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Tedson's Christmas Tale

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Alright it's 8:15 pm, December 24th; and I am writing basically the story of how this movie became what it is. But first of all, if you are not going to read everything, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Enjoy!

Okay, so I wanted to make a X-Mas Special for Christmas, and I was recently getting into full body, I wasn't very good (I still really have to improve in A LOT). So what I did was that I went to my brother, Ticao, with an idea already in my head he liked it very much, I told him that it would be about a bear trying to get home. So we decided to plan it out. Well we didn't sit down and "plan it out" because first of all he was going to bed, I was awake over my bedtime and my mom was yelling "Go to bed" , thus I hurried and asked him for ideas, quickly in my notepad I wrote in pencil the ideas he had, I with mine fused them together to create a one SMALL page concept idea story thingy ma bub!

I, on that night started to draw the movie out. I had been invited to attend some Magnet school and coincidentally the applications said to list the hobbies, I ofcourse love animating so I decided to get fast on this movie upcoming so I could put it on a cd for the dear HighSchool. Homework half done, I started my animation. I worked hard, atleast 2 hours or less a day. I started the animation, I think, on either the 6, 7, 8, or 9th of November.

I got caught up with homework and working on the essay for the application, and many other things. Aswell of the fact that I had the Science Expo coming up, I wanting to do quantum had set a big goal to start my expirement, continue the animation, do my homework, play outside, be with my family (because I can't sit on the computer the whole day!!) and practice my drums and shiz!

I had to divide my time wisely and so I did not... Sadly I didn't have a strict schedule making everything almost collapse... I stopped working on the anim around either the 23, 24, 25, or 26.... I had to regain my strength...The talent show was coming up and I had to make something up for my drum solo, I had already in recently previous days created a piano part so someone could play along side me for PART of the solo. The other part I would break into an instrumental non bragging solo. (It went great by the way, the same talent show but at school went great aswell!)

I got back on my feet I think either December 14, 15, or 16 I can't really remember. So I continued working less than 2 hours a day. I knew that I would probably get most of my work done during Winter Break, so I decided to relax a little... Things got in the way and well Here I am finishing this at 8:42 pm. There you have it today is the 24th, and I worked my butt off from morning to night since the 22nd. That's right my butt hurts now!!!

Phew now that I am done with this I will tell you that my wish is that this gets to the top movies of all time, it's a big goal but I am hopeful, it is probably because of this Christmas Spirit all around me!

Special Thanks

Sektor Z

And those I fail to mention!
Also those who watched this!

(I didn't really take that long writing this, I was watching a cool thing in the TV of how they animated the Grinch)

Btw this is over 2 minutes and 20 seconds of pure animation. Credits not included and intro not included.

Also these are not edits, right now I'm watching Madagascar's Christmas Craper, What coincidence!

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I admit that this was way better than I thought it would be! In the author's comments, I thought you were going to tell us how this movie was about how you made this. Instead, the comments literally told you that! The music is great. I just love the idea of this bear working so hard to see his family. You mean the Madagascar cartoon?

Bears are pretty cuddly. This just had so much sincerity to it. I'm glad you worked so hard on this! It may be mostly unknown, but I'm here to love it! It sadly didn't get a high rating, but it should have.


good job man this is hard work for that i give u 10/10 and a vote of 5


Very good, and well planned. Great animating, too. It was a little weird to see bears, but also a little funny.

remo4life responds:

Hahahah! Thanks, I appreciate it!

I've never seen graphics this good

a lil funny, but the animation and graphics totaly owned! this movie rox!

remo4life responds:

Oh thankies :D


2- Ok, work on your movement and artwork.
2- Also work on using Vcam, it didn't look so good at the beginning, but the idea of 3- the idea of the story was good, and ideas count a lot.