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Glowsticks v1.5

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An small update to the original Glowsticks game. It isn't big enough to call it Glowsticks 2, and it isn't small enough of an update just to update the original.

A simple platformer game with awesome graphics but simple and easy to learn gameplay. This is my first game that I've made, and I probably will make some more if I get some good feedback. This was a very enlightening learning process on my part, and I hope you enjoy it.

- Easier controls
- The ability to shoot
- An easy and hard mode
- Expansions to some levels
- Brighter Graphics
- All levels changed to make gameplay easier, I noticed that many thought the original Glowsticks to be very challenging

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well... Its actually pretty dam good

it's true there should be an on-off button, for people that dislike this kind of music, (i actually love it)

o well... this game was so fun until the game glitched at the boss battle.... forcing me to stay put and do nothing... or just jumping around but it never ended... aww men i really hated that u,u

but it's really funny, and interesting, i like the concept as well, nice game, wanna c it finished


reminds me of supermario bro.s, a good platform adventure. but the controls are still a little tricky, you get to many lives, and the thing's still a bit buggy. still an improvement. keep working, one day it'll be perfected.


The sun shines in the darkness :)

Cool music, great concepts, stiff controls. I agree, however, that there should be either volume control or ability to disable music. Nice work though.

Mr-Sun responds:

Creative Title

Has many of flaws, but good.

The Good:
Nice, riginal gameplay. Music was adicting. Game was adicting. Easy to get into. Simple instructions. Cute character. Enemies simple. So-so graphics. Playable. Difficulty feachure was a nice add-on.
The Bad:
Jumping mechanics just fail Enemies are faster than you. Hard to jump on ememies. Platforms WAY too slow. Hardly any existing animations. Background distracting, and non-killable enemies are too fast. Graphicks, in my opinion, were TOO bright and distracting.
Things to improve on:
Possibly a mute botton. Making it easyer to jump. Make it so the character can jump higher.
This is a great game, ut the flaws and broken feachures could be fixed.

Mr-Sun responds:

Ok, very nice advice, I'll keep it in mind


graet improvement from 1.0. It's a bit lighter too.

Mr-Sun responds: