NA - Christmas Special

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Created by Ryan Boylett (now RyanBiscuit on Newgrounds)


Thought I'd make an alternative to "Christmas in Gloucester" just to keep everyone happy.
I will start work on CiG next year in about September, there's a lot to do!

Extra voice by eddsworld.

PS: Thanks for the daily!

PPS: For those of you whining about my style being similar to Edd's, you don't need to tell me what I already know


haha XD rofl

epic lol

And now the presents......Shit.

That's great. It probably would've been better around Christmas time, but whatever. It's still awesome.


that was AWESOME :DDDD I love your voice. [ not Edd ] :) though Edds is cute. But still your voice rocks xD I love how you say 'Sh*t' lol if i could i would give you a thousand stars! :D Please make more soon!! ^_^


i thought the end was the funniest part.

Pretty darn sweet

Really funny. I can't help but notice that the recording of edd's voice was blurred. Very good animation, same as eddsworld, which is the kind i like. Kinda didn't like the audio parts with a big empty space in the middle. Might be better with some kind of backround jingle or somthing.
Overall: Sweet

P.S. : Oh yeeeeeeeeeaaaahh, now I remember why I wanted to write the review. In the ending, that symbol wasnt for hanukkah. It wasn't even for Judaism! Two triangles not two squares you racist #$%^@&!!!!! Just kidding, very good

Bebblett responds:

Blame Microsoft Word, that's where I got it from

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Dec 28, 2007
8:02 PM EST
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