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Traction 2

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The first version of this was called Unger - yet it was too simple and the 20 levels were too easy. I've changed it a bit and added some new features, such as vortexes and jelly (you'll have to find out for yourself what they do). Thanks to Vincent and Andrew and my wonderful level creating program, I end up with 40 levels, in hope that they'll annoy you as much as they annoyed me.

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woo hoo!

My favorite game of yours. I hope you see this becuase I beat it! final levels password has already been said in my review, but which word is it! could it be this one^^^^^. The world may never know. anyways great game and I am still looking forward to your newest game.

jimmy was right

i liked it alot, and the same issue with me to is lvl 20 possible?

sound effects and bgm would help alot (but could've gotten annoying to) personally i thought the graphics are a little to simple.

kario responds:

Oh trust me. level 20 is possible. Its just takes a bit of thinking. All levels are possible. Hard, but possible :)

Really good

I liked it. It reminds me of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time when you have to push the ice blocks around in the ice cavern. But, I can't get past level 20...

Pretty good.

Some music and SFX would add some life to this game, but the gameplay and animation is fantastic.

Good but...

Its a good simple game, not original, but still good despite the use of simple graphics. Could perhaps do with instructions, music and sound.

Was just wondering, is level 7 actually completable?

kario responds:

Thanks for the review - and yes, level 7 is definitely completable... (once you manage that, wait till you see some of the later levels..)

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2007
12:07 PM EST