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Murda On Da Darnce Flur

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"It's Murda On Da Darnce Flur" as Sofi Eliz Beckster says, It's just a stupid song made into a groovy moovie, but it IS pretty shit.!!

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i dont get it

wth is this??
a little spinny pic and a 3 sec song dat loopps so it gets fatally Annoying
and u cll it a flash??
u oughtta be ashamed
tsk tsk tsk

wtf. You r a liar

i don't see any nudity. AND WHAT THE HELL WUZ THIS?

1 for effort.

dude gie ays a break. even i can do better than that... nope hold on .. i can't make objects do full circle..
damn i hate u ;)

BaboonClock responds:

Back to the Windmill. Chop Chop!


wtf was tht my stupid slide show cartoons r better then tht and u actually made it tht far i would never vote for a piece of crap like tht it actually made it to 128 votes mine dont even go tht far and all this guy did was spin a fricken pic wtf well who ever voted to keep it at a high score must have been a fricken retard wtf is all i have to see the music was k but then it jus got annoyin and the spinnin u should call it the really annoyin cartoon!!! MORON WHT A MORON MOUlaka

What the hell was that?

That's the gayest shit I have ever seen in my life. Please go hang and bury yourself.

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1.73 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2002
12:54 PM EST