Sprite DEvolution: Farts

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BUG FIX!: Some awsome guy called "MonstrositY257" PM'd me about an error in wich when you read all of the message at the start, There is no sound throughout the movie, This has been fixed to the best I could, thanks, MonstrositY257!
I'm sorry guys, the first time I submitted this I had all my friends vote 0 and review 10, just so I could get an award. I'm really sorry about this I'm re-submitting becuase I want this to get the score it really deserves and not cheat. The authers didn't agree with me one bit and I upsetted them too, as there BA's were lowerd and ect. Thanks, we're glad you understand.
READ THIS!!: The reason it looks all funny is becuase the movie is automaticly set to "Low" quality at the begining, if you have a good Computer, Unlke me :D... Set it to "High".
Anyway, Me, Jdid112 and Zelfury worked about 2 - 3 weeks on this, Except for Zulfury, Who only did the last part :P. It was pretty hard with all the crazy lag I have on my PC, Like really hard, it would have probably been reduced by 2 weeks or so if It wasn't for my total suck ass computer, Hopefully I will get some sort of upgrades for Chrismas.
Oh Jdid, wants to say this - "Anything happens to her, I have a .45 and a shovel. I doubt anybody would miss you."

Theres not much else to say, but enjoy the movie, Have a Merry Christmas and A happy new year. - Medinus, Jdid and Zelfury.
Sorry, Once again :|

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rebas a noob

it be ok

wasn't incredible, but it wasn't bad.... hope the next piece released is better.

best part was:

I have been defeated nooooooooooooo..... *boom*


good good good good good good good good like all of your other ones and i am not just saying that caise my name is in the credits XDXDXD

damn dude..

damn man, even i dont like you, how many times to i have to tell you?

your style of animating is ok, it has some fluent stuff in it,
but Goddamnit dude? the humor Sucks fucking Cock.....

at some moments i was like, OH SHIT THIS BETTER BE GOOD
cause i was grimming, and then some other shit happens wich issent funny at all.

ah well, you're a faggot, and that will never change.
and faggots cant make good shit , just look at

medinus, yes yourself.

and some other fagass animators.
i used to love all sprite flash's , but when people act like asses
i just hate too watch their work.

-Rebaz Talei