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I made it easyer by tinting the blocks and i also removed teh number of block
just start click on the pairs and watch the points go up

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Ehm... to be honest I don't get it. You should write a tutorial into your description. ^^

Not very interesting

That's mainly because I don't like puzzle games but nice for a start.

Getting there!

I didn't see you had made a 2 until I saw looked at your profile more closely. Most of the stuff I replied to your PM is still relevant I think, I can't recall exactly what I wrote though.

Most of the review have it right. I think to fix your bar, change the layer it's on. I think that should about to it for that. Also remember to change it's transparency so you can see through it.

Also, I would suggest removing some icons that look extremly simular, like the two fists, it can be hard to tell a difference at first glace. Also, I just though of this, but use different auras. Like use the dark aura for the fist and use light for the lolipop, etc. This should help out with making the blocks look different without having to tint them different colors. Do that and change the size of the icons(1 block would cover 4 of the old ones) or make the screen smaller(make it 12 or 13 of the blocks in this one wide.). I'd recommend the first option over the second.

You almost of a really good game here, just keep at it alittle longer! :D


I hate to say it but I think this is worse than the 1st one. x2 zone is still behind the blocks, and now with all those colors it makes everything too bright. It also doesn't game over you till about 5 blocks over the top line. I like it that you got rid of some of the ranks but personally I still think there's too many (8 of them) Also some of the colors you used looked VERY similar.

3 ways to improve this game
1) Don't make the screen too bright.
2) Make your blocks bigger (1 new block=2 old ones) so there are now only 12/13 on a row, and it makes them look better.
3) Bring the x2 bar to the front.

srry dude,but too confusing.

this is the most confusing thing for me since a rubix cube.i don't recognize most of the new rank symbols anyhow,so that doesn't help either.oh,if possible can u make the screen less bright?other ppl might like this game,so don't take my word for it tho.

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2.57 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2007
3:53 AM EST
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