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Here you go people blox is back, i heard what you where saying, yes it needed powerups and well, nobody asked for high scores but i put them on anyways.. so fill your boots.


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its a nice game, and i like the "gravity power up", but its not different enough for 10/10. and its not ready yet i think, so the ball goes the wrong way... kepp it up, and work on it! 8/10 ,4/5

Got STUPID far...

and than I had to get off the computer...ah well..I only had 1 life left anyways.
Good game, but after lvl 10, the power-ups stopped appearing...and the ball kept going in odd direction, too...(it would hit the top of 2 brike...but go DOWN...)


"people can right click and click wherever the ball is about to land and never miss a shot."

Because just moving the paddle to wherever the ball is about to land without clicking isn't the same thing, right?

It's a good start...

I like it - but it could use some speed from the start. It wasn't the game playing slowly - it was the slow gameplay that bogged it down a bit. Also, the first ball that launched went down instead of up. I don't know if that was a fluke or not, but it happened once and the rest went up. The core of a good game is there, just make it a little more challenging and engaging from the get-go.

Ok, with a game-breaking bug.

The game is average, but there isn't much seperating it from the rest of the breakout-type games.

I do have a bug report, though. While playing, I accidentally hit the right mouse button and to my surprise I had a game over screen showing. I could even see my four lives still resting at the bottom of the screen.

LoneWolf-MX responds:

Thats not a bug, its to stop cheaters, and yes that means that if you do catch it by accident it does class you as a cheater but i am sorry for this, and im not going to change it, people can right click and click wherever the ball is about to land and never miss a shot.. Defeats the object of the game really!

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2007
7:36 AM EST