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Dear Human,

Zombies. You've shot them, stabbed them, sliced and diced them. Today I put you in the shoes of a Zombie. Fight for your life in this crazy and twisted world.

After two solid months of production, we present to you this epic interactive tale of Sonny. I hope you like it!

- Krin

PS: I encourage everyone who has something to say to leave a review. I read everything, though I might not reply to all. If you have suggestions, ideas, go ahead! These games are made for YOU, people!


One last note: If you really like the game, or you need help or get stuck, I encourage you strongly to sign up to our forum:


You can discuss builds and tactics, or make suggestions (that actually get listened to!), and stay informed about the progress on our future projects! See you there!

USEFUL LINKS! Have a look at these if you need some help:

Ability Guide (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=658)
Team Mate Guide (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=662)
Game Walkthrough (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=703)
Zone 4 (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=723)
Guide 'n Build for Guardian (http://krinlabs.com/foru m/viewtopic.php?t=732)

Note: Remove the space between "foru m" so it says "forum" instead.

Also you can check my Profile blog for tactics for Zone 4 bosses.


UDPATE (NOW LIVE!) Game has been patched according to user suggestions:

- Battles now run significantly faster.
- Block can only be used twice on your bar, but the cool down has been decreased.
- Paladin's Shield now has a much longer cool down.
- Rock Golems can no longer use Suppression. Health decreased, damage increased.
- Blade Shaman's heals now have a larger cool down, and he can no longer regen focus.
- All the audio is now in sync with the subtitles.
- You can now Re-Spec 5 times a day instead of once.
- Veradux's "Re-Energize" ability now only applies a buff that restores 10 focus per turn, so when he casts it on a target with full focus, you still get 90% of the benefit.

Noted Criticism (But will not be updated for Sonny):

- More sound controls
- Manual control over AI
- Item bug in inventory
- Smarter AI
- More animation variety
- Better storyline
- Non linear gameplay
- Better Cutscenes
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI

If you guys see any more bugs or have things to criticize do tell me!



Sry caps... You were saying? :D


Super Final Thought: So many reviews are coming in now! I can't get around to answering everything like I used to be able to... I still read and note ALL reviews and criticism though, but if you want to hear answers from me directly best ask me in the forum where I can answer to batches of people at once, and other people can answer your questions too.

That's it! Just have fun and take it easy :D
- Krin

PS Webmasters: Whoever wants to host this game on their website can download it here:
http://armorgames.com/fre e-website-games/code/505/


that was awsome

that was realy good, the updates you mentioned make it sound even cooler :D 5/5

Simply Amazing!!!

I'm going to be honest, I'm not the reviewer type, I'm the play tons of games and thats it kinda guy. But honestly I'm a huge Zombie gamer, I love all shapes and forms of them, but I had never imagined a RPG where you play as a nearly zombified man. The gameplay was smooth, the story line wasn't meaningless, the different classes actually offer different gameplay value. Amazing. Simply amazing, keep it u guys and I could see this game hitting console without a doubt. Your scholars and gentleman, the lot of you, keep up the damned good work!

Less Enemies with healing powers, keep that skill to medics and such
Team attacks
Less linear gameplay (Players love to roam)

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Krinn responds:

Thanks for the suggestions!

-I'm working on nerfing the enemy heals, sit tight :D
-Team attacks would cramp the simplicity of the system. In all effectiveness, the team is working as a whole. Imagine (I know this isn't the case right now) that this was online multilayer, 3v3: You have a Gunslinger, Guardian, Destro setup. You could for example, stack 2 Magic bolts on one target, and have the Destro use Coup De Grace for maximum effect... That's how I want the 'team' to operate as a whole :D
-Less linear game play, I agree with this 100%. The only thing that stopped us from doing this is our time constraints. But now that we have the combat system finished, I'll add a full fledged movement/walking system into the next one, and there will be a lot more roaming! :D You Romans...

Thanks for playing!
- Krin


I was gonna give this game 7/10, but I gave it 8 after reading the recent updates.

The only problem is that I played this game without those updates, so Rock Golem was still using Supression and Blade Shaman was still healing a lot, and if I clear my cache and re-load the game, I'll lose my savegame, and I don't feel like doing it all over again. =/

Anyway, I have some more suggestions:
- No side-effect stacking - By this, I mean that, for example, a character can't suffer from the same negative effect more than once. This happened a lot while fighting Ghost Samurais, they'd just keep causing Void a lot. It once happened that I got 3 Voids at the same time, so I received a lot of damage-over-time and also a lot of damage when I got hit. :/
- Reduce the number of enemies with healing skills - I mean, this sucks. A LOT of enemies have healing skills and they use it a lot, and it doesn't waste enough Focus for them. Shamans of Death have healing skills, so they can cause a lot of damage AND self-heal (why the hell a Shaman of DEATH can heal, anyway? Doesn't make sense), Shamans of Life have TWO healing skills AND can regen Focus, this can cause a battle to take way too long unless the player's characters are overpowered. Seriously, enemy healing in this game REALLY cripples this game.

This is my opinion, maybe others won't agree, but I simply don't feel like playing it to the end with the battles taking so long to be finished. =/

Krinn responds:

Buffs can be made to stack or not to stack. But I choose to make Void stack because if it doesn't, it wouldn't really be a threat. I think you just have to down those Samurai's faster, or spec Heroic Motivation so you can dispel it.

Now, I agree with the enemy healing issue. The balance here wasn't designed very well. The battles are not meant to last very long, and Focus was supposed to be the 'count down' timer but as you can see something went horribly wrong :D The updates should fix up some of this though. Maybe you don't do enough damage? If this is the case, then try spec into Disrupt, and just drain all their Focus.

Hope this helps!
- Krin

The Best Flash Game Ever?

I certainly think so.
I have been playing it on armorgames solidly for the past two days additidly. I cannot stop myself. It is brilliant, it really is. Its like a mix of a good zombie mystery game with Final Fantasy. If you could buy it, I would. I suggest putting a paypal link on your site somewhere, because I certainly think you need rewarding for this fantastic game!

ok, negative feedback (to improve):
-I havent yet played with the updated faster battle... but yes that is one point.
-I didnt find the shop items particularly useful... only at the begining of the area were they any use as you onyl got better items from battles... I think they should be more expensive and better.
-I am on last battle in third area [methinks] and i find it very challenging. A large problem I had with it was that I cannot really level up any more... unless i want to train 50 times [2% xp per kill from training now] so maybe there can be an option to do advanced training, just a little bit harder to level up the higher levels on the area. Obviously im goign to restat and have another few shots at the battle before i give in.

More posotive feedback:
-I love your voice actors, Sonny is portrayed really well.
-Brilliant storyline so far, very intruiging
-Love the gamplay, glad you have fixed all those bugs [even with the bugs it was a brilliant game]
-Great ability system, gotta use it but cant take too much advantage of it
-Wonderful animation, all clean and the effects are great, lots of work has gone into small things like the background...


Im a huge fan. You might have noticed.

Thankyou for such a wonderful game!

Krinn responds:


The last two problems you stated in your review I agree with completely. Itemization is crap, and the leveling curve becomes too steep when you go higher. I'll get these fixed in another update. Thanks a lot for them!

I'm glad you liked the game :D

- Krin

PS: Like you, a couple of people said that they would pay money to play this, which DOES tempt me :P But I've decided that I will make them all available for free. But if I manage to achieve my goals of making an MMO-RPG, then that's a different story :D

I don't accept donations either. It's just not fair to the kids in Africa who need it more.

holy balls....

its like final fantasy and world of warcraft. Excellent work dude keep up the good work

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