tankmen christmas

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ok, its been about a weeks worth of effort, and i hopr it payed off.

this time, i dont have the flashy credits, just an ending screen and a replay button.

i fixed the sarges helmet for no sketch lines :)

the audio is fixed this time, and it looks great.

i loved making it (except for the tedious sound syncing and lip movements)

hope you all love it!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


It was so-so

I can't say this is as good as your other flash Metroid Awsome, but im givin you a 8 because i can see you have put some good effort into this flash. And try to get a better mic or something and i would give you a 10, keep up the good work.

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Horsenwelles responds:

i will get a desk mic soon, but for now ill use my headset :)


I must say;this is kinda cool! 10/10!

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Horsenwelles responds:

i must say... thanks

i liked it...

i actually liked this flash... then again ive never seen a single tankmen flash, besides this. best thing of yours ive watched so far.

Horsenwelles responds:

thanks.... but it is my best scoring.... i wouldnt say "best"...

and thanks for liking it

it was ok

you tryed too muche to make it feel like the real tankmen

Horsenwelles responds:

mmmhmmm..... that review diddnt make me want to do anything though....

uhhh.... the 3 sucks man....


This isn't funny its just plain stupid. my advice: don't try so hard to be funny; it'll only end up being stupid.

Horsenwelles responds:

wow..... your not insulting me right? cuz i took that as an insult.

and you aren't convincing me

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3.26 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2007
8:13 PM EST
Comedy - Parody