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Programming: Me, Matt Thomas
Art/Animations: Rob Hornby/Lizardogre
THIS IS NOT A COPY OF PORTAL OR FLASH PORTAL. I simple used the THEME for the game. If you can only have one game for every theme the internet would be empty.
One day on MSN Rob said that we should make a portal based flash game for our signature on Xgen Studios forums. After some debate this is the idea we came up with.
Control the turret on the track to shoot portals on the walls.
Use the portals to get the ball into the switch.
Later on their are other things to get in the way such as boxes, switches and lasers.
Don't sue us, we aren't making any money of of this and it is for entertainment purposes only.
Thanks and enjoy!


Interesting enough.

Although I am not a fan of puzzel based games, simply because they require heavy thought, which I don't feel like using :p. Nontheless this idea is quite orginal and unique. The programming is done really well and the game plays smooth and looks sleek and fantastic in general. The graphics really help out this submission and all in all it really is quite an amasing submission. Some sort of hint button or tutorial would probebley be better though, simply because of the instructions lack of help. Overall, good stuff I can't say that this is upper echilon stuff yet, but the potential is there.

Over-Kill responds:

A hint system... Never though of that. That's a good idea.


its good all but the portals it takes them too long to appear try to make them appear sooner.


I don't know why all of you are complaining about how this is a crap idea, and isn't well put together. It has been very well put together, and takes a different approach at valve's portal. Atleast give reasons why you think this game sucks so much. The time and effort put into this game, is what counts the most. If you can't make anything better then this game, just don't review. Because your criticism will be negative and unhelpful towards the author. In my opinion this game is better then what you all say it is. It's meant to be in a flash signature for a forum , what do you expect? Anyways. Great work, Matt.

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Over-Kill responds:

Thanks, wish most people could be a understanding.

like alchemy!

it was like alchemy... you tried to reacreate gold and just got a lump of lead. No one realy needs this as the portal flashversion is already there. however if it wasnt 4 that this would be good. however it is and this isnt. Sorry.

Over-Kill responds:

I didn't say you needed it. It's for entertainment. Something to pass a bit of time.

Not bad

The portal shooting needs to be a little more precise and it NEEDS sound.

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Over-Kill responds:

Sound tends to get annoying so I decided not to put it in.

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2.63 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2007
12:56 PM EST
Puzzles - Other