3DFA tutorial

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its a simple tutorial.


I realize that this is the worst tutorial ever to hit Newgrounds. But I wanted to use 3DFA. And I don't really do 3DFA that much so that's why it sucked.


Also, I do not do any 3DFA related work anymore... Flash is kinda better XD.

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This is very nice.

Well, Its not really a tutorial, But at least its a try, I can also tell you used 3DFA to make it so thats good.

Wriggle responds:

Well thanks... I guess you got the license crap with me and creepy games all sorted out now? I will PM you.

An ad?

This is a pretty uninteresting flash for advertising a flash program...

If you truly want to inspire people at least make it a interactive or visually stunning ad.

Wriggle responds:


The text is way too small.

I can't even read it unless I move in close to the screen. And if I do that, I'm pretty sure some freaky zombie is going to pop up to scare the shit out of me. Even if it isn't you really need to fix the text so people don't have to lean in to read. Also, let people click to advance the tutorial instead of letting it run automatically, to ensure that nobody misses any important tips because it went too fast.

Wriggle responds:

uh.. well yah.. I will try to work on that.

thanx i supose

for trying to submit a tutorial, but its really hard to read what you have writen, maybe you could have a panel down the bottom where the text is displayed and then all the images at the top, so people can understand the tutorial..i'm not even sure what the program does lol, if it draws pictures why not just use flash??

Wriggle responds:

I bet you thought it wouldn't pass.

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Dec 27, 2007
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