Play Hentai Heroes!

Rip Mayormcheese

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Dec 27, 2007 | 10:49 PM EST

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Author Comments

This story is 8 minutes long and relies heavily upon mood and atmosphere, so if you are into blood, action and violence, be warned!
Hi there everyone! It took me well over an hour to find out how to change my comments here, I finally made it. First of all I would like to thank each and one of you who are writing reviews here. I have spent all day keeping updated and I am sorry I have not been able to answer any of your comments, it would just take the rest of my life. As this field has a restriction of max 4,096 characters I will take the opportunity to answer one frequent question. Why does Nim hang the key outside his door? This is some of the Swedish mentality, we have always believed in truthfulness. And if you can not trust a stranger that grabs the key from the hanger to enter your house, then who can you trust? Today, I am sad to say, this mentality is just a pale shadow of its former glory. But Nim still believes in it.
And again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and efforts, I do read all the posts, and I do listen to all kinds of criticism.




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reddawn's wrong about one thing

i'm not making any flash at the moment :\


Rated 5 / 5 stars

These douche bags are pricks. This isnt a spam fla

This was great and his exact words. All these pricks and douche bags should STFU before they know what they are talking about. I gave it a 5/5.


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This is a spam flash if I've ever seen one. This was a pretty low and cheap trick to get people to look at your rant about how you're leaving the Kitty Krew and why. Seriously, who (other than you) cares? If you're going to leave the Kitty Krew, then leave the Kitty Krew and don't trick people into listening to you whine about it!

I mean, what's the point of even leaving the Kitty Krew in the first place if you're still making spam flash? No one appreciates being deceived and no one will respect you if you're dishonest whether you're in the Kitty Krew or not. And you know what the saddest part of it all is? If you actually made a movie with the character in the icon you used for this "movie" and the little bit of storyline that you fed us in the author's comments, people would probably have LIKED it--I can almost guarantee you that I would have.

As it is, however, you get 0/10 stars for wasting my time with your spam flash instead of showing me the movie you were supposed to have made.

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thats a long coment

i dont like it plane and simple and if you make the autor comment too long no ones going to read it

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Kitty Krew? whatever.

I don't want to read your long explanation of how you're leaving a social group that spams this website. If I really wanted to read about it, I could look at your posts which probably would have a post about this. If you're going to make a flash, make an entertaining one. I'm glad you're leaving this spam group, but please don't continue to make the same flashes they spam all over this site. This would fit that category. Try next time.

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