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Quiz Game Tutorial

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Learn to make a quiz game from flash here!
Thank NG


I made it an icon!
I had to reverse the colours though because it said it had a transparent backround.
But still I have an Icon!

Joxskornerstudios01 has fixed my icon and made it more understandable.
Thanks much!

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Not helpfull

it was more tips than tutorial and the spelling was horrible

killslasher responds:

Yeah, but I made this several months ago. I know it sucks.


This thing needs a lot of work. There was no order, and everything was so scattered and sloppy (no offense).

killslasher responds:

Well, admittably, that is true. I might try a second version, but I really don't have that much time. Thanks on your opinion though.


Um what just happened? All the buttons are scattered and I had no idea waht was to proceed with. Good info, but it looks like u threw this together in three seconds and posted it. I'd like it if it was a little more easy to follow and put more work to it.

killslasher responds:

Yup.But this was made 2 months ago lol.
Im gonna try and make a better one later.
But right now im pretty busy.

How do

How do I show a picture after the person gets it right?

killslasher responds:

You know how the frame goestoandstops to the next one?
well that will instead lead to a picture!
and that will have a button,leading to the frame after that!
you can import a picture too lol.
(I think I know what you are planning so imma include this too.)
if you want a whole gallery at the end.
then grab a button that leads to the next frame.
this shows a picture.has the same button leading to the next frame.
this has the next picture.has that button...
And so on.


Really helped me, although it could use a better interface.

killslasher responds:

I might consider doing that!