The Portal Soundboard

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Well I have been working on this all day. I hope you all like it. I searched around and could not find this so I decided to make my own. This is really my first project that I spent more than an hour to do, heck I spent about 7 hours.

Click around, entertain yourself.


Great! Could use some organizing

It was an awsome soundboard but it could use some organizing for example, make a column where GLaDOS is being a bitch and other columns when she's being nice and etc.

By the Way! If you notice in the desk where there's a radio a cake a computer and a keyboard, look at the keyboard, the letters in orange are 'asteuripnc' the letters used in "Aperture Science"

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GLaDOS is the funnest computer ever, the only computer that beats her is cortana cuz people can stare at her lol. but seriously nice job man. keep up the good work!


is there any way for you to send me all the wav files please XD i kinda want to make a movie and i would credit you for the sounds if you can send them . kthxbai

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I less-than-three GLaDOS

This is great fun, but does the board include EVERYTHING she says? I'm sure there were some other quotes that I couldn't find here...

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Huge Success

This was Amazing, I Didn't Even know some of there turrets said those certain things. Only Problem is That I can get the Radio theme turned on by click above "Truth Enanching" and Still Alive Above "No Friends 1"

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4.40 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2007
5:11 PM EST
Gadgets - Soundboards