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Koopa Avalanche II

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Another Koopa game, sorry Mario! That's right! Another Koopa Avalanche game! This one is WAAY better. It was finished in ONE DAY AFTER THE RELEASE OF KOOPA AVALANCHE but released a day late. This is basically the same thing as Koopa Avalanche, but with jumping, difficulty selection, and levels.

The directions and controls are the same as the last game, just dodge the spikes and other new enemies, including goombas, thwomps, fire, and much more. The controls are somewhat different, just left/right to move, down to duck, and 'P' to pause and 'O' to unpause and now use up to jump.

Once again, the secret level can be found by pausing. Have fun!

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Nice¡ =)

yeah, the game its very nice
lol, you can make a game like
super mario world of koopas¡¡

nice i found the secrate

kinda lame how u can drag stuff in pause mode

spoiler alert!

SPOILER ALERT FOR SECRET LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pause on gold mushroom level (level 2)
drag the pipe under it away
go over in pause and take the gold mushroom
END SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, great game!

I beat the game...

But I couldn't find the secret level...

great game

it was fun definately better than the original but I can't find that damn secret level I clicked on that pipe with the golden mushroom and nothing happened accept I could move around during pause