Note: Remove the space between "foru m" so it says "forum" instead.

Also you can check my Profile blog for tactics for Zone 4 bosses.


UDPATE (NOW LIVE!) Game has been patched according to user suggestions:

- Battles now run significantly faster.
- Block can only be used twice on your bar, but the cool down has been decreased.
- Paladin's Shield now has a much longer cool down.
- Rock Golems can no longer use Suppression. Health decreased, damage increased.
- Blade Shaman's heals now have a larger cool down, and he can no longer regen focus.
- All the audio is now in sync with the subtitles.
- You can now Re-Spec 5 times a day instead of once.
- Veradux's "Re-Energize" ability now only applies a buff that restores 10 focus per turn, so when he casts it on a target with full focus, you still get 90% of the benefit.

Noted Criticism (But will not be updated for Sonny):

- More sound controls
- Manual control over AI
- Item bug in inventory
- Smarter AI
- More animation variety
- Better storyline
- Non linear gameplay
- Better Cutscenes
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI

If you guys see any more bugs or have things to criticize do tell me!



Sry caps... You were saying? :D


Super Final Thought: So many reviews are coming in now! I can't get around to answering everything like I used to be able to... I still read and note ALL reviews and criticism though, but if you want to hear answers from me directly best ask me in the forum where I can answer to batches of people at once, and other people can answer your questions too.

That's it! Just have fun and take it easy :D
- Krin

PS Webmasters: Whoever wants to host this game on their website can download it here: e-website-games/code/505/



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved it! The gameplay, the story, the small bits of comedy in the writing, and no bugs as far as I could tell. The boss(?) music was great! The game takes a surprising amount of time (without realizing it) for what really is currently a short storyline. THIS GAME IS AWESOME! The only constructive comment I can think of is that there was a lot of delay between the voice acting and the cut scenes, even with the graphics on low.

Krinn responds:


Yeah the story was a bit messed up, it wasn't very well planned out. The voice sync is a big problem that I'm aware of and am working to fix! Glad you enjoy it :D

- Krin


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice game ... but

I was playing this, going well with my Guardian ... meet Barron, all 32 000 Health of him. *Gulp* Any tips on surviving the 20 or so turns it takes for Paladin boy to send him packing?

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Krinn responds:

You need to dispel the debuff Baron uses. Use Rank 1 Heroic Motivation I suppose. You should buff the Paladin with 3/3 Aggression because it will increase his damage by loads. You can also use things like Magic Bolt to make Baron take extra damage from the Paladin. Good luck!

- Krin


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bad timing

I must say, I don't write reviews due to the little prestige system ng has, honestly, just made my account for "Sonny", but hop around in here when max gets frustrating, but nonetheless Krinn, you are a talented game designer,

I am assuming that you are the lead, and do the storyboarding, art and programming all yourself? In any case, I got stuck on a organic model last night in max and wanted to take some time off so I jumped in here and seen "Sonny". I started playing this around 1800hrs last night CST, and it is now 0730hrs. Now I don't like flash because of the lack of deminsion, but this game really takes the focus away from that and brings back the most enjoyable memories of the older games (NES/SNES) and personally, I know the art side is a pain in the ass for me, and "Sonny" just blew me away. The art was not great as for detail, but I think I read you had this completed in 2 months? I would not have expected the art or the versatile armor rendering to be done so well.

As stated I don't work with flash and do very little in .net so with that in mind, even though the AI for Veradux, Amber, Gligus, Teco, and Catelin could have been better (as I am sure it will), I think you did an outstanding job in a two month time frame. Sure the doc kicks my ass all over "The Infinity", but I am sorry to oppose the other critiques, I do like the "chance" aspect. If I had full control, I would most definately gotten the game completed (including zone 4) in no time. I know how to beat the doc, I just have to wait till my clock rolls over a day (I know I could cheat, but refuse to).

To summarize: (I am just comparing this to other flash titles)


Graphics: Well done, within the time frame. I would have loved to have had even more options and more art, but look at any game out there, having that much versatility would leave the art department with no lives and a bit of stress (bias here because this is what I do so-to-speak)

Storyline: Honestly, I do not think the stroy was well developed (I think even Krinn mentioned it was more of an aesthetic value). When I reached the paladin the only thing I knew was myself and the medic were lost in the middle of nowhere fighting mobs that had no ethnic consistancy (for the lack of better words) and Louis(?) was deceased.. had a resident evil type feel to it though.


AI: Obvious problems with the teams AI, but sometimes I have to admit I was glad it went bad, I knew that the game was to well developed to be a long journey so I relied a lot on my partner's AI to screw the battles up. If the game were much longer I was note this as a way more serious problem. Enemy AI was quite impressive, it would "seem" that the enemy AI would be easier to code though. And once I hit the low 20s, the training battles in "The Infinity" were ridiculous until I got a strategy going. I did play an assassin so as long as I knocked the "Intervention" once with master's strike I had no problems, but if I got one of those guys under 400 hp, sometimes all three would stack three shields on one mob, then I could kill the others easier, but I could not chew through three interventions on the last guy with all I had (bug perhaps?, doubtful).

Sound: Amazing, rarely see this kind of quality, I will say that I do believe the sync is an issue and I think it should have been caught before it was released. That was a little too obvious (at first I thought something was wrong with my laptop).


Gameplay: I personally, did not agree with the wait type fighting at the end, I had no obvious way to pause, was hard taking a shower and babysitting my team while fighting Omen.

Presentation: Upon reading the short summary and seeing the image, I knew this game was going to be under-developed. I love zombie games like no other, but too many suckass ones out there. I can't really critique this area, but thats how what I will say.

As for Krinn himself, anytime I see his name somewhere, that is where I'll be clicking first.

PS: CLICK on the loot to get it after fight!

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Krinn responds:


Okay, let me breathe for a second... I'll try deal with this one...

Yeah you are right the graphics were very slapdash. In my head I was thinking, how to make it look as good as I can in the shortest time possible, and so you have the result. I really wanted to focus on creating an atmosphere.

The chance aspect of not being in full control of your team is kinda fun, but only if the AI is smart, so I will first fix up the AI, and see how that plays out. Right now the AI just thinks based on Health. In the future, it should think based on Focus, Buffs, and the Enemy's health as well.

For the Art, yes there could be a lot more style and versatility. I'm bringing some new artists on board for the next project so that shall be fulfilled as well.

The story line IS messed up I admit that. It only makes sense up until he gets the tape. I'll pay more attention to it next time.

I love it when they stack 3 shields, I can dispel all at the same time on my Guardian :D The Enemy and Friendly AI are exactly the same code. But you simply don't feel as pissed off if the Enemy screws up. Of course, the AI will also be improved next time.

The sync issue was under the radar because it runs fine on Flash Player. But once it is embedded into Firefox, it starts to lag. No idea why, but that is why it went completely unnoticed. Even under time pressure we're not THAT sloppy :P

Haha I'm sorry about the time based system. I will improve it so that the enemy moves instantly, and you move as soon as you pick one, but you still have the time limit. Will also add a pause, but these changes will only be for the next projects. If we choose to make this into a PvP game, the fighting system will be as you saw in Zone 4.

So you don't think I presented the game well? I suppose I can give the presentation a re-vamp.

Thanks for the huge review! Much appreciated!

- Krin


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice!

Very nice game!
I'm currently stuck at the shaman + golem fight though.

Normally after I lost the fight I could reload and respec to try something new
However this doesn't work anymore (I get the "only once per day" screen)
I think I saved the game after respeccing, damn...

Another thing
I noticed that at any time you can go back to a previous area and do the boss fight again. Is it supposed to be that way?

The first boss is really easy to beat when you're higher lvl and you still get cash + XP + Equipment (which you can sell) !

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Krinn responds:

You're supposed to be able to do past boss battles :D

If you want to beat the Golem, just get the defense set that is being sold by the shop. You'll be taking a LOT less damage from the Golems that way.

- Krin


Rated 5 / 5 stars

fricking nice!

This is one of the best rpg's I've ever played! Graphics do the job, gameplay and story are very good and the skills are well balanced! I can't imagine how much tweaking that must have taken. A very good job!

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Krinn responds:

We actually used a bit of Calculus to do the balance, to save time so we didn't need to tweak so much :D

- Krin